As I mentioned on the last podcast, I’m one of a few fansite peeps who have been invited to an event at Blizzard this Friday, June 28th. I’ll be in the Blizzard offices all day Friday, and while the itinerary isn’t yet finalized, the tentative plan is to give us 90 minutes play time on the Diablo 3 Console, plus a 2 hour lunch with the devs, plus an hour-long Diablo 3 Open House conversation with the devs. (There’s even play time set for Hearthstone, which should be interesting as I know zero about it.)

    The format sounds like of a group chat/conversation rather than a standard interview, but with the generous time allotted I should have ample opportunity to ask about any number of issues pertaining to Diablo 3, future patches, development ideas, rewards and regrets, etc. So if you’ve got questions you want answered, or general topics you want to be sure we discuss, this is an excellent time to let me know. Hit the comments below for that.

    If you have questions specific to the console, to do with the controls, multiplayer or the user interface for example, you can add them to this thread in our new Diablo 3 Console Forum.

    There will be an NDA, as always when visiting Blizzard, but I think they’ll just ask us not to post anything until early next week to give everyone who attends a chance to return home and prepare their coverage. So hopefully by next week I’ll be free to communicate everything I see and learn with you guys. Expect articles, videos, and some podcast coverage as well.

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