Blizzard’s Early Console History

We know that the rumors proved true and that Blizzard is working on a Diablo DiabloWikiconsole “project.” But you may not known that Blizzard got their start creating console titles back in the 1990s.

If that’s news to you, then G4TV’s article about of Blizzard’s console beginnings should be an interesting read. Cast back your mind to the early 90s, when a little company called “Silicon & Synapse” were busy turning out Super Nintendo titles such as Rock and Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings, The Death and Return of Superman, and Blackthorne.


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1 thought on “Blizzard’s Early Console History

  1. I got bored with TL mostly because of amount trash items that were flooded you, i spend more time sorting them than playing…

    Except wow like fishing and dog/cat carrier they didn’t add anything new from themself to game in term design, they just copy from d1/d2…

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