Blizzard’s April 2013: No Foolin’

Recent years have made us all accustomed to a flurry of April Fool’s jokes from Blizzard, with numerous creative and involved projects such as the Archivist, the Deckard Cain GPS, the Horadric Cube phone ap, and many others for Starcraft and Warcraft. For unknown reasons, this year brought almost nothing April Foolsy from Blizzard, with no Diablo pranks at all, and only this Warthog thing from Starcraft. I liked the bullet points, at least:

  • The Warhound has been added for Terran because robots are cool and the art is amazing.
  • The Warhound has been added for Zerg to remain competitive with Terran.
  • The Warhound has been added for Protoss to keep Protoss players from whining about them on the forums.
  • Really, couldn’t those 3 bullet points be profitably applied to every patch feature?

    Also, while I’ve gotten a fair amount of mileage out of the joke today, it’s worth noting that the HearthStone WoW trading card thing is *not* technically an April Fool’s joke, since it debuted last weekend at the PAX East show, and is apparently a real product.

    google-street-viewWhile Blizzard pretty much took this year off, there were plenty of other funny April Fools’ stuffs from other game developers. Rush compiled a big list 2013 April Fool’s jokes on IncGamers, so check that out if you want full details and links.

    I also enjoyed this summary of all the gags Google pulled this year. (The “pimp my house in Google streetview” one is awesome.)

    Finally, everyone in the comments seems to have caught on, but our post yesterday about the Auction House closing in 30 days was an April First special. It was something we made up ourselves; there was no implied “official” endorsement of the joke or the concept. Check the end of that post now if you want some details about its origin, and in related news we’ll be posting a yes/no vote on the Auction House later today, since quite a few of you guys wished that the joke was real.

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    1. Well, looking at the way they’ve handled everything Diablo-related, THAT is the real joke. They also showed there’s a brain or two among them, because they realized what I said above. Plus heads would roll, more than ever, if they decided to prank the Diablers THIS year, fail after fail.

    2. When I saw all the work they put in for the jokes in the previous years all I could think of is – they should have just used all this hours to make some improvements to their games instead.

      • you sound surprised. they’ve already wasted so much dev time on stupid item patches when it’s only like putting band-aid on a gunshot wound so wasting time creating the Archivist or whatever is not above them in the slightest.

        put it in another way: look at PvP. case closed.

    3. Apparently a lot of people missed this? Not sure why they didn’t have a main page news post like they usually do…

    4. They didn’t release an April Fool’s joke because they have serious updates for that.

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