Blizzard’s Diablo Valentine’s Day Contest

Blizzard is hosting a Diablo Valentine’s Day contest* in which they’re asking fans to create Diablo-themed Valentine’s Day cards or poems or other cute stuff. There don’t seem to be any prizes, but the best entries will be posted on Blizzard’s Diablo Facebook page, which is surely reward enough in itself.

valentine1The official post has some example images and even a brief sonnet to get you into the appropriate mood:

Health potions are red
Magic items are blue
I just killed a Treasure Goblin
And he dropped loot for you!

Click through for info on how to enter. Even if you don’t want to enter the contest, you can add your themed verse in the comments. I’ve started us off with a couple in the *best* possible taste.

The battle between the forces of the Burning Hells and the heroes of Sanctuary rages on, but during this lovely season it’s not unheard of for demons and Nephalem to exchange tokens of friendship.

This year, we wanted to get the community involved, so we’re asking for you to put on your crafting hats and submit Diablo-themed Valentine’s Day art and cards. We’ll be collecting your submissions and showcasing some of your best work in a gallery that will be featured on the official Diablo Facebook page throughout the week!

To submit your diabolical Valentine’s Day greetings, email us at [email protected] or send us a tweet to @Diablo using the hashtag #D3Valentine. The pieces of art you submit must be your own original work, and should be less than 2 megs in size.

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  1. Some quick offerings:

    Leah turned red
    And grew lots of spikes
    But those made her hotter
    ’cause demons aren’t dykes.

    Andy’s half-scorpion
    and has hooves like a horse.
    But Diablo still wants her
    because giant boobs, of course.

    Tyrael’s first Valentine’s
    Was quite a surprise
    For Angels have no faces
    Nor much ‘tween their thighs

  2. More, because moar. Also, because short rude rhyming bullshit falls directly into my wheelhouse.

    Lazarus was once
    the high priest of tristram
    When parents sought lost altar boys
    he’d say, “You just missed ’em!”

    I actually prefer the 1, 1, 2, 2, 1 rhyming scheme better for dirty limericks, so I shall attempt to expand thusly:

    Exotic beauty, that dancer
    Great lords failed to romance her
    When drought came to Westmarch
    She perished, parched
    Who was delighted? Necromancer!

  3. Roses are red
    Uniques are orange
    I fucked up this poem
    Like Blizz fucked up this game

  4. Diablo is red
    Mephisto is blue
    Diablo 3 sucks balls
    If you disagree, then so do you!

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