Nathaera, one of Blizzard’s WoW CMs, posted a thread welcoming a new Community Manager to the fold.

    Please join us in welcoming Lylirra to the US Community Team! Lylirra has a strong passion for Blizzard games and is very enthusiastic about joining us on our many adventures, endeavoring to be a conduit for information, and a voice for the Blizzard community. In between the normal community manager functions of meeting with developers, writing feature articles, and attending live events, she?ll be joining us here on the forums discussing Blizzard games with all of you.

    Welcome, Lylirra!

    Most of the other CMs popped into the thread with a quick “welcome” post, so I’ll just quote a couple of the more pertinent ones.

    Bashiok: Welcome to my home.

    So is she specifically a D3 CM or is she dealing w/ WoW and SC2 rabble?

    Nathaera: She’ll be in a variety of forums. So she’ll be dealing with all rabble equally.

    Lylirra: Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m incredibly excited both to be part of this community and to have the opportunity to interact with each and every one of you.

    [P]lease come loaded with new info

    Lylirra: 1 in 5,000 north Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue.

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