Blizzard’s Diablo 3 Auction House Support Frustrates as Item Vanishes

Where did it go?

The RMAH has certainly had its troubles since launch, what with funds going AWOL and cryptic and contradictory messages from Blizzard technical support.

Another example was posted in our forums today by lowkeylai which unfortunately highlights the shambles the support system is still in, and this time it’s not about being duped out of money. This item was sold and the sale confirmed by the RMAH system. The money for the sale didn’t appear, and when lowkeylai  followed up, Blizzard said the auction had failed but the RMAH shots contradict that. Looking through the correspondence from support, you can’t help but wonder what exactly is going in the support centre. The support team can’t seem to do anything with RMAH problems and ultimately it’s the player that’s losing out.

While lowkeylai was not out of pocket because he was selling the item, the time invested to source the item should be taken into account. For Blizzard support to respond with “we’ve investigated and the auction was marked as failed” is no comfort to players.  As the support states, the item can not be reinstated so it has quite simply disappeared into the ether losing a potential $186 for lowkeylai.

It is looks like there are standard replies going out from support in the hope the issue simply dies down and the customer goes away. Regarding this particular case, one response at the bottom reads “We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in World of Warcraft”. Last time I checked there were no Orcs in Diablo 3.

After many support messages lowkeylai does end up losing his temper a bit after his patience has been tested, but you can sympathise somewhat because of the run-around he was receiving and the loss of the item.

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    52 thoughts on “Blizzard’s Diablo 3 Auction House Support Frustrates as Item Vanishes

      • Nah.

        quoting one thoughtful poster:
        “They did not steal from you. No money was taken away from you. They did not deposit your money and remove it again. If the seller was still charged for the item and did not receive it, they stole from them, but there is no way for you to know that. And they can freely do whatever to the items in the game as they see fit. That is in the ToA. So if you lost the item, they covered themselves. Its a piece of digital pixels, hard to prove it was a “stolen item worth 220$”. My guess is that the person buying it was the one under review, and maybe it was fraudulently purchased, therefore the sale did not fully go through. Granted, it looks like Blizzard chalks one up again to piss poor customer service, and I’d would be very pissed as well after all that, but you have no viable claim as to why they should have to give you that money.”

        And I think the OP has the item in his inventory and simply isn’t showing it. Pretty obvious d2jsp troll.

        • Same thing happened to me almost but reverse. I bid 35 mill on an item. i was on when the item timed out and ended. no notification was sent though saying sold or outbid. i went to check ah. no item. no refund. no nothing. just disappeared and has no reference in the AH history. i lost 35 mill in thin air and they won’t do a thing about it.

    1. Do you guys here even LIKE d3 anymore at this point? Seems like even the editors here are fed up with this game and Blizzard’s antics.

      Or ami I wrong?

      • yes, you are wrong

        there is a news network in the US and its slogan is “Fair and Balanced”

        this site could actually use that slogan, it reports on the good and the bad

        • That network is neither fair nor balanced, and is sometimes considered reporting “Faux” news.

          • I didn’t want to get into that because I didn’t want to turn this into a political thread so I didn’t mention it

            but since we’re here

            Ron Paul !
            disband the TSA !
            legalize marijuana !
            get out of Iraq and Afghanistan !
            cut off all military and monetary support to Pakistan !
            cut off all military and monetary support to Israel !

            • I think I’m for everything you just said except Ron Paul. Perhaps that’s oxymoronic, to a certain degree.

              But why dismantle the TSA? Because of screening issues? I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just curious.

            • “cut off all military and monetary support to Pakistan !”

              +10 for that dude, and I am from Pakistan.

              But it would be better if you had said it like

              “cut off all military and monetary support to the Pakistani GOVERNMENT !”

              that’s way more accurate. 😀

    2. i wasn’t trying to sound like a jerk, i was legitimately curious. ty for the answer.

    3. I have never had any technical problems with D3 from the moment I installed it, though even when it is working it is still crap.

    4. So. Did someone pay for the item…and blizzard pocketed the money. Or did the other party just not get an item.

      This sure seems like borderline fraud.

      also, keep in mind that if that player payed for the item to begin with, and is re-selling the item… blizzard do a nono

    5. Im sure there is some clause in there lawyer jargon that says they are not responsible for stuff like this. But I just cant see this happening often and there being no repercussions. I would think there should at least be an audit of blizzard come tax time to see if they really are pocketing these “Lost sales”…

      • Putting a clause into a EULA is not a get-out-of-jail-free card. A judge could throw it out, and I am certain that a smart lawyer could figure out how to get a judge to do that.

      • If i recall correctly, there has been a recent ruling (within the last several years) that says that once the virtual good is being offered for money (not like in a black market) that it has worth under the eyes of the law.

        If someone that knows for sure on this can chime in that’d be great.

        But if that’s the case, no amount of legalese in their EULA is going to protect them if they continue ‘losing’ items/money.

        It certainly seems like these would be a bit elaborate if they were hoaxes. Especially considering this is one of a few of these I have seen.

        We will see how this plays out, but I have seen several of these now, and as you mentioned if it continues, there will just have to be repercussions.

