2013! No Way!

    Ah…the elusive release date. Could we be getting closer? Are Blizzard getting their ship in order by updating the WoW/Diablo 3 annual pass page? Well we don’t know, but what we do know is they have changed the wording from “when the game launches early next year” to “when the game launches”.

    The weird thing is, this has apparently been changed on the news post Blizzard made back in October last year.

    Probably a pretty good move to get that updated because  somebody may hit up the page from a link or search engine and early next year is 2013! What it does indicate though is that Blizzard are paying attention to these things now which I hope is a sign that we are getting closer.

    Thanks to Mike for sending over the update and pic.

    Bashiok replied to this image via his Twitter account.

    That change was made a few months ago. No reason. Just a better idea to not have it in print all over the place “just in case. –Bashiok

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