Blizzard’s Overwatch truck in PAX accident

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Over the weekend, Blizzard has been ferrying attendees around PAX East in a joint Overwatch promotion with UBER called UBERwatch. One of the souped-up vehicles, a super truck,  driven by Overwatch character Solider 76 was involved in a prang with a civilian vehicle and Gearbox’ Randy Pitchford caught it as it happened and Tweeted:

“Just left PAX East and out full house Main Theater show to see a monster truck branded with competitive game run over a civilian car.

“You cannot make this up. They just smashed into the side of the civilian car. What a nightmare for everyone.

“I offered to help, but they had it sorted. Fortunately, no one was hurt. I feel bad for the victims, but also the PR team and dev team.”

Pitchford snapped photo of the vehicle that was hit which you can see the break.

overwatch crash


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  1. Geez Blizzard… Isn't it bad enough that your games are figurative car wrecks as of late, do they have to be literal car wrecks now too?

  2. come the frack on!!!! that is NOT a monster truck!! monster trucks have BIG wheels and where's the UBER-suspension? if Blizzard can't even do monster trucks right, … sorry for the rant but that is not legit in my book. I see the worked chassis. maybe they were going to put the wheels on later? why tf do I even care?

  3. So… was the driver of the other car a Diablo player or something?

  4. mmm, I’m positive I posted a comment earlier — now its gone

  5. I read the article & expected to see a car a bit more pan caked…

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