Blizzard’s 2013 Pumpkin Carving Contest

halloween-pumpkin2012-hon2Blizzard has opened up their annual pumpkin carving contest and they are taking submissions until October 29th, with a chance to win your copy of the newly-released DiabloWikiBook of Tyrael. Entries must feature some sort of Blizzard character in the artwork, though it’s best if you go with someone from the Diablo series for obvious reasons.

If you’re dying to pick up a knife and hack, gash, slash, and jab at something (in true Diablo style), then you might be excited to hear that as of Thursday, October 17 Blizzard’s 2013 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest has officially begun! Unleash your magical axes, psi blades, chitinous claws, and other creative cutlery to carve up Blizzard-themed jack-o’-lanterns of epic awesomeness.

We’ll choose five of the grandest Cucurbita to earn one (1) Diablo III: Book of Tyrael. Don’t delay; start carving right away! The eleventh annual pumpkin carving contest ends on October 29, so be sure to check out the contest page for rules and eligibility and get straight to slicing.

The timing of Blizzcon is handy, since if you enter and don’t win and feel you should have, you can bring your rotting specimen along to Blizzcon and hurl it onstage during the opening ceremonies. It’s a tradition!

We’ve been collecting all of the Diablo-themed winners and honorable mentions for this since we run our own Jack ‘o Lantern contest years before Blizzard took up the theme, so check the Pumpkin Contests gallery for many past examples of art in gourd. A few can be seen below.

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2 thoughts on “Blizzard’s 2013 Pumpkin Carving Contest

  1. I can’t bear to look, but I bet the Blizzard comments are millions of “so this is why daibo 3 sucx so bad becoz blizz are just carving up pummkins all day >:OOOOO”

    Anyway, this kind of thing is always interesting to me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of anyone carving a pumpkin for Halloween in the UK, for us it’s just a time when some kids buy cheap 99p masks from a convenience store and ask for chocolate. It doesn’t really go much further than that.

    • Murkans are much more confident publicly asserting our allegiances to the dark lords of hell. Or something like that.

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