Blizzard has revealed the winners in their annual bake off, and as usual, nothing from the Diablo world finished amongst the three winners. Diablo don’t bake!

    First place was some kind of Zerg bug thing cake, second place appears to be food icons from WoW, and I honestly have no idea what the third place tree is supposed to be. There were a couple of entries featuring Diablo amongst the honorable mentions, which you can see those below.

    Oddly, the gingerbread Diablo 3 skull, looking like an edible component of the DiabloWikiD3CE did not come from the Blizzard contest. Either it wasn’t entered, or it wasn’t honored, which is weird since it’s much better than most of the honorable mentions. In any event, you can see it up to the right.

    I don’t mean to criticize the fans who put time into these allegedly-edible creations, since everything on the page is vastly better than anything I could make, but this is two years in a row where none of the entries were all that impressive. (Unlike, say, Blizzard’s jack ‘o lantern contest entries, which are routinely amazing.) It seems that cake, icing, jelly beans, and candycanes are a much less forgiving medium than giant orange gourds.

    So, here’s my suggestion. Since reality can’t really be created with cake, go for unreality, or better yet, obscenity. Next year, how about we merge the Blizzard baking contest with Penny Arcade’s annual NSFW “Dickerdoodles” baking contest. It wouldn’t look any more realistic, or edible, but it would certainly be a lot funnier.

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