Blizzard has posted a new Blizzcast, their first in video form. This is the first Blizzcast since last November, and sadly for our needs, it’s entirely about WoW. WoW lore, no less! At least the start was; I zoned out pretty quickly.

    There is one highlight for us; they display a new image of Diablo during the introduction, and if you squint right you might be able to convince yourself it’s a screenshot, rather than a piece of artwork. Here’s the video, which the WoW players amongst you may wish to view.

    Here’s the new DiabloWikiDiablo artwork, as seen around the 0:15 mark. (There’s a nice shot of a D2 Necromancer standing in the doorway of what looks like the DiabloWikiTristram Cathedral right after that.) Incidentally, is anyone still arguing that those are not faces/mouths on Diablo’s shoulders? It’s always seemed fairly clear to me that they were, but I recall some debate about it back in the day.

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