The latest BlizzCast is out, and Karune is introducing it as he has several times before. He shares his WWI 2008 experiences with the WoW CM Nethaera and the Diablo CM DiabloWikiBashiok (“Who sounds oddly familiar with Drysc.” – “I do not, at all.”).  It’s a little shorter than previous episodes but this one is all about Diablo 3 with neither of the other pesky franchises taking up valuable airtime.


    In this special Worldwide Invitational wrap-up edition of BlizzCast, we briefly recap some of the events at the recent WWI in Paris, and then move straight into a discussion with Diablo III Lead Designer Jay Wilson. We quiz him on how the development team is evolving the classic series—and then dive into a discussion of some recent hot issues surrounding the upcoming sequel.


    Part One – Interview with Karune, Bashiok and Nethaera

    Karune: Welcome everyone, back to BlizzCast. We have a special episode today for you guys, our WWI follow up, and my name is Karune, your RTS community manager. Here we also have Nethaera.

    Nethaera: Hello Everyone

    Karune: Our World of Warcraft community manager and also we have our new community manager for Diablo 3, Bashiok.

    Bashiok: Hey how’s it going?

    Karune: Who sounds oddly familiar with Drysc.

    Bashiok: I do not, at all.

    Nethaera: No, not at all. Completely different.


    Karune: So, getting back from WWI, what did you guys think of the whole thing, especially the Diablo 3 announcement?

    Bashiok: I thought it was awesome, just the entire experience of being there. You know, knowing what was coming up by you know, by being involved, obviously, on the project. And just that anticipation, I think I was in the front row with my head in my hands just you know waiting for the reaction to the announcement. There was just an overwhelming explosion of noise behind me when everybody was just cheering and going off.


    Karune: Oh gosh yeah it was so crazy, I mean Nethaera, it was your first time in Paris as well right?

    Nethaera: That’s correct, it was just a fabulous experience and it was so great to be able to go over there and be a part of the event. You know mentioning Diablo 3, of course being able to actually say Diablo 3 now, it is a huge burden gone and just from the very first whenever you heard that first chord of music and everybody knew what happened and you got goose bumps immediately, and again I just got goose bumps just thinking about it because it’s such an emotional connection to the game and to those sounds and there was kind of a hush as soon as everybody heard it, as people started to realize what was happening and waiting for that first moment.

    Bashiok: Yeah.

    Karune: So much anticipation oh my gosh, I just remember sitting in the first row and turning back and being like wow, everybody was just holding their breath and like everybody was on their computers ready to like just press enter, you know submit everything that they see it was so crazy, I mean it was great being surrounded by so many people with the same interests.

    Bashiok: It was standing room only obviously and yeah, it was a really cool way to intro. Having the guitarist come out and play those first few chords and then launch pretty much straight into the cinematic and yeah I don’t think people were, they knew what was going on I think, but it seemed like they reserved their massive applause for really like the end of the cinematic when the Diablo head came out and they were like ‘Okay it’s Diablo’ and then that logo shows up with the three and they’re like

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