Blizzard’s Design a Diablo 3 Legendary: Pick a Weapon

Blizzard has posted the first phase of their community involving Design a Diablo 3 Legendary item project. This one declares that the item will be a melee weapon because Joshy-Woshy hates Demon Hunters, and asks you guys to put in your votes on what type of item it will be.

For this particular project, we’d like to focus on a Legendary weapon, more specifically a melee weapon. We decided to do this for a few reasons.

design-legendaryThe first reason is that Legendary weapons typically have a very strong visual identity. Unlike other item types—like a ring or a belt, for example—you can see the weapon you’re wielding, often very prominently. This is important because, in addition to discussing the mechanical design of Legendary items (its stats and powers), we also want to talk about their visual design, and that’s much easier to do when you’ve got something that’s bigger and has a lot of visible components.

The second reason is that Legendary weapons are iconic, and there’s a much stronger fantasy behind them than, let’s say, a helm or pair of pants. As a result, players tend to identify with weapons more than any other item type. That doesn’t mean the other types are any less important, but Legendary weapons are certainly more recognizable and carry more street cred (so to speak).

As for why a melee weapon instead of a ranged weapon (or both)? Pretty simple. Of the weapon types available to all classes, melee weapons are used more often.

You need to visit the Blizzard page to vote on which type of melee weapon we’re going to create, and voting is open until October 30th, so have at it. I voted for a polearm and recommend you guys do the same, or at least one of the other two-handers. After all, we know how to make a one-handed legendary viable, but the two-handers in D3 are largely ignored except for Skorn, and it’s only good due to gigantic damage, a socket, huge stats, and DiabloWikiCD. Have the devs got any better ideas to make 2H weapons viable in RoS? Let’s find out…

Just for the hell of it, let’s run a similar vote. Not to make a legendary, but to measure the use rate of melee weapons. Vote for as many as you like, but pick ones you’ve actually used on your end game characters.

Which Diablo 3 melee weapon types have you used extensively in the End Game?

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Did I forget any? I don’t think I forgot any. And yes, technically Wands are ranged weapons, but Wizards use them interchangeably with other melee weapons, so pffft. And yes, this vote pretty well excludes Demon Hunters, but we’re measuring melee weapons, not all weapons, and including bows/xbows would just make it a “who plays demon hunters” question.

Perhaps most used Follower weapons would be a decent vote for some future thing? After all, why else would anyone know that staves exist in Diablo 3?


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  1. Two handed anythings are not very commonly used.

    Axes and Swords are pretty common to geek over and don’t really go for the whole unique and creative thing. Axes are less common than swords, but pretty common for the whole “I want to slash something but not use a sword” crowd. And c’mon, swords? Everyone and their brother has some sort of magical sword they like or can create.

    However, the only other choice is maces. And unless someone’s really creative, you’re going to wind up with what is basically a stick to hit things with.

    And daggers…daggers are for rogues, stealthy ninja backstabbing kinds of things. We don’t do that in Diablo. We don’t pick targets from the crowd and sneak away. We kill every living thing in sight, often hordes of them at a time. You don’t do that with daggers.

    I vote one-handed axe. If I could vote. Thing seems kinda busted. So I encourage others to vote one-handed axe. At least they aren’t as common as swords, and it’s possible to make a really WICKED looking axe with a fairly cool backstory to go with it, too.

    • Yeah, kind of a bummer it’s a sword, I like swords as much as the next guy, but I could see this turning into some typical holy avenger type deal where we design the holiest of all holy evil-smiting holy swords… zzzzzzzzz

  2. Vote for the spear!

  3. Funny how their game design philosophy (“we tell you how to have fun”) transpires into this event (“Okay, so we’re designing a Legendary melee weapon. Done”).

    • Funny how you can find negative things in anything they try to do…Even if they dont have to. They have absolutly no reason to do this other than please us and give us something to do, and have some fun, while waiting for blizzcon, pre-patch and the expansion itself, spoiled kids.

      • Even if they don’t have to? Diablo veterans deserve it. The game was a waste of 60 bucks. It’s yet to live up to expectations of a TRUE Diablo sequel. So far it has failed, it has continued to fail and until I see SOLID results we need to continue to scrutinize everything they’re doing to this beloved franchise. It’s been over a year since release. The game’s population is dead, there is still no pvp, and much of the game continues to be unfinished. We have lived on faith and faith alone for years. It’s been 10. It’s still not the Diablo we’ve been waiting for.

