A US court has awarded Blizzard $8.5m in damages against a prolific cheat maker they have been battling with in courts around the globe.

    Blizzard was seeking 8.5m from cheat maker Bossland for the sale and distribution of Blizzard cheat tools/hacks Honorbuddy, Demonbuddy, Stormbuddy, Hearthbuddy, and Watchover Tyrant in the US. The court ruled in favour of Blizzard as Bossland defaulted and failed to represent themselves in court.

    The $8.5m sum was calculated based on each infringement which was valued at $200 which is the minimum statutory damages. The court documents also reveal that attorneys pocketed $174,872 from this case alone.

    Blizzard has been battling Bossland for some time, and back in January, they were ordered to cease selling Honorbuddy in Germany.

    Blizzard has also been taking action against Bossland in the UK and from today all UK visitors to their site are now greeted with the following message.

    “On 16th March 2017, Bossland GmbH, and its directors Mr Zwetan Letschew and Mr Patrick Kirk admitted, in and for the purposes of proceedings before the High Court of England and Wales, that the sale of its software which it sells as Honorbuddy, Gatherbuddy, Demonbuddy, Hearthbuddy, Stormbuddy and Watchover Tyrant, to any person resident in the United Kingdom, constitutes an infringement of Blizzard’s intellectual property rights and an inducement to players of Blizzard’s games to breach their agreements with Blizzard. Accordingly, Bossland and its directors are no longer permitted to advertise or offer for sale such software to UK residents.”

    It’s an expensive business chasing down hack creators and Bossland has been a real problem for Blizzard for the past couple of years. With Blizzard game’s requiring online access, it’s important they keep on the case and the legal fees are worth it when you consider what’s at stake. With esports now an important part of Blizzard’s agenda, they need to keep the cheats out of players’ hands.

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