Blizzard has added a new page to their Diablo 3 site, this one covering DiabloWikiHealth Globes. There’s a bit of new info and three new screenshots, though if the Health Globe graphic has changed since the Blizzcon 2009 build, (Bashiok hinted that it had, in recent months) I’m not seeing it.

    The new info refers to multiple sizes of Health Globes; regular monsters spawn small ones, while bosses and big bosses can drop ones with larger healing bonuses. The likelihood of monsters dropping health globes sounds like it’s been raised as well; it was nowhere near 100% from regular monsters in past demos. (Maybe 25%, at best; any large pack would yield several, but you’d routinely kill 8 or 10 single monsters without seeing a single orb, especially when you were low on health and needed one.) Here’s a quote:

    Each time you slay a “regular” enemy, whether a rabid demon or a crazed cultist, there’s a good chance (but not 100%) that a weak health globe will appear. Although weak globes emerge more frequently than other types of health globes, they restore the smallest percentage of your health.

    When you do battle with stronger foes, like “rare” and “champion” monsters, you’re likely to see medium-sized health globes emerge before these monsters are killed, as they reach certain health percentages or are stripped of their defenses. Medium globes restore a sizeable percentage of your health, but you’ll need the extra boost to survive when dealing with these formidable enemies.

    Major boss fights make unique use of health globes. Each boss battle includes a custom-designed means of utilizing these globes to regain health. For example, in one fight, you might have to split your attention between weakening a dangerous boss and slaying its irritating but ultimately less-dangerous minions in order to get enough health globes to stay standing. In another fight, the boss itself might drop health globes when it takes damage, or you might have to hunt for hidden caches of globes in the midst of battle.

    While the page covers a fair amount of territory, it leaves unanswered quests as well. Nothing is said about the duration of health globes (they lasted indefinitely during previous demos, and if you avoided using some and left them behind, you could run back to get them many minutes later). Neither does the page address the sharing of health globe bonuses within parties (they’ve always shared fully, to anyone without about half a screen of the globe), or what other bonuses they might afford (lots of DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills grant a mana bonus from health orbs). Check it out; the three new Act One screenshots are below.


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