This evening Bashiok posted news of a community art challenge, of sorts. Fans who are interested can view the various submitted pieces of female monk concept art, and vote for the one they like best. It’s not a contest and there are no prizes, but glory and approbation will be heaped upon the winner.

    Wow, cool idea bro. Wish we’d thought of it firstoh wait.

    Yes, this is exactly the same as the “vote for the best femonk concept art” contest we’ve been running since last week. Since we grabbed most of the cool art from submissions via the @Diablo Twitter, I guess it’s okay that Blizzard took the contest idea from us?

    Since Battle.net doesn’t allow images to be inserted into posts, or support any sort of voting script, democracy is inconvenient. You’ve got to view the original thread, individually click to view all 38 submissions, remember your favorite, and then go back to the other thread to vote for your fave. If only there were another site running the exact same contest, with the best 9 images instead of all 38, and the images were viewable in the thread itself. Oh wait! (Okay, I’ll stop that now. But seriously, vote in our thread as well; we’re going to run the top few against the official female monk to see which you guys really do like best, starting very soon.)

    Bashiok’s big thread of concept art is here, the voting thread is here, and of course you’ll need your cd-key and realm info and all that to log in and post on the Battle.net forums. Bashiok’s full contest post is below the fold.

    Monk Art Challenge – Community Fav Nomination

    A couple weeks ago we asked our fans following on twitter to draw/paint their best guess of what the female monk would look like. Now to have a bit of fun we’re going to help facilitate the ability for everyone to choose a “community favorite”.

    Visit the original thread here: Twitter – Female Monk Art Challenge Roundup http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=22748758704&postId=227466928732&sid=3000#0

    Come back to this thread and post the number of the piece that you’d like to nominate. You must only post the number next to the piece you’re nominating or it won’t count.

    You can nominate a piece for any reason you’d like – because it’s the closest to the actual female monk, because you think it looks cool, it’s funny, it’s the one you drew, whatever reason you like.

    Only nominate one (1) piece.

    The top 5 most nominated pieces will then go to a vote.

    Nominations will stop and this thread locked at 12:01 PM Pacific on Tuesday, February 16. Shortly afterward a poll thread will be posted allowing everyone to vote and choose a single favorite piece.

    This is not a contest, this is a structured way to help everyone pick a community favorite. No prizes are involved.

    This thread will be strictly moderated. Just post your number and that’s it.

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