Blizzard’s “Day in the Life” Featuring John Shin

The second of Blizzard’s “Day in the Life” series profiles John Shin, who was (at the time) on of the guys on the WoW QA team. The “day” in question was over a year ago, just after Halloween 2010 when WoW Cataclysm was in crunch time, but you can easily transfer a lot of John’s tasks to what the QA guys must be doing for Diablo III at this point. Lots of bug testing and fixing, basically.

Here’s a quote that drives that home:

Time to hike over to our main building for the biweekly production sync-up meeting with the World of Warcraft team. I grab some of my specialists and head out. Our QA specialists are each assigned the responsibility of overseeing a specific content area— — environments, items, spawns, combat/PvP, raids, quests, and PC/UI— — to ensure that each is thoroughly tested and receives the Blizzard polish.

The core responsibilities of a specialist can be broken down into three parts: know what the developers plan to change; know what currently exists (and is working as intended!); and make sure everything that needs to be tested or flagged for fixes is done. Before my promotion to assistant lead, I was the WoW environment specialist, so ultimately, everything falling under environments was my responsibility. I had to make sure it all was tested properly and at a level that can be shipped to satisfy our players around the world.

You know there must be similar divisions of labor on Diablo III, with several people who do nothing but test items, or skills, or monsters, or environments, etc. Let’s all wish then luck and the ability to avert their nervous breakdowns for a few more months, yet.

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2 thoughts on “Blizzard’s “Day in the Life” Featuring John Shin

    • Bear in mind that he was one of the dept leads at the time, so he got to do the fun stuff and attend meetings and supervise. All the people under him were just playing the same new patch 50x a day, checking the same thing for new bugs day after day.

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