Episode four of Blizzcast has been broadcast.  It was an hour long and in it Nethaera interviews DiabloWikiRussell Brower, Director of Audio and Video. Drysc interviews Jon LeCraft, Profession designer on World of Warcraft. Q&A with Jeff Kaplan, Lead Designer on World of Warcraft. Starcraft 2 Q&A with Mike Heiberg, Senior Game Designer and David Kim, Associate Game Balance Designer.

    There is one small mention of Diablo 3 which I’ve plucked out directly below. The rest of the conversation is about World of Warcraft or Starcraft 2 I’m afraid.

    Bornakk: Well that wraps it up for another episode of BlizzCast. Thanks again to Jon, Russell, Jeff, David, and Mike for spending their time with us today and making it all happen. Be sure to tune into the next episode of Blizzcast as we will be conducting interviews with some of the lead designers for the newly announced Diablo 3.



    Nethaera: Welcome to Blizzcast episode 4! This is Nethaera from the World of Warcraft Community Team.

    To begin this episode I

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