        Another guy here said it better himself,
        “fuck blizzard, they ca design their own shitty legendaries”
        and it’s true.. We don’t know well enough about where the fuck this game is going for it to even matter. More shallow stats? Please, they really have to Wow me at this point.

        • Hey man, we’re all hurting over the huge fuck-ups we’ve seen from Blizzard, the difference is that some of us don’t throw a fit every two days.

      • Absolutely no reason to do? rofl.

        They burned their franchise and are clinging on attention for the small bit of community that is left. But you are right, they don’t have to do it for us. They have to do it for themselves if they ever want to sell anything Diablo-related ever again.

      • “They have absolutly no reason to do this …”

        well of course they do
        its called PR, Public Relations, publicity

        “… no reason to do this other than please us”

        so you think participating in a vote is pleasing ?
        this is an incredibly lame beginning to “design a legendary”

    • Funny how your post design philosophy (“I bitch about everything”) transpires into this post (“Okay, so I’m posting about Diablo 3. I’ll bitch”).

    • Actually Row is right, I know this is only the first round but this “contest” is called “Design a Legendary” not “Pickup one of our Legendaries”. We will see how this will continue but I’ve got this feeling that it will be another generic “Summon something on hit” legendary with CC, AS and huge amount of main stat. I hope I am wrong, I hope…

    • While it would have been better PR to let people just choose whatever, it’s clear now it wouldn’t have made a difference, the classic one handed sword is wining by a country mile.

  4. I dunno why, but a wizard using a spear w/ an orb just looks super bad-azz. My first MP4 capable weapon was a spear, and the wizard just looks cool swinging that thing around while casting.

  5. I’m a self-found hobo, and the best weapon by far that I’ve ever found for my monk is a 2H Axe. Swapping it for anything else takes away 1000s of DPS and 1000s of HP. I actually hate it, it’s so slow and rigid and everything feels like I’m hitting a fridge with a car tyre, but it’s got me this far.

  6. I am very skeptical about this comment from Blizzard. It sounds as they are trying to make it easy for themself. Melee weapons are indeed in some way more prominent but I do not agree with them on the comment about the armor part. Helmets and armor are especially important for me. And the only reasons why we do not look at them is that they are not able to design them in a unique way so they are interesting to look at. There are so many ways to distinct unique armor optically from the other sets that are out there.

    It sounds like an excuse to do less work on the armor part. Besides: Why the hell are ranged weapons taken out of this? Of course I want my daemon hunter to wield an awesome fierce-looking kick-ass ballista!

    • There is no way you’re going to make pants more interesting than a bad ass two-handed sword, unless you ended up designing the most goofy pants man had ever seen.

      I think Blizzard is being pretty rational with this choice, and as usual, the community has responded irrationally.

      • I do think removing the ability for it to be a ranged weapon was a poor choice, though. I get they want something every class can use, but heck, most Demon Hunters don’t use melee (even though they technically CAN and there’s even builds for it, they’re rarely used) so that’s pretty much 20% of the population that isn’t going to benefit from this anyway. A ring, amulet, helm, shoulders, etc, would actually really benefit everyone.

        I still think that a melee weapon is a good choice, for the same reasons Blizzard said, more iconic, more satisfying, much more likely to actually have its visual artistic element show up on the character…but I don’t think they needed to force it. Either we would’ve gotten their on our own, or we would have had plenty of fun coming up with whatever else we wanted to come up with. This forcing it does actually feel unnecessary.

  7. Spear since during one of my first runs on HC inferno I’ve picked up 1150 dps, soc/300 dex/100 vit spear.

  8. So, which one of these would make the better butter knife?

  9. I’ve used a self found 1200 DPS Chantodo forever.

  10. Missing: None of the above option cause they are all stat sticks.

  11. I’m gonna vote 2 handed sword. I first thought that a polearm would be most fun. But then I remembered that the Crusader can wield 2 handed weapons in one hand together with a shield, and I really want a legendary two hander that fits well with the crusader class, and that’s why I vote 2 handed sword.

    I was pretty disappointed with the legendary two handed swords in this game too so it’s needed.

  12. Melee weapons are crap. Nothing can beat a solid two handed crossbow with rolled INT and STR…

    now this is a Legendary


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