Blizzard’s Official Class Skills Coverage

Blizzard has made a massive update to their official Diablo 3 game info, with full info on every class skill, passive and active, plus all the runestone effects, plus they’ve even got skill calculators for each class, so you can play around with potential builds.

We knew most of these facts from the beta data mining that’s been going on, but it’s nice to see Blizzard revealing info before it’s forced out of them with hot pinchers. You can start at the Game Info and navigate from there; our wiki has most of this info added in already, but we’ll get the rest updated and present it with screenshots and player descriptions of using the skills in short order, to give you much more detailed coverage than the bare facts.

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33 thoughts on “Blizzard’s Official Class Skills Coverage

  1. Uh, did anyone else notice this under the demon hunter’s description??
    Demon hunters are able to pepper the battlefield with scores of arrows and projectiles, or snipe distant enemies with a precision undreamt of by other heroes. Their arsenal includes longbows, GUNS, grenades, hand-thrown weapons, and even dual-wielded crossbows. Wasnt aware that guns were going to be in the game. mayhaps a typo?

    • Don’t think it’s a typo… “bullets” are mentioned in some of the runestone descriptions (for example, the red and blue runed versions of the Evasive Fire skill).
      My guess it that the “gun” is not a found weapon, however… it’s summoned by the DH, like her chakram, traps, grenades, rockets, knives etc. The “Archery” passive only mentions the three weapon types bow, xbow, and hand xbow.

  2. I started giggling out of anticipation like a madman while reading through the skills and the runestone effects, god help me.

  3. the site looks slick and well presented.
    they even managed picking sets in the armor progression section that actually look cool and suit the class, unlike the ridiculous inferno monk set we were shown recently, the monk sets in the web site fits the class style really well even for the higher level set they show.  🙂

  4. Check Demon Hunter => Multishot => Arsenal for a BIG surprise 🙂 and Sentry => Spitfire Torrent
    Since when does diablo 3 have rockets :)?

    • Since now apparently (or rather, however many months it’s been since they added those rune effects)… there’s even a passive to boost rocket damage… and yet no actual gun items weirdly enough… also, those shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if they have been following this site’s beta forums…

  5. All of the skills are based off of level 60 characters, and all runestones are rank 7. It says in a small note on the page. Even so, Battle Rage only increases your Crit Cahnce by 4%. A bug or is it just really low for a reason?

    • Indeed. Look at e.g. Electrocute (wizzard): it says 1-59 dmg, 2 targets, drop by 30% when moving between targets. This does not seem much progression (for lvl 60!), I would have expected at least 3 targets at some point… Or is there some bug?

  6. So, Runewords were removed (partially) removed because they didn’t like the idea of visiting a website to get needed game info.  But now I have to go to a website to get needed rune-skill info.

      • Last I had heard, runes were “blank” until inserted into a skill, at which point they are “revealed” and then associated to the skill.

        • Some are “Unidentified” until you socket them (they said something like they will be giving extra bonuses or something .. i don’t remember the details … but that’s in the actual game … not in a skill calculator .. which is only there becasue we don’t have the game yet .. besides .. it is good even if you have the game becasue it will take a lot of time to unlock all skills for all classes and get runes for all of them … skill calculator is a great addition to the site ^_^

  7. Did anyone else notice the gem at the bottom of the page that you can turn on and off and does NOTHING?! Lol the chat gem is reborn? Blizzard inside joke? A counter to see how many people they can trick into thinking that if they push this little light up gem, they might get a secret goody? New secret level warp? Nahh… =P

    • LOL Here is the JavaScript behind it:


      * Toggle the chat gem!


      activateGem: function() {


      if (Core.isCallback(D3.gem))



      // Sockets for the win!

      var socket = new WebSocket(BetaSignup.signupUrl);

      socket.onopen = function() {

      socket.send(BetaSignup.accountId + ‘=’ +‘d3.chatGem’));


      // Close the socket once beta signup has been sent

      socket.onmessage = function() {




  8. Demon hunter’s Companion skill with Alabaster runestone.

    EDIT: This was reply to Auun about ferret companion.

  9. It almost seems too good to be true… With F&F beta not even over yet, this is much more info than I could have ever asked for (especially from Blizz themselves!), talent calculator and all. The fact that all effects shown are maxed out at level 60/rank 7 is just icing on the cake.
    I don’t want to hold my breath, but I’m becoming more and more convinced we’ll see a 2011 release date.

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