Blizzard CMs added a couple of updates on all the ongoing debate over the End Game shortcomings and their evolving plans for Magic Find gear swapping. First, here’s Bashiok on their MF plans.

    I understand I’m breaking some rules by making a new thread about an existing topic, but the “next Blue” BLIZZ button is broken and I don’t expect people to see my reply on… what is it… holy crap page 251!? Ok, so, as the blog said:

    “It’s worth keeping in mind that if we do implement a method to alleviate gear-swapping in combat, we’ll simultaneously be looking at ways for players to get an added MF bonus to compensate.”

    For example we implement one of the options and could… maybe buff up NV stacks with additional magic find, which could/would compensate for MF lost due to any solutions. We don’t want anyone thinking we’re trying to take their magic find away. We’re trying to help alleviate some of the complaints about tedium and loss of inventory space while helping you keep the benefits.

    In a longer post by the ever-polite Lylirra,

    Why, if you have no philosophical problem with MF gear swapping, did you not include an option to have a gear swap button/alternative gear set?
    Lylirra: Parting the veils a little bit here…

    There was some debate about Magic Find gear swapping before the game shipped. Some of our developers and testers thought it was fun way to game the system, while others felt it was too much of a hassle. In the end, we decided to allow gear swapping, thinking that the players who wanted to do it would, and the players who don’t enjoy the practice wouldn’t. Of course, what actually happened is that some players got caught in the crossfire — players who didn’t really enjoy gear swapping or want to carry around an extra set of MF gear all the time, but felt like they had to in order to be as efficient as possible.

    So, when Wyatt says we “didn’t have a problem with it philosophically,” it means we were aware of the practice of gear swapping and understood that the player base had differing opinions on it, but didn’t want to make any changes to it unless the community asked for it outright (since we knew it was fun for a select group of players). It did not mean it was deliberately a practice we wanted to encourage everybody to do. Supporting and promoting gear swapping by adding a button would only complicate the current problem of players feeling like the they need to gear swap in order to be really efficient, even if they don’t enjoy it; it also increases the need for storage space (both server-side and in a player’s inventory) and adds complexity to a UI that’s otherwise designed to be very simple and straightforward.

    So, more or less this:

    “because it is the same issue we having right now? the idea is TO FIX PLAYERS SWAPPING TO MF GEAR BEFORE SOMETHING DIES. NOT MAINSTREAM IT.”

    Right now, we’re opening discussion to the community on how best to move forward. We’re considering a lot of different solutions (some of which were pulled from ideas posted in these forums) and would like your feedback. We realize that there are pros and cons to every solution we listed, and want to get your take on them as well. If you have alternative ideas, please feel free to share them!

    (By the way, saying that you’d prefer a button over the other options is totally valid feedback, but just keep in mind that our goal is to come up with a viable solution to the problem of players feeling like they need to gear swap even if they don’t actually feel like it’s fun gameplay.)

    If you refer to our big post on this issue, you can see that the vote results… are wildly mixed, with “None of the above. Retain current system.” currently leading the field, though with only 26% of the total votes. If that’s not a recipe for a divided, divisive, and devouring community reaction to whatever change Blizzard ultimately elects to implement… I don’t know you guys at all.

    Click through to see the ongoing vote, where you can put in your opinion if you haven’t already.

    Which of Blizzard's proposed Magic Find changes do you prefer?

    • 6) None of the above. Retain current system. (29%, 3,059 Votes)
    • 4) Zero-Out Your MF% for 3 Minutes After Swapping Gear (26%, 2,740 Votes)
    • 1) Set a Magic Find Cap (15%, 1,602 Votes)
    • 2) Slowly Adjust Magic Find Over Time (11%, 1,202 Votes)
    • 5) Gear Swapping Interacts with Nephalem Valor (9%, 909 Votes)
    • 3) Use your average MF% or your lowest MF% of the last 5 minutes (5%, 547 Votes)
    • 7) Some other new system I'll brilliantly explain in comments. (5%, 534 Votes)

    Total Voters: 10,593

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