Blizzard’s ill-conceived Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch competition

Blizzard really doesn’t have a handle on a lot of things and the latest competition to win a Nintendo Switch is incredibly ill-conceived. In order to win a Nintendo Switch and Diablo 3, you need to send in a picture of you playing Diablo 3 on a Nintendo Switch. The community has found this competition most amusing.

The competition which appeared on the official site really has not been thought through much to the amusement of the community. Here are the rules…

How to Enter:

  • Upload Photo. Photo must include Diablo® III on the Nintendo Switch screen or the Diablo® III Nintendo Switch case.
  • Input your info. We’ll need this to contact you if you win. We do not store this data after the contest.
  • That’s it!

Prize Details:

1st Place: Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection Edition (Bundle) and Dark Wanderer Backpack
2nd Place: Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection Edition (Bundle)
The top 10 winners with the most votes from the community, will receive one years’ worth of Nintendo Online game time.

I think you can probably see the problem with this one. The community is still trying though with these entries…

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  1. LMFAO, so you need a Switch to win a Switch? Those lightswitch pics are so cool though. Blizz has apparently gone full retard mode since Blizzcon 2018, they really don’t deserve such a cool fanbase, those drawings and lightswitch pics… LOL, so cool.

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