Blizzard’s Favorite Diablo 3 Easter Eggs

Blizzard’s Favorite Diablo 3 Easter Eggs

There’s an interesting article from The Escapist about Blizzard’s Favorite Diablo 3 Easter Eggs. Thanks to Fmulder for spotting it. They asked Blizzard for their favorite DiabloWikiEaster Eggs in Diablo 3 and got some interesting replies, including some minor ones that apparently no fans have ever noticed yet. Here are Blizzard’s favorites, with a quote about the one no fans have found/documented yet:

Ghom's license.
Ghom’s license.
  • Whimsyshire.
  • Very rarely, a license plate falls of Ghom’s stomach. (Jaws reference.)
  • The six DiabloWikiBlack Rock Ledgers. (Lost reference.)
  • The DiabloWikiFaithful Memory legendary sword with a Ben Boos reference.
  • Arthas’ helm frozen in the Ice Caves. (WoW reference.)
  • Goatmen worshiping an Ultralisk skull in Act One. (Starcraft reference.) Not yet publicized.
  • A Wirt monster seeking his legs (never implemented).
  • I’m very happy to say that the last Easter Egg they shared with me has apparently not yet been discovered by the community. Or at least not publicized very well. These are a nod to yet another franchise, StarCraft. Somewhere in Act 1, there’s a goatmen event scene which features a slightly camouflaged, but still apparently visible Ultralisk skull. You’d think this would be fairly easy to spot, but apparently they blended it so well, that they have yet to see a picture of it show up online. Likewise, there’s a Hydralisk head in a couple of event locations in Act 2, just waiting to be discovered. If you’ve seen either of these, be the first to post your screenshot in the forums. Heck, I’ll even make you a special Skull Hunter badge if you do! Just PM me after you post, and I’ll confirm it and get started on that badge!

    The article has details about all of these, plus they’re running a contest to win one of two copies of the RoS Collector’s Edition, which you can enter on the article’s final page.

    Sentimental digression time.

    I’m glad they mentioned the DiabloWikiBen Boos one. I read that lore on the sword when I found it once and nearly fell over, and then I nearly cried. I got to know Ben after he left Blizzard North and he was a truly awesome guy. Supremely talented artist and author, and very generous with his time. We were delighted to run an author interview a contest to promote and give away some autographed copies of his first book, Swords, and I still look through it and his second book, Fantasy, all the time. (They are coffee table sized books and highly recommended for you or as a gift, for adults or kids. I gave a few to friends who were into gaming and fantasy and they loved them.)

    Page from "Swords" by Ben Boos.
    Page from “Swords” by Ben Boos.
    If you’ve never seen Ben’s work, you’re missing out. Right now, go look at some of the pics in our Ben Boos Swords gallery from 2008. At the time I was able to look through an advance copy of the book, pick out some of my favorite pages, and Ben got his publisher to send me the highest quality digital versions of them which are what you see on the site. I wanted him to make an sell posters of some of the work, such as the Samurai page. You can almost feel the texture of the metal in the artwork. I want to bite them.

    Ben worked for Blizzard North creating and illustrating much of the game’s UI artwork. The scroll-like ornate borders or details around the skill buttons, the inventory windows, the angel and demon holding the health/mana orbs, etc. All Ben’s work. He enjoyed working on video games, but his real passion was to write and illustrate his own books, and he left Blizzard North to follow his dream while in his mid-30s, with a wife and two young kids. He created two amazing books, the second of which (Fantasy) creates an entire fantasy world very suitable to set movies or games in… and then he died suddenly, when he was just entering his creative peak and the best years of his life.

    Reflect on that. Don’t be like so many of us, forever putting off our real dreams and aspirations. Forever may never come.


    Back on the Easter Eggs topic… I’m a little surprised Blizzard didn’t mention the Developer’s Hell level you sometimes get as a 4th Crypt beneath the Cemetery of the Forsaken, where you get to kill all zombies with the names of all the developers, plus the Jay Wilson unburied boss (and now there’s a Josh Mosquera one as well), but perhaps putting that in their top six would have felt a little self indulgent.

    Are Blizzard’s favorites amongst your favorite Easter Eggs in the game? And has anyone see the Zerg skull with the Goatman in Act One? It shouldn’t be too hard to find with the clues given in the article. The area where you find Gharbad the Strong has some bones set up on a sort of altar, plus other goaty-structures. Or perhaps it’s in one of the Goat caves? They’ve got lots of skulls and small statues decorating their campfires in those red-lit dungeons.

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    10 thoughts on “Blizzard’s Favorite Diablo 3 Easter Eggs

    1. I recall something like an Ultralisk skull in the Desolate Sands but always assumed it was a mammoth-like animal.

    2. All 6 pages here. Fan of Lost series, so I was really happy when I finally caught’em all.

      • Same here. I tried to get swallowed by the black smoke monster (tornado) while carrying all 6 pages of the ledger, but sadly I was not teleported to a secret island level….

    3. I haven’t found the Faithful Memory sword yet. That was pretty nice of them to reference Ben Boos with it. I won a copy of his book through the contest and it’s pretty cool to see all the detail he painted into each sword.

      I never really got into the ‘Lost’ series, so after having collected all the pages of the Black Rock Ledger (thinking there would be a prize for doing so), I actually felt more trolled that excited. 🙂 Now I avoid that ship in the desert whenever I see it.

      They’re not technically easter eggs, but whenever I run into the ‘remains’ of an NPC from a previous Diablo game, I think that’s pretty cool. (except for when I met Jamella and Halbu in ROS. That was kind of sad. I have many fond memories of DII and my countless visits to those two NPCs while storming hell.)

    4. I hate the way they’ve trashed everything relating to D2 in D3. Inferiority complex much.

      • Here’s a list of every Diablo character I can remember:


        Deckard Cain**



        A2 merc guy

        A3 smith


        Zoltun Kulle**

        * died
        ** died violently

        Asterisks come in pairs! Then we could add Leoric, Izual, the 7 primes, and probably more just to fill out the list. (Characters who where only ever designed to be villains.)

        Here’s how to write a Diablo story:
        1) who’s not dead yet? (Baal? Cain? Azmodan? sure whatevs)
        2a) corrupt them (if necessary) and make the player fight them
        2b) place their mangled corpse in a highly visible place to make the player upset
        3) farm loot

        The D2 team did it to D1, too. How much longer until we kill a corrupted Tyreal or Imperius? Next expansion?

        tl;dr don’t be a character in a Diablo game

    5. I believe Doombringer is a reference to an infamous artifact from Dungeon & Dragons’ World of Greyhawk. The D3 flavor text:

      “A mysterious blade shall appear to the mighty warrior when his lands are ripped asunder, ushering in a new epoch from the ashes of the old.”

      In the World of Greyhawk, the Bringer of Doom (or Doombringer) was an artifact partially responsible for the destruction caused during the Invoked Devastation/Rain of Colorless Fire that utterly destroyed the Baklunish and Suel Empires at the end of their long war, and leaving two vast deserts in its wake.

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