Blizzard Updates on Magic Find and Gear-Swapping Issues

Blizzard CMs added a couple of updates on all the ongoing debate over the End Game shortcomings and their evolving plans for Magic Find gear swapping. First, here’s Bashiok on their MF plans.

I understand I’m breaking some rules by making a new thread about an existing topic, but the “next Blue” BLIZZ button is broken and I don’t expect people to see my reply on… what is it… holy crap page 251!? Ok, so, as the blog said:

“It’s worth keeping in mind that if we do implement a method to alleviate gear-swapping in combat, we’ll simultaneously be looking at ways for players to get an added MF bonus to compensate.”

For example we implement one of the options and could… maybe buff up NV stacks with additional magic find, which could/would compensate for MF lost due to any solutions. We don’t want anyone thinking we’re trying to take their magic find away. We’re trying to help alleviate some of the complaints about tedium and loss of inventory space while helping you keep the benefits.

In a longer post by the ever-polite Lylirra,

Why, if you have no philosophical problem with MF gear swapping, did you not include an option to have a gear swap button/alternative gear set?
Lylirra: Parting the veils a little bit here…

There was some debate about Magic Find gear swapping before the game shipped. Some of our developers and testers thought it was fun way to game the system, while others felt it was too much of a hassle. In the end, we decided to allow gear swapping, thinking that the players who wanted to do it would, and the players who don’t enjoy the practice wouldn’t. Of course, what actually happened is that some players got caught in the crossfire — players who didn’t really enjoy gear swapping or want to carry around an extra set of MF gear all the time, but felt like they had to in order to be as efficient as possible.

So, when Wyatt says we “didn’t have a problem with it philosophically,” it means we were aware of the practice of gear swapping and understood that the player base had differing opinions on it, but didn’t want to make any changes to it unless the community asked for it outright (since we knew it was fun for a select group of players). It did not mean it was deliberately a practice we wanted to encourage everybody to do. Supporting and promoting gear swapping by adding a button would only complicate the current problem of players feeling like the they need to gear swap in order to be really efficient, even if they don’t enjoy it; it also increases the need for storage space (both server-side and in a player’s inventory) and adds complexity to a UI that’s otherwise designed to be very simple and straightforward.

So, more or less this:

“because it is the same issue we having right now? the idea is TO FIX PLAYERS SWAPPING TO MF GEAR BEFORE SOMETHING DIES. NOT MAINSTREAM IT.”

Right now, we’re opening discussion to the community on how best to move forward. We’re considering a lot of different solutions (some of which were pulled from ideas posted in these forums) and would like your feedback. We realize that there are pros and cons to every solution we listed, and want to get your take on them as well. If you have alternative ideas, please feel free to share them!

(By the way, saying that you’d prefer a button over the other options is totally valid feedback, but just keep in mind that our goal is to come up with a viable solution to the problem of players feeling like they need to gear swap even if they don’t actually feel like it’s fun gameplay.)

If you refer to our big post on this issue, you can see that the vote results… are wildly mixed, with “None of the above. Retain current system.” currently leading the field, though with only 26% of the total votes. If that’s not a recipe for a divided, divisive, and devouring community reaction to whatever change Blizzard ultimately elects to implement… I don’t know you guys at all.

Click through to see the ongoing vote, where you can put in your opinion if you haven’t already.

Which of Blizzard's proposed Magic Find changes do you prefer?

  • 6) None of the above. Retain current system. (29%, 3,059 Votes)
  • 4) Zero-Out Your MF% for 3 Minutes After Swapping Gear (26%, 2,740 Votes)
  • 1) Set a Magic Find Cap (15%, 1,602 Votes)
  • 2) Slowly Adjust Magic Find Over Time (11%, 1,202 Votes)
  • 5) Gear Swapping Interacts with Nephalem Valor (9%, 909 Votes)
  • 3) Use your average MF% or your lowest MF% of the last 5 minutes (5%, 547 Votes)
  • 7) Some other new system I'll brilliantly explain in comments. (5%, 534 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,593

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51 thoughts on “Blizzard Updates on Magic Find and Gear-Swapping Issues

  1. As I said before I am all for setting a cap only if they increase NV to compensate so this way it is a buff to everyone but it would also put the ball in the court of those who go all out dps since increase NV MF and kill speed would dominate all.

    • How does the cap help though? The only thing it does is that I have to swap less gear to MF. An improvement overall, but not quite the solution.

  2. “maybe buff up NV stacks with additional magic find”

    If they do that then I hope they expand NV to the other difficulties. I am taking it very slow and haven’t played past act1 hell and would not like to have my MF “nerfed” compared to inferno players.

    • NV starts when you hit level 60. Doesn’t matter where in the game you are, though I have not confirmed normal/nightmare as I have no reason to take a level 60 back to these difficulty settings. All of Hell difficulty is a joke when you have a level 60 that can solo Inferno Act 1.

      • Yes, you can gain NV stacks in Nightmare and Hell if you are 60. I guess in Normal too. Also, I am currently carrying a MF set in inventory but rarely switch because I am too busy trying not to die. I think that a gear switch button might be interesting. Otherwise, I hope that changing your gear is not going to affect your NV.

  3. Why don’t they just have what Diablo II had? Didn’t you just hit W or something and you had a totally different set of armor/weapons on? Why don’t they just do that?

    • W simply swapped your weapon slots. So if you had a 2 hander, and pushed W, you could switch to a sword/shield… the rest of your armour was not capable of swapping using W.

    • Because that doesn’t solve anything.

      The problem is that A) people feel the need to gear swap in order to be efficient, B) the actual process of gear swapping is not fun. Making it easier to gear swap doesn’t make people feel any less of a need to gear swap – quite the opposite, actually – so the problem remains until a better solution is presented.

      In short, the challenge is to find a solution that applies to both A and B, not just one of them.

      • In my opinion there wouldn’t be as much gear swapping if you could maintain in certain area’s of Inferno with strictly magic find gear on the whole time. I think they should change the NV buff a bit to compensate for this.

        I think there should be a new graphical interface added just for magic find gear, or button in your character screen (similar to the Nephalem Cube & Cauldron of Jordan). Inside this Cube or whatever is where you can equip your Magic Find gear. Clicking this Cube will cause a 2 second cast time similar to town portal, but instead of just switching gear it would take up all the attributes of your regular dps-gear + the MF% total on your MF set.

        This is where the NV stacks can come into play, make it so you can only synthesize your Magic Find with your regular gear when you have at least 1 or a full stack of NV (or only take a % of the MF% off your MF set depending on how many stacks you have). This way you have to work to maintain the stacks in order to utilize the Magic Find gear and will lose the “synthesize” bonus if you lose the NV buff.

        With how tough maintaining in Inferno can be with just regular gear i feel this is a decent way to make use of Magic Find, in D2 you could just slap on MF gear on a sorc and still produce good dps because of the way they had their Attribute System and Skill Point system designed. Plus this “synthesize” approach still gives you the feeling of customizing your Magic Find gear, just throwing an idea out there.

      • The challenge is simple to solve: Just measure the (ingame-)time an item was worn and increase mf provided by the item accordingly, letting the curve run out at about 1.5 times the original amount after wearing the items longer than 24 hours. Thus swapping is still usable, but is not feeling to be mandatory anymore.

  4. I dont gