Blizzard use Diablo 2 Mod Shot in Presentation – Brevik says they care about Diablo

itemsA tweet from David Brevik today responds to a post which shows that Blizzard used a modded Diablo 2 shot in their presentation looking back at Diablo’s history.

The shots used was from the Eastern Sun mod. The Diablo 1 shot inventory also used items that were not even in the original game but were from Diablo 2.

This won’t come as a huge surprise to fans of the original games who often wonder if the current Diablo development team have a clue about the game’s past.

It looks like someone just did a quick search and didn’t bother to check their authenticity. Brevik posted…

Thank Reddit.

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  1. Notice he said Blizzard cared about Diablo and not Diablo 3???? Diablo 4 confirmed!!!

    Blizzcon 2030 is gonna make us Diablo fans lose our shit, specially mine since I’ll probably need depends at that point anyway.

  2. Lol… That’s actually REALLY embarrassing.

    But I’m sure Blizzard will cover it up with “Uuh uuhh uhh yeah, no no, we did that on purpose, uh, we love the community and, uh yeah, that’s why we uh intentionally searched for it to show case the uh… passion.. that.. uh… this community has.. um.. and we want to embrace that and bring it to the forefront. Because without out community, there’s no us! Hah ha”

    Meanwhile who ever says that is thinking, *holy shit, I made it through that. wow. Once again the community line saves us! haha. Whew. Who’s the idiot that pulled that picture???*

  3. Oh someone made a mistake…. welp…. lets lose our [email protected]#$ about it…. woopiediedoodah…

  4. Really embarrassing… it shows how little the people at Blizzard Irvine know and care about D1/D2.

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