Blizzard video goes behind the scenes with the Diablo 3 Necromancer

Blizzard’s latest studio video takes a look at the what it took to bring the Necromancer to Diablo 3. Members of the dev team discuss the history behind the Diablo 3 version, take a look at the skills, and give a general overview of the class.

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  1. What did it take to bring the Necro to D3? It took the discarding of Blizzard’s former game design principles & philosophy of only releasing complete, high quality content. It took the ignoring of literally years of player feed-back on the strengths AND weaknesses of the D3 platform. It took a design team with egos the size of freighters and actual time spent playing the franchise in the double digits. But most importantly it took a mountain of corporate sized greed that no doubt bled over from the Activision side to force such a pathetic add on down the throats of a player base already sick to it’s stomachs of D3. I took 14.99 and pre-ordered the Starcraft Re-master instead of this worthless BS. At least that game was made back when Blizzard was still Blizzard, and not Acticrap.

  2. “The Necromancers are like our gift to the community.”

    Funny, generally gifts are free.

    • “like” being the keyword here.
      You’re not supposed to pay for the necromancer – you’ll merely have to express your monetary gratitude. 😀

    • I did think that was a strange choice of words as well. Perhaps that should have been left out.

  3. Really? Has a fan site about a beloved FRANCHISE become a bitching beacon? Free updates, plenty of attempts to make the game better, and 3-4 digits of play time for a game that’s years old? Even though the bitchy comments are aimed towards the developers, what about the people who work this site?

    Go attack Destiny, Star Wars Battlefront, or even the new “hot” game because they barely compare to Diablo as a whole. Play PoE or Grim Dawn (Grim Dawn… wow!). Come back to Diablo 3, it’s a welcoming game.

    • First up, thank you so much for telling us what to do.

      I think that people have a right to complain about Diablo III as much as they wish. They have many reasons to. Actually they’re not telling lies, are they?

  4. necro is great , stupid rage kiddies
    but yeah its normal here on the greatest diablo haters site

    • Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and express it on Diabloii.Net. Some folk will love the Necro, others won’t and that’s absolutely fine.

      • Exactly. You can have your own opinion and criticise, which doesn’t make you a ‘hater’, stupid or a kid. Actually D III is far from perfect.

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