Blizzard Updates WoW Annual Pass Page – Now Not Early Next Year Thankfully

2013! No Way!

Ah…the elusive release date. Could we be getting closer? Are Blizzard getting their ship in order by updating the WoW/Diablo 3 annual pass page? Well we don’t know, but what we do know is they have changed the wording from “when the game launches early next year” to “when the game launches”.

The weird thing is, this has apparently been changed on the news post Blizzard made back in October last year.

Probably a pretty good move to get that updated because  somebody may hit up the page from a link or search engine and early next year is 2013! What it does indicate though is that Blizzard are paying attention to these things now which I hope is a sign that we are getting closer.

Thanks to Mike for sending over the update and pic.

Bashiok replied to this image via his Twitter account.

That change was made a few months ago. No reason. Just a better idea to not have it in print all over the place “just in case. –Bashiok
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    17 thoughts on “Blizzard Updates WoW Annual Pass Page – Now Not Early Next Year Thankfully

      • It’s probably just a fan that say this and notified Blizzard about it, as result it got fixed. Nothing more nothing less.
        Besides that: you are unoriginal.

    1. Isn’t it bad that they didn’t just rephrase it to “early this year”? Removing the word early seems to, in my opinion, indicate it won’t be as early as planned.

    2. Navigating this site gives me hemorrhoids. The image pops up darkening everything else and I click outside of the image to get out of it and then I somehow end up clicking the ad and getting forced into a page I never even wanted to go to, because for whatever reason the button to click out of an image is at the bottom right corner (WHY THE FUCK IS IT AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT FUCKING CORNER?).

    3. In my opinion, they mess this up beucause they made a false advertisement for those who bought annual pass with hope to get d3 game early 2012.

      • Yes, and instead of admitting the delay and at least say “I’m sorry”, which wouldn’t offend a great number of the annual pass buyers because they are more interested in the free copy of D3 rather than the “early this year” release, Blizzard decided to lie and hide the evidence. This action is typical of EA, Blizzard is learning fast with its master…

    4. Haha.. Sign of delay, rather. They won’t be able to release Q1 this year, which could be called “early”. That’s why they removed it, so they don’t have to answer for that later.

      See the post above..

    5. Indeed, hopefully a sign since otherwise it would indicate early 2013.  On a related note, the annual pass is looking more and more awesome for me (and those that partook in Oct 2011).  When we all hoped D3 may launch Christmas 2011, there was a pretty high chance that you would have played WoW for two months (Nov & Dec), then switched your focus to Diablo III for the remainder of 2012.  That would have meant 10 months x $15 = $150 for a “free” copy of D3.  IF the game launches in June 2012 as some are guessing, I will have played WoW up to that point and will only be “wasting” the months of Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct – 4 months x $15 = $60 – that is pretty much a break even.  Any time I spend in WoW after D3 launch is pretty much icing on the cake.

    6. How exactly is changing it from “early next (this) year” to “when (if) it’s done” a sign that we’re getting closer?

    7. They should have just said “soon” to begin with. That way, there’d be no confusion, because we all know what soon means.

    8. Blizzard never does things for “just incase” reasons. There is always a method to their madness.

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