Blizzard has posted pictures of the 5 winners and 15 honorable mention entries in their annual pumpkin carving contest. The selections are pretty well dominated by WoWcraft artwork, as always, but there one Diablo III-themed pumpkin made it into the five winners, and there’s a nice version of this D2 Tenth Anniversary image as one of the honorable mentions.  I can’t argue with the floating Zerg thing winner either, since it’s amazing; like some kind of pumpkin-based art exhibit. How many gourds did that take? 

    The Diablo-themed winner is on the right. The Zerg masterpiece and the Diablo honorable mention are below. Click to the Blizzard contest page to flip through the whole gallery. They’re all amazing works, aside from the one that reminded me that Blizzard still uses Mr. T to advertise their MMORPG, brought on a pre-holiday sad that not even a non-Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup could cure.

    If I’m sitting here in three years, posting links to Diablo III TV ads staring Fonzie, or Alf, or oh… Airwolf, somebody remind me to kill myself, k? Thx.


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