Blizzard’s Diablo 3 Day 2 Recap

Diablo LogoBlizard is recapping the highlights of Diablo news from each day and their second day 2 round-up is now online. In case you’ve not bee following all the news here you can give it a  look.

Topics include new items, monsters, crafting materials storage, Seasons on console, the new zones, and Challenge Rifts.

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  1. That ability to run someone else’s build via snapshot sounds very cool. Be interesting to see if someone else’s build is really that much better, or if they just got really lucky farming and found a perfect Grift. And it’s a great way to experiment new styles without having to put in all the farming time yourself.

    I wonder if it’s limited to only the GR they cleared it with? I’d like to use it to try out classes I’m not even playing; just to see if I’d enjoy doing the most popular Wizard build this season, for instance. But obviously if it’s a class/build I don’t have experience with, I’m going to flail pretty badly leaping right into GR83, if I can only use the snapshot on the same record high GR it was created via.

  2. He commented that they have added allot of new content over the years as if that was some great accomplishment. As i see it they sold a game that was not done, D3, then a Reaper of souls add on that was sub standard. Then they added/changed content to make it average playable. I don’t see no favors. So far as Nostalgic, I can play D1 music as I play D3, that is not nostalgic that is just lazy. They devalued the movement and graphics over the same existing maps, a joke.

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