DiabloWikiBashiok‘s clearly getting sick of replying to the same arguments against the DiabloWikiReal Money Auction House. That’s fair enough though, since some critics are clearly getting pretty sick of the PR-style answers they’ve been given. As evidence, I offer quotes of the only two forum posts he visited today.

    Instead of addressing the RMAH issue that’s been dividing the diablo community, you banned several of us for pushing you for answers. You sunk quite low, not as bad as the DiabloWikiRealID stunt you pulled, but close.
    Bashiok:Don’t pretend you weren’t violating forum guidelines.

    As you can tell by looking around no one is being banned just for holding a conversation or stating they don’t like it.

    A longer, slightly-testy debate ensued elsewhere.

    I absolutely hate how ever since DiabloWikiMike Morhaime spoke yesterday in front of the investors about the real money auction house during the Activision|Blizzard conference call, the few players that support the feature act like “it’s all official now”, while blizzards themselves have not yet commented on the mass uproar against the real money auction house.

    It’s not official, not yet. What you can do as a player and responsible consumer is to simply speak with your wallet and not buy the game. Please, do NOT support the implementation of pay to win models in Diablo3 as well as any blizzard franchise.
    Bashiok: What does ‘winning’ a Diablo game entail?

    That being said, you can’t deny the fact that someone who can purchase gear can get advantages over fellow gamers in PvP
    Bashiok: Sure, but the advantage (in PvP) would be they could maybe get a short winning-streak but with the matchmaking system it would compensate and they’d quickly get matched against better people and it would even out.

    If having better gear makes you a better player in PvP (which I would argue is only true to a small extent), it doesn’t mean anything because you’re getting matched against similarly skilled players each time.

    Really? Taking the OP’s words that everyone understands because it’s common terminology and being sarcastic about a technicality? Yes, Diablo is not a game with a definitive end point in which one can say “There. I have won.” But really stooping to that level? I’ve watched these forums for years and that was low, Bash. Not for the fellow forumgoer, but for you definitely.
    Bashiok: Stooping to the level of asking a question that might make people think about what they’re saying? Or at the very least begin a conversation.

    If that’s too challenging there are plenty of other threads.

    I love how Bashiok comes in here and cherrypicks some random post in which he’ll have an answer to, but doesn’t really address the RMAH uproar that has divided the community.
    Bashiok: The only way to address it would be to say it won’t be in the game, or will be sequestered off to separate servers. Neither of which are going to happen. I’ve given a lot of reasons why we think it’s going to be a fun addition to the game, but I’m not going to be able to suddenly change peoples minds. The best I can do is try to correct misinformation, but the facts seems to be known by most, and there are some healthy discussions going on.

    And yes, I’m going to cherry pick posts which I have answers to. 😉

    It’d be kind of funny though to instead pick posts I don’t have answers to.

    I’m recording a DiabloWikiDiablo podcast on the RMAH controversy this weekend, with a for and an against guest. We’ll be covering every contentious topic, which should make for a lively conversation, though like Bashiok said in his post, I doubt any new arguments will change anyone’s mind. At least not the minds of people who are moralistically opposed to someone spending extra money (instead of extra time) to improve their D3 characters/play experience.

    Personally, I’m more interested in the ramifications of the RMAH. Will it make it impossible to trade for a top item without first converting your trade materials into $? What’s going to happen when softcore items are going for $50 each, while HC items can only be traded for gold? Will the economy suffer horrendous deflation, as dedicated item hunters dump countless medium-high items for pennies, as they search for the few very top items that will command big $? Will account hacking/theft become an epidemic with an actual $ reward for succeding at it?

    No one (including Blizzard) can do more than conjecture about those issues at this point. But it will certainly be interesting to see how this stuff plays out once the game’s released.

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