    6. Blizzards ticket support system for this game might as well not even exist. You’d be an absolute fool or just a glutton for punishment to waste time with trying to get any kind of “support” from anyone regarding this game. Their responses are coming back with either incorrect or frustratingly dumb statements. I’m honestly shocked they didn’t tell him to power cycle his modem before blowing him off. It’s like they shopped it out to India to an office building full of people who have no clue what this game is about or how any game works for that matter. 👿

    7. The guy did not loose any money.

      He put up his item for sale.

      The virtual item was bought and the sale was not legitimate. Probably by using a stolen CC.

      That’s why you have to wait up to 3 days before a transaction takes place.

      We live in a world full of crime. It is the nature of our species.

      • Aaaaand if this happened in real life, i imagine one would seek reimbursement. In this case, it shouldn’t be hard to simply roll back the auction and return the same item to his stash. Even if the cc was stolen, the item appears instantly, yes? Or is that only in blizz bucks, real money takes more time?

        This stuff is a riot. Don’t shop the gold sellers from china, it’s dangerous! They could steal your account! Whelp, seems like the rmah could have about the same chances of screwing you.

      • He lost an item which is worth money. That’s the same as losing money. Why should virtual property be not counted same as physical items? It’s not ok to steal those either. Some people have gotten fined in Finland after stealing virtual property in Habbo hotel, how is this any different?

        By this logic, “if you can’t touch it, it doesn’t matter, go ahead and steal and scam” pirating would be legal. All you do is download 1s and 0s, right? No harm done

      • How can you say he didn’t lose any money? If this were to happen on any other auction site, the seller would get his money if he shipped an item and received no reimbursement. That’s pretty much what Pay-pal is there for. I wonder if he could file a complain to Pay-pal to get his money…

      • @ Benbos

        The virtual item was bought and the sale was not legitimate. Probably by using a stolen CC.

        That’s why you have to wait up to 3 days before a transaction takes place.

        If that were the case say so and this mess would be over. Everyone understands stolen credit cards, we all appreciate that the sale couldn’t go through if it was bought with a stolen credit card. furthermore, give the guy the item back.

        It shouldn’t be difficult to put the resources into place to enable this sort of level of customer service. There support is generally good from what I’ve heard so I’m hoping that the support for auctions catches up with that sooner rather than later. I can’t believe they’ll not address the issues that are coming to light now.

    8. How can people say you aren’t out money because it’s a virtual item?

      What if he bought that item 2 days prior for $200, then found a better item so decided to list it back on the auction house for $200? If the transaction fails he is truly out $200 plus the item!

    9. The problem of sticking the seller with the loss is this: he has absolutely no way to verify the trust-worthiness of a buyer. The seller has no protections/can do nothing to prevent this; he has to rely on blizzard. Blizzard’s “take it or leave it” ToS is going to force people back into the grey market that blizzard was actively trying to avoid with their own AH 😐

    10. This game is trolled with so much hate, it’s amazing. Now that the official Blizzard RMAH is complete, it’s obvious that d2jsp, ebay and gold sellers want to discredit Blizzard as much as they can. Mud slinging, I don’t believe anything since that fake “session ID theft/account hacking” story.

    11. The more corporate Blizzard becomes, the more this site rages against it. Yet it still continues to devote it’s time and resources to a Blizzard game.


      • Noting to be confused about. We love the game and the franchise and we report what is going on with the game so the community knows what is happening. Simple.

      • @Brixtan

        The more corporate Blizzard becomes, the more this site rages against it.

        Although you summed up what a news page does yourself I wanted to add that if it continues to happen it’ll continue to be in the news. Once it stops…..

        And bman, I’ll have to disagree on the turd reference.

        • I’m reminded of an islands song line, “I’m not just their leader, I’m also one-of-them,” and that fits well here. This isn’t just a couple people reading off a prompter, or researching dumb articles for hits, this site is run by people who are playing this game with us; it’s pretty reasonable that their upset might often mirror the masses.

          I will say though, thinking about it: He lost more than 186. The item SOLD for 186, meaning it was worth 186: that means he lost it twice. He lost an item worth 186 dollars, and he lost his 186 dollars. He can’t sell the item again, and he didn’t get the money. He got doubled-F’d. he has no way to reclaim his lost item, or the value of it.

    12. virtual market… EvE online.
      Lemonade stand in the suburbs… Diablo 3

      One works preeeeeeeeeeeeeetty well, the other one, well, for what its worth.

      Then again, in my eyes, CCP is becoming the blizzard of this decade, since the blizzard is no longer blizzard.

      Ditch the AH, get it out of D3, focus on making the game better … profit!

      D2 was profitable.
      D2 had servers running for n Years.
      D2 expansions cost money (so what).

      Why does D3 get an advantage from the AH that will “assure development on expansions and server blabla for years”… Shouldn’t the millions in sales of the game cover that already?



      • Last remark: I think in principle you are right, but, don’t forget that the D3 servers have a lot more to do than function as a chat client and a match up system – they actually have to run the game (more like wow). This makes the server park maintenance much more expensive than D2’s.

