Blizzard’s Online Content Translated

A fan asks when we’ll start to see some official Diablo 3 info online in non-English languages. Bashiok says, listed in our wiki.

It’ll happen when we have more community management resources, and Diablo III information is actually coming out that’s worth translating. Me sitting around here and shooting the breeze doesn’t necessitate worldwide support. Not yet.

If you look at those french blue posts they were made last year. Actually if you look at any of the posts there they maybe see a few posts a week. If that.

It’ll happen, it’s just not at that point yet.

If you’re more comfortable in a language other than English, I’d suggest searching out foreign language fansites. Blizzard no longer acknowledges the existence of fansites from their or Diablo 3 sites, but there are good ones in many languages. A fair number are listed in our wiki, and we’ll be updating that registry as more come online/to our attention.

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  1. “and this one is a wild-card and usually changes how the skill works in some crazy way.”

    This intrigues me.

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