The second Blizzcast has been broadcast and it’s twice as long as the first episode at nearly 50 minutes long.  In this episode Karune, the RTS Community Manager interviews [wiki]Chris Metzen[/wiki] Vice President of Creative Development. Nethaera of the World of Warcraft Community Tea ]]>


    Welcome to our second episode of BlizzCast! We have doubled the length of our second BlizzCast at the po ]]>
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    Karune: Hello, Internet users. Welcome to our second episode of our BlizzCast series, designed, once again, to take you behind the scenes into the world of Blizzard. My name is Karune, the RTS Community Manager here at Blizzard. First up, we’ll be interviewing C ]]>

    Part One – Interview with Chris Metzen, Vice President of Creative Development

    Welcome, Chris, to the show. In case you guys didn’t know, Chris was also the voice in our intro bumper for BlizzCast series.

    Chris Metzen: That’s right.


    Karune: Pretty awesome. To start off, our first question. How challenging is it to develop and manage the lore behind three very distinct franchises: Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo? Do you find it jarring when you switch between them or does the variety encourage creativity as you change gears from one to another?

    Chris Metzen: Interesting. That’s two really good questions and I guess I’ll just take the first part. How difficult is it to manage the lore behind the three franchises? I think if I was trying to do it by myself, it would be impossible and I’d make just a complete and utter mess of it all.

    At the end of the day, Warcraft alone is such a huge setting and such a big universe that there’s no way any one person could manage all those characters and places and things. The team we built for World of Warcraft of quest designers and writers is just epic, so these days I get to work with a team of really talented people that really kind of breathe life into the setting.

    A lot of my story stuff on Warcraft these days is coming from a very high level, conceptualizing zones and characters, especially looking forward to future expansions

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