        I do think that this is an unacceptable issue though (assuming it is true). There is real money going around now, and that changes everything. Wait till someone does lose an item he bought due to this incompetence, he will have lost real money.

    13. I’ll point out two things:

      If we only hear about problems, it seems like problems are rampant. We’re getting told about cases that make it look like this type of experience is the norm, when it’s probably not.

      There are explanations as to what happened where Blizzard is in the right here, and yet we’re being presented with the player’s story as if it were fact. Why are we so quick to assume that the player isn’t pulling one?

      • Problems may not be rampant but there are problems and Blizzard need to fix them. The player in this case provides sufficient evidence to warrant it being highlighted as a problem. The RMAH support problem is a huge issue, there is basically no support and I for one think the customers and community deserve better than that. This is a solvable situation.

        • You see that’s the problem with YOU.

          You tell the story of ONE poster who btw made this story on the official forums and THEN was asked by the hating trolls on that site to spread it to other sites … I read it. Unbelievable that these guys just want to kill this game so much.

          BUT IT IS ONLY ONE STORY OF THE SAME GUY and you make it sound that MILLIONS of daily transactions are like that.

          NoPE MILLIONS OF TRANSACTIONS that are correct ARE THE RULE.

          So not because there is an idiot posting everywhere he was scammed that this game is a scam.

          See the difference?

          I can tell YOU one thing.

          Just this afternoon I managed to buy an old fantasy wargame from 1978 i was hunting for years ….on ebay

          AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I paid that old board wargame with 30 Euros I made from playing …. diablo 3 !!!

          Now THAT is a story I call INTERESTING FOR YOUR SITE.

          Tx Blizzard. The good thing is that this 1978 board game had a place called … Evelyn Forest .

          I was emotional this afternoon. For the first time in my life I bought a fantasy board game with the gains of playing a virtual fantasy game.

          I’ ll NEVER forget Diablo 3 Brought me this experience.

          No matter what you idiots might say about this Blizzard game.


          And as an ending note: I don’t believe the full story either. It could be an arrangement between the seller and the buyer even to discredit the RMAH,

          Because the Black Gold market is really BATTLING Blizzard since the RMAH was launched. The gold maffia has every interest to down talk the in game AH.

          That’s a certainty.

      • Never side with a large corporation, ever. They don’t need anyone’s help. They’ve got millions (or billions) to hire all the expensive lawyers they need to take care of themselves.

    14. I bought an item in the GAH and I never saw it in my stash (and the gold was gone).
      Not a big deal because I don’t buy expensive items but yeah…

    15. What’s truly laughable is that they don’t have the capability to restore an item like that. They literally can’t.

      I’ve been watching this closely since the RMAH went live. It’s all over the bug and tech support forums, too. Here’s what’s happening:

      1. You sold your item, didn’t get your money.
      2. You sold your item, didn’t get your money, didn’t get the item back.
      3. You bought an item, didn’t receive the item.

      Support’s response to all of these is, basically, “oh well”. They do nothing.

      And I laugh and laugh, because it’s aholes like you that screw up economies in other games. That’s what you get for dealing in that kind of RMT market.

    16. Nobbie wrote:

      This game is trolled with so much hate, it’s amazing. Now that the official Blizzard RMAH is complete, it’s obvious that d2jsp, ebay and gold sellers want to discredit Blizzard as much as they can. Mud slinging, I don’t believe anything since that fake “session ID theft/account hacking” story.

      Actually this similar incident happened to me a month ago and I received the same treatment and was out my money from a completed sale. Also, the item was never returned. So, if you think that 3rd party sites are just trying to drum up buisness with fake postings you are wrong (at least in my case anyway). There is an issue here with some auctions not completing properly. It is pretty frustrating that a company chooses to handle discrepencies in this manner. I think down the line something may change that. Below is an interesting article for those that doubt anything can be done in cases like this.

    17. Something will change when people file a law suit.
      For now using RMAH is like playing russian roulette. Most of the time you’ll be fine, but that one time you’re screwed over, well good luck.

    18. He is out of pocket: He lost an item that has an actual value of at least $180 – as demonstrated by the market.

      • OR his sale was on hold for 2 days (as usual) and rejected a day later and he got the item back … !

        He then salvaged massively those unsold items … as some do.

        And then … suddenly he saw that the sale was not approved…

        Oh big problem there: NO ONE can find the item anymore because it was salvaged by the guy.

        Actually this story is more probable than any invented story so far.

        Human error is always >>> than an automated working transaction system that is being used a few million times a day without problems.

    19. “Where did it go?”
      To his paypal account…
      Did he link a proof that his paypal account did not receive the $$?

      • Probably the correspondence from Blizzard saying the auction failed and that’s why he won’t get paid is evidence enough that the auction took place and he didn’t get paid. Failed (for reasons they wouldn’t/couldn’t say). And it was not salvaged either as once it’s placed on the AH the player can’t touch it.

    20. If you have the money and time pay an Attorney to take a look into it. Posting on forums and fan sites is not going to get you anything.

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