Interesting article from Imprint Online, the student newspaper of the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada. They report that a representative from Blizzard Entertainment visited their campus last week and put on a Blizzard Jobs presentation, which the students (understandably) greeted with something akin to rapture.

    The event began with a number of clips and examples of what Blizzard has accomplished in their years of game production with a focus on more recent projects. Videos from Starcraft II, Diablo III and the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm were played for the highly energetic crowd throughout the course of the seminar.

    Discussion was moved, after the cheers died down, to look deeper at how Blizzard approaches its game design. Along with the step-by-step breakdown of the various teams that work on each project, Ortiz also gave an outline of what kinds of positions are available on these teams every year in addition to how to apply for them. While some specifics were given for each area (be it programming, artwork or gameplay design), the overarching theme Blizzard looks for in its recruits? Passion.

    When interviewed after the presentation, Oritz elaborated on some of the key elements Blizzard looks for in every application. Though specifics of a position vary from team to team, applications that show a genuine effort, professionalism, background research and a unique flair tend to stand out amongst the crowd. She also went further to discuss what it’s like, first hand, to work at Blizzard, describing it as a very prominent company-based culture with strong team-oriented camaraderie with a very relaxed feel while remaining serious about their work. ?They really care a lot about the product.? This very much holds true to the time-honored tradition of Blizzard’s release dates for their games: ?It’ll be ready when it’s ready.?

    If you’re wondering where the University of Waterloo is (I certainly was) it’s deep in the hinterlands of Ontario, Canada, and though it’s a very tech-savvy university, known as the Silicon Valley of the North, it’s not exactly a hop, skip, and a jump from Blizzard Headquarters. If that college found a way to reel in a rep from the Blizzard Jobs department, you need to get on your university’s PR people, and hit them over the head to get some job fair invites sent towards Irvine.

    Seriously though, Blizzard maintains a very busy campus outreach program, and they regularly send reps to schools all over the US. Check out their University Relations page for more details.

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