Blizzard’s Diablo 15 Anniversary Feature

Blizzard have at long last put up their 15 year anniversary special today. It takes the form of a couple of video interviews, one with Jay Wilson and the other with Chris Metzen. There is also an extended retrospective video to get excited about. There are also synopses of Diablo 1, 2 and Lord of Destruction with memory joggers to transport you back to ye olde days.

Okay so it’s no release date announcement. I know some of us were hanging on by bloody fingernails to the hope that might happen, but it’s a jolly feature and a trip down memory lane, especially for those of us old enough to remember release day.

Click through to view the three videos, the last of which shows off quite a bit of new concept art and even some new Diablo III gameplay footage.



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64 thoughts on “Blizzard’s Diablo 15 Anniversary Feature

  1. Sure, when they release this sorta stuff, it’s cool.  In fact, I like when companies do this.
    The problem is that at this point in time, when so many people have been waiting for many years… it sorta falls under the category of “more of the same.”

    • I got in and saw some emails about this 15th anniversary stuff, but not any comment on what was in it. So when I opened up the site, I saw this headline and my eyes saw, “Blizzard’s Diablo 15 Anniversary Failure.”

      It’s sad how I’ve been trained by the Diablo nontent of past Bliz Anniversary stuffs..


  2. I know most people would not be happy unless blizzard handed them a gold encrusted copy of D3 right this second but I thoroughly enjoyed the retrospective.

  3. They just changed the Retrospective video.
    There is no more views of Diablo and tyreal unveiled cinematic ….

    What the hell?

  4. @Muggs
    While that might be true, I also tend to think most people’s general “want” for the game somewhat overshadows any sort of retrospective Blizzard has to offer.
    Personally I think something like this retrospective is much better than nothing, but I also think most people just want the damn game.

  5. Not release day but i do remember when i tried the demo for the first time, such good times.. 🙂

  6. Ah yes, jay Wilson, master time traveler. I love all of his work on the D series.

    Wonder why they couldn’t get an interview with a single one of the 20 guys that actually made the game.

    • Where does he say he worked on any of the previous ones? He just mentions that he was a fan of the earlier ones and a developer for Diablo 3 for the past 6 years… 😐

    • Wow, a little Jaded are we?
      Maybe if you opened up your ears and actually listened to what he said……
      Oh wait, that would probably be to difficult for you right?

  7. Good ol´ Days indeed. It took them little under three months after relase of beta to release D2, and little under two months after D2:LoD beta release to release D2:LoD.

  8. The in-game footage shown at the end suddenly looks super-sharp, clean and HQ compared to any previous gameplay footage…dunno if that’s just good video recording (finally!) or maybe its just me??

    • Maybr they had the gama up, so everything recorded doesn’t look dark as hell, like in every youtube video anyone posts of the beta…
      Seriously, i couldn’t play D2 without the gama at at least 1.3… looks like D3 will be the same… do people actually enjoy not being able to see stuff clearly?

  9. Wert, maybe that’s because they were developed by a totally different team, which is almost all gone (and completely gone in terms of the original D.)

  10. It’s a nice tribute.  I like that it shows the whole diablo timeline and how we got to the point.  Favorite part is the little “Remember:” tidbits.  But I think it needs “Always into the east…” for D2 and “BAAAAAAL!” from LoD.
    Those are at least running gags with my friends.

  11. Playing Skyrim somehow managed to make me completely forget/not care about Diablo 3 still not being out. However, those glimpses of new cinematics featuring Tyrael, Imperius and Diablo are to DIE for – hype level back to maximum!

  12. HELLLO, what can I do for yea! 

    Rakanishu! – Damn Fallens

    Bahahahaah… My brothers will not have died in vainnnnn! 

  13. Yeah, why did they pull out Imperius, Tyrael, and Diablo? They didn’t spoil anything. Those were all just flashbacks, right?

    • Heh… I don’t think so… Take notice of the background of the scenes with Imperius and Tyrael in them…

  14. Can’t get the video to load, went to watch at the official website, don’t see anything new.

    • Thanks for that. I had watched the other two videos earlier, but by the time I went back and watched the final one they had removed that content.

        • They obviously had two videos ready. One was meant as a tease that was up for probably fifteen minutes, for the very hardcore fans to glimpse. And the other…is the toned-down version that’s up now.

          Being someone who did see the original video, this gives me bragging rights and makes me happy 🙂 lol

    • Weird, i saw all that in the video from the blizz site flux linked to just 5 min ago… and you say they took it out?

  15. It was a nice tribute and commemoration of the Diablo series.  True, it would have been really sweet to get some of the original guys responsible for bringing us this gem in the first place, but I’m happy it was fairly fleshed out.

    Also, the new cinematic sneaks look pretty damn cool (as well as the nifty artwork pieced in the extended video).

      • Ah yes.  Just have this picture of Metzen being solely associated with Warcraft after the whole, “Isn’t Falstad dead?” thing.  Though, as you so keenly remind us, he is one of the original Diablo guys.

        Allow me to clarify. It would’ve been nice to see Max, Erich, David, etc comment on the old days.

