Blizzard’s New Title Will be Free to Play

According to an “unnamed source”, Blizzard’s next title will be a free-to-play game. According to the source, Blizzard want to continue with the subscription based models but expand further into the “freemium” market. Blizzard has been testing the waters with World of Warcraft’s free-to-play version which allows players to play until level 20 for free, and  now that WoW numbers are in decline and the market has become more competitive, they will be looking to expand their options.

It is not known what that title will be, whether ‘project DiabloWikiTitan‘ will be part of the new freemium approach or if it’s the other title they have in the works that will be free-to-play

Source: Develop via IncGamers.

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45 thoughts on “Blizzard’s New Title Will be Free to Play

    • It doesn’t really make much sense, we know that D3, HotS and MoP won’t be free to play and we know that DOTA will be free but probably have some sort of revenue model (costs manpower after all), so why would we need some conspiracy source to tell us this?

      If it’s about Titan, that would be the worst news I’ve heard in a while.

      • If it’s about Titan, that would be the worst news I’ve heard in a while.

        I don’t know, Guild Wars 2 seems pretty awesome right now… and if they keep the GW1 model then the only thing that requires money and is actually something you need as opposed to just graphical fluff (or paying to get stuff sooner) is extra slots… and that’s only if you play so much that you run out before the next Exp comes out and gives you 2 more slots…

        • GWs is not Free2play its subscription free. You need to buy the game up front.
          Free 2 Play = you can install and play (most of the game) for no cost, but have to pay for bits X, Y and Z

    • I’d almost be willing to bet that their DoTA model is whats being referred to here. I think Titan is way to far out to really know 100% what kind of payment model they’re planning on just yet. But, I could be wrong.

    • Isn’t Blizz DOTA just a Blizzard-made SCII map though? Not a full game. It’d be absurd, if you had to pay for it.

      • From what I understand it’s a lot more then just a “map”. Looks like it’s going to be a full blown new game mode with lots of development time behind it. It’s actually looking pretty good so far. But I’m not much of a MOBA/DOTA fan.

  1. I imagine before rolling out a new major release with an as-of-yet-untested-internally revenue model, they’ll have plenty of time to test a F2P model for WoW as its subscription base dwindles.

  2. Free to play WoW-like or really free to play? Lately those MMORPGs are distorting the reality offering extremely limited games and calling it “free” just because they don’t expire. What they are really offering is an unlimited trial mode and not f2p…
    And I know exactly what “freemium” market means. They will charge fees for premium users and also sell items. I really don’t know how people actually pay fees in a game like that, Age of Conan changed its billing mode work exactly like that and people just kept playing. I would be outraged if I started to play a p2p game with no item selling that suddenly changed to a game with pay to win with subscription fees. (they also have this fake f2p mode as well)

    • How do you figure would an actually free game pay for itself? Through donations?
      Free to play basically means: Pay for every single bit that is not absolutely required for the core of the game.
      Free to play games usually have terrible communities and awful service. I still have faith in Blizzard so I won’t judge them before I know the specifics, but I prefer a clean model of either buying the game or paying a subscription, at least that way I can keep costs in calculable bounds and still get all the game has to offer (besides maybe some cosmetic stuff that I don’t really care about).

      • There is a game called World of Tanks that is pretty much free to play 100%. Battlefield has some f2p as well

      • For a game to be true f2p players should have access to 100% of the games features. They can include cash shop, vanity shop, premium membership with bonus experience or whatever they want and still call it f2p, as long everyone can have access to everything without being obligated to pay for it.
        I’m not bashing WoW’s trial mode, its a good thing that players can try the game for an unlimited amount of time, even with limited gameplay, but its almost a scam advertising the game as f2p when players are limited to a level 20 char, 10 gold, no trading and no access to chat. Many companies do that by the way, so its not an isolated critic against Blizzard.

        If they changed the name from “f2p” to “unlimited time trial” i.e. I wouldn’t have any problem with it.

  3. This does not mean anything.
    A game “free to play” until lvl 20 and limited to a small number of facilities, is not a game free to play.
    A game  “free to play” but where you need real money to purchase “healing potions”, is not a game free to play.
    Unless the “free to play concept” is more detailed, one cannot say seriously anything about it.
    This thread can be closed, imoh.

  4. I’m pretty sure this is in reference to Blizzard DOTA. They’ve said it will be a separate release (it won’t require SC2 to play) and it was mentioned as an upcoming release in their last investors call (whereas it was previously mentioned as a mod etc.)

    And honestly they need to do this… League of Legends is kicking their butts right now with something like 13 million players…playing a game that was born of a Blizzard game’s mod. 

    • That would be interesting if DOTA doesn’t require SC2. It probably requires the free demo version (the one that lets you play the Mar Sara missions, I think).

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if this free2play title is Blizzard DOTA, since they already mentioned it will be free at the last Blizzcon.

  6. Ofc it will be free to play. Since next Blizzard title that will see release day (hopefully) is Diablo III. There is your next title…

  7. Guys the game is Blizzard’s Version of Dota. It’s the same model as League of Legends. Of course it will be free. People have known this game will be free for a long time.

  8. I thought everyone pretty much assumed this already. 
    Considering that the RMAH is in D3 and that the all the legal hurdles and payment systems have now been setup, didn’t everyone already believe Blizzard was going to build off this experience and include it in Titan and make it non-subscription ? 

    • That’s been my assumption. I’ve been calling it “Titanville” for a while, when talking to friends.

      We know Bliz sees casual gamers as their biggest markets, we know they’re exploring ads in it, we know it’ll be some kind of social feature elements to it (Real ID/battletags), we see the end of subscription games coming, we see the RMAH test run in D3…

  9. Blizz DOTA will be free2play..Except they said that people who do own SC2 will get a lot more stuff.   Although, I’m sure they could allow the free version to buy chars that SC2 owners already have access to.
    Of course, they could have changed their minds and just screw SC2 owners, wanting everyone to start at the same level in terms of access to heroes and whatnot. 
    Either way, I’ve been wondering why Blizz DOTA isn’t out yet.  I guess they were waiting for the Blizzard Balance to be integrated.  I’m sure that was a huge requirement for it. 

    • I wasn’t expecting DOTA until Heart of the Swarm. I thought they needed the new tools in the expansion to make it all work (they don’t have a marketplace in SC2 yet, talk about delayed features).

  10. Ok, I’m going to write this again cause I’m testing a theory. I wrote earlier:
    “Has anyone else noticed that the Captchas to post a comment are often profoundly pertinent to the subject of the article you’re commenting on?”
    This next one is ‘lame duck’. Anyone else care to help?

    • Not sure I should have posted this comment because my captcha was “Silence is golden”…

      Also, an unnamed source told me that Blizzard will release a new game in the future. It will have a multiplayer component in it. In that game you will be able to improve your character, somehow. It is not known what game it is and when it will come out. Ah those “unnamed sources”, what would we do without them ?

      • oh crap, where did you get that kind of insider info??? reveal your sources or it didn’t happen. should be front page news

  11. Micro Transaction games are making a killing it is no shock that Actiblizz wants a hand in that action too. 

  12. The marketing-driven midmanagement types that define bliz these days really think they can move to a facebook-style or zynga-style model, and in doing so, will somehow replace the most profitable title in entertainment history (WoW)… 
    Pathetic but predictiable.

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