Blizzard has posted Blizzcast #11. The Blizzcast is their in-house podcast, a presentation that sometimes includes new game info and screenshots. This one does not, at least not any Diablo imagery (well, there is one photo of the D3 machines at Blizzcon), and it’s 18:46 of community managers talking about the happenings back in August at Blizzcon. Present on this podcast are Rob Simpson from the eSports Team, as well as Diablo Community Manager Bashiok, Real-Time Strategy and StarCraft Community Manager Karune, and World of Warcraft Community Manager Nethaera.

    Here’s the official description:

    In our eleventh episode of BlizzCast, we have a roundtable discussion with members of the community team to recap the major happenings, announcements, and other highlights of this year?s BlizzCon. Join our discussion as we relive some of our favorite moments from the show.

    Bashiok talks about working backstage, (he does not mention when I gave him a stick of gum in the press room) and shares one anecdote about the fan reaction to the Monk. This is the only D3 coverage in the program:

    Bashiok: We announced the Monk, as you said, it is our fourth playable class. We still have one class we haven?t announced yet. The Monk is sort of this ?East-meets-West?, he?s got a lot of kung-fu moves but he also looks very Western. He has this big, red, bushy beard and a shaved head. He?s primarily a hand-to-hand fighter, he does use weapons but a lot of his weapons, it does look like he is using hand-to-hand combat. He?s kind of weak as far as his armor and health goes, but he gets in there fast, kicks the crap out of dudes, and gets out of there.

    The reaction from the fans was overwhelming. We had stations where people could fill out feedback on the demos while they were playing them and the Monk was overwhelmingly the favorite at the show, which was just announced, so it wasn?t too surprising, but it is still a very fun class to play.

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