Blizzard has posted an article advising fans how best to prepare for the imminent launch of Reaper of Souls. The check list is all business, with info about buying the game, getting it added to your Battle.net account, upgrading your B.net App and client, etc.

    If you guys have been playing Diablo 3 version 2 you’ve already covered most of the issues, but if you’ve been away for months, or you have friends who are just returning for Reaper of Souls, poke them in advance so they’re not stuck for an hour or two upgrading their B.net client and other stuff that can be done well in advance of Reaper of Souls going live.

    Diablo III will be available the night Reaper of Souls goes live and there will be no need to patch or exit the game once the clock strikes GO!

    We advise logging in ahead of time to reduce potential queue times. Once you’re in-game and the Reaper of Souls has launched in your region, you’ll see a server broadcast message letting you know that the expansion is now available to play. This means you can continuously play Diablo III all night long and jump straight into Act V the moment it’s available!

    Note: In order to access Act V once Reaper of Souls is live, you will need to exit your current game and select Act V from the Quest Select window. If you want to avoid having to recreate your game, we recommend that you set up your game so that you’re killing Diablo after your gameplay region’s launch time. This way, you can naturally transition into Act V without any additional effort.

    A really clever fan would Reset Quests in advance and play through the whole game to reach Act 4 just about the time that RoS was going live in your region. You could then pop Diablo, get the guaranteed legendary drop, and proceed on to get another one from Malthael when you finished Act Five. (In theory; this worked when they patched the last one. So players who had already killed Leoric and gotten the guaranteed drop from him got another one for killing Diablo in the same Act 1-4 game.)

    Also, while the Blizzard Prep List covers technical issues, I’ve heard a lot of fans asking for strategy advice for the transition from level 60 in Diablo 3 to level 70 in Reaper of Souls. What items will you need to upgrade first? What enemies are most dangerous in Act Five? All good questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them with our Beta Test knowledge…. in an article on Monday. πŸ˜‰

    Patience, Grasshopper. All will soon be within your grasp.

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