Blizzard Videos from GDC

GDC 2012 was held earlier this month, March 5-9, and Blizzard did not use the occasion to reveal any big Diablo III news. Jay Wilson and others were in attendance though, and for some reason two videos from the event have just turned up online. Neither holds any new info for you guys, but it’s been so long since we’ve seen anyone from the D3 team talking that it’s nice even to get old info repeated.

The first video is below, and it features Jay Wilson. It’s a very short video with Jay answering various “Diablo 101” type questions and wearing a shirt that I sincerely hope is not official Diablo 3 merchandise.

The second video features Stephanie Johnson, AKA Lylirra. In it she demonstrates a few minutes of the Diablo 3 beta, including the new skill system. This one has even less new than the Jay interview, but click through to view it if you’re a completist. Thanks to Fmulder for both links.

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21 thoughts on “Blizzard Videos from GDC

  1. I LOVE the fact that the content of the area will change, not only items, places, monsters, now the story? omg i cant wait

    • that is the way it is in the beta.  Its not like the main story is any different but each zones could hold some different world story element.  Like finding Warriv, or the hanging tree.  Most of that stuff is told via the books you find or events that you start up.

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