Blizzard Wants Character Sheet Input

While the current character sheet in-game is pretty exhaustive, Blizzard is looking for more feedback on the current information included on the sheet and it’s you guys they are wanting the feedback from.

And actually, right now we’re looking for suggestions on stats and info people want to see on the character sheet. The primary interface probably won’t change much, but when mousing over each individual piece of the UI like Attack, Defense, etc. and then clicking on the Details arrow at the bottom, we’d love to fill that out with as much info as you want (and we can stomach).

It’s obviously already pretty robust compared to D2, but if anyone wants to start a thread and sort of gather any ideas/suggestions up, we’d definitely be interested in seeing what other character data you’d want spilled there.

(same goes for any fansites or anyone not in the beta on General, we’ll keep an eye out)

There is now an on-going thread in our forums discussing this so feel free to chip in.

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  1. I want the option to pretty much see every detail. Things like thorns “attacker takes damage of 1” are important enough as well as total % extra damage to undead and demons. If it’s worthy enough as an item attribute I want it represented in the character sheet.

  2. Te best way to improve and get more feedback, it’s opening the beta test to the crowd. 2 pairs of eyes see better than a single pair.

  3. I personally really hate when you are a magic user and get given DPS based on your melee/ranged weapon… should be a way to toggle where it says BASIC DAMAGE DPS to any spell you want.

  4. I’d like to see average mana/insert your resource here expended per kill, that’d be interesting to compare.
    otherwise if it’s a stat on gear it should be added up on the car sheet.

  5. The most glaring omission, from my perspective, is the lack of % damage reduction for resistances. If resistances are equivalent to armor against a specific, non-physical damage type, then they should be displayed with the same information, e.g. the total number and the protection afforded. Though if this is already included in the mouseover, I suppose that is sufficient.

  6. Anyone know how skill damage is affected by dual wielding? Take Bash, does X% weapon damage. When you dual wield, what constitutes weapon damage? Only one weapon? Both weapons? Is there a main hand/off hand system? How does weapon speed affect the skills?
    But, back on topic:
    A) Wizard/Witch Doctor bonus damage (the “fake weapon damage” stat that casters get)
    B) Change the DPS stat to your LMB/RMB abilities (like D2)
    C) Resistance to crowd control effects (if that is still a gear affix)
    D) Summons info; health, average damage, duration, damage type, etc

  7. Clicking the “details” button where it opens up a small window where you need to scroll down is a pretty bad interface.  I hope that they just put all of the details into a tabbed page or something.  Especially since it seems like people want everything from how many footsteps my character has taken to how many pizzas he/she has eaten.

  8. This isn’t the kind of thing I think they had in mind, but I would love to see some alternate page, or extended information page, which would show lifetime stats of your character. For example things like “Monster’s Killed” or “Gold Collected”.  These stats are all about flavor and have no impact on your day-to-day play, but I really enjoy knowing that stuff.

    I love how tracked warcraft 3 accounts to an extreme level of detail. To this day I can check to see that I harvested 5,107,307 lumber at an average rate of 243 per minute.  It doesn’t effect my strategies in the slightest, but it makes me value my account (or character, in the case of D3) and the time I spent playing it.

  9. NUMBER OF MOUSE CLICKS.  I’d like to know exactly how many clicks are responsible for destroying the next dozen mice that I own 🙂

  10. As I stated in the forum: some way to track how much gold our alts “should” have, so we can play a pure game, if so desired.

  11. Blizzard wants input?  I want a beta invite.  I’ll post my input on the beta forums once I get access.  Seems fair to me.

  12. Not sure it would be included in the character sheet but I would like to be able to see DPS done over time. For example, play through an area once and it’ll give me my average DPS for that play through. I can change skills and play through the area again to see if my new combination of skills increases my DPS or lowers it.
    It just seems hard to calculate straight DPS for the monk since quite a number of his skills are situational. For example, there is a skill and rune I believe that allows x% of dmg taken to enemy and can stack x amount of time but only works on a certain strike. So should I stack it 1, 2 or the full x amount before switching over to a higher dmg skill for max affect or am I just better of not even bothering with that skill and using something else entirely?
    Another example are extra dmg to enemies in front. Is it better to use that skill or am I better off using another since I can’t predict how often I’ll have enemies line up for me.

  13. Think it would be easier and more accurate if they had a graph or meter. Think there is a WoW addon that does something like that.

  14. Casters DPS damage info would be noce indeed.

  15. Number of footsteps and a counter for clicks sounds pretty funny.
    Also the time spend log on…(in football manager you get some sick comments when reaching 40days on a save 🙂 ) .

  16. The worst thing, they could come upt with would be “Total Deaths: XX”.
    Sux to be reminded, you sux.

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