        • Sure, but that would bring up uncomfortable questions in the viewing audience about why there isn’t a single person from the original core Diablo team still there…  and why the game totally lacks any of the personality, charm or atmosphere of the games released a dozen years ago.  Better to go with familiar faces and softball subjects, and keep it sunny and positive, orange county style.

  16. Spoiler alert

    Have you noticed aswell that the weapon which is held by tyriel in the video, is Imperius’ spear Solarion?
    Get ready for some archangel clash

    • Maybe because of the spoiler nature of that footage, Blizzard has apparently edited out the best (newest) part of the video.  The “little something fun” seems to have been deleted.  Good thing that in a way, they can’t undo that bit of samage as that portion of the video is now available elsewhere off the official site.  Blizzard can’t seem to get out of its own way lately…

      Isn’t that Imperius himself with the spear? Doesn’t look like Tyrael to me, he shows up right after and it’s obvious they’re 2 different angels…

  17. Couldn’t have been expecting exactly what they did. At this point for most people waiting so long this is just more trivial unimportant things we do not want. It is really nice that they do things like this for the community but the community more or less just wants a release date or a major update on what exactly is going on.

  18. Sad that they edited out the awesomest part (Imperius and Tyrael look extremely awesome/bad-ass in modern cinematic form and Diablo looks good as well although definitely more feminine than earlier forms) but it was a nice video…

    I forsee some new Holyknight wallpapers in the near future… 🙂

  19. 30second chuck norris wow advertisement before ic an watch first video, GG BLIZZARDDDD!!! u win again!! 8)

  20. Metzen indeed provided important ancillary support on d1 (though none on d2/lod), but was never part of blizzard north. Every single member of that team was gone by 07, some poster here actually broke down their names and dates of departure when the 20 year celebration happened.

    But winners write the history books (even if the do it in a half-assed way when the propaganda makes even them recoil).

    • Erm, Metzen also worked on D2 and LoD in multiple capacities… Look at the credits in your manuals…

  21. Ha check out the timeline:

    Diablo II announced and estimated to be released in 1998

    Oh, you young’ins don’t know release date rage.

    • The WC2 CD had a diablo 2 cinematic on it… none of the footage was in the final game… i wonder what the story behind that was…
      Also, Operation CWAL… Blizz has been doing this delay thing for a long time.

  22. In retrospective video, when you look closer at the wall with monster models you can see a Butcher and Spider Queen… Butcher looks really great ;D

    • At which point in it is that? I rewatched it and didn’t see a part with monster models in the background…

      • I saw it. It was around the 9 min mark I think? It shows the camera scanning across a monster wall and right before it fades away you can see the Butcher really clear. He does look really cool. Hes holding his Cleaver weapon. I did not see the spider queen? I guess I was to busy looking at the butcher 🙂

        • Weird, for me the big spider under the Skeleton King was the most noticable one on the wall… because it was so different from teh moe humanoid ones around it… didn’t see the Butcher at all at first (mostly because of the horns, good thing his name is readable if you stop the video)…
          Interesting, the Spider Queen and the Spider on the 2nd row of the wall pics seem to share the same model…

        • Yeah that part’s not in the edited version… nor is the concept art of Gluttony… They somehow cut out a lot and still left enough time for the narration so either they added old stuff in or the unedited version had more pauses in the guy talking…

  23. Well some nice stuff and at least we know what blizz means with early this week… . I dont know what to think of late wednesday as “early” 😈

  24. One thing I just thought of I’m surprised they didn’t mention in the anniversary message.  I spoke with Russell Brower at the 2010 Blizzcon and he mentioned the music in Diablo 1 was one of the prime motivators of him getting into the game industry and joining Blizzard which has shaped the sounds of Blizzard games since WoW.  I think that is a rather significant contribution that D1 has made for the company and community of all of Blizzard franchises and fanbases.

  25. Tyrael and Imperius look more scary than Diablo.  

    And we heard that clay-mation thing again which was confirmed by David Brevik that they explored that idea for only one week.  

    But somehow, that’s the only thing current Blizzard remember about Diablo developers.

    • It’s a funny anecdote, stop being so butthurt about it, the purpose clearly wasn’t to discredit their work.

  26. Did anyone else notice that the screen where he says that there were 8.5 million users on has a Starcraft marine down at the bottom standing next to the amazon? 😯

  27. What’s up with the timeline anyway? It states:
    “7/1/2004 – Diablo II ladder is reset for the first time and a race to 99 contest is held
    8/26/2004 – US West ladder race winner “Matriarch Tifas-Revenge” is crowned
    8/27/2004 – EU ladder race winner “Patriarch ETFonTop-Leader” is crowned”
    I am 99% sure that the first ladder reset happened around christmas / new years 2000 coinciding with patch 1.04 and I am 100% sure that the first softcore character to 99 was GERBarb on EU with RUSBarb shortly (really shortly) after. Not sure if there were more 99ers in that first season, maybe that one sorc on Asia that held up pretty well in the race most of the time.
    So, whatever they mean, it was neither the first ladder reset nor was it the first contest to 99, even if previous races might not have been endorsed by blizzard
    Pretty sloppy and /or disrespectful 🙁

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