Blizzard, Zombie Bears, and Fetish Warriors Revealed

Our friend KLS over at, a Russian-language Diablo 3 site, pointed us to a newly-posted video from last year’s Blizzcon. It’s a zoomed in closeup of the monitor during the Blizzcon 2010 Gamplay Panel, during the Arena discussion.

We’ve seen this footage before; it starts around the 9:15 mark from part four of the hour-long panel. This fan video is a super closeup of the monitor though, which lets us see the details of several things we’ve never clearly seen, including the Wizard’s DiabloWikiBlizzard spell.

Better yet, the Witch Doctor joins in, and fires off several stampedes of his infamous DiabloWikiZombie Bears! He also casts what seems to be DiabloWikiFetish Army (0:45), which creates a glowing green cooking pot, around which (Gidbinn style) a pack of Fetish appear. They proceed to swarm the Wizard, though the WD clearly needs the DiabloWikirunestone that turns them into explosive Bone Fetish.

Note that the characters in this video have some different skills than were available in the PvP DiabloWikiArena demo at Blizzcon. Clearly the devs did some more testing between the time they recorded the footage for the panel and finalized the demo for the show, since DiabloWikiBlizzard, DiabloWikiArcane Orb, DiabloWikiFetish Army, and DiabloWikiZombie Charger (Rune’d to Bear form or not) were *not* available to players to use in the PvP demo. Blizzard and Fetish Army weren’t available in the PvM either, since they were too high of a level, which is why this video gives us our first good look at those skills.

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1 thought on “Blizzard, Zombie Bears, and Fetish Warriors Revealed

  1. I don’t think it’s far-fetched to think that Blizzard might actually give out the response in that manner. In fact, with the right timing, I think that sort of question would receive the the magic answer. If someone asked the same question minutes before Blizzard had planned to make the announcement, and Blizzard saw the tweet, I see no reason why Blizzard wouldn’t respond with the date and then make the announcement. It’s a question of timing.

    Sure, Blizzard sticks to its guns about not caving in to the public, but don’t forget that there was a secret level with malevolent cows in Diablo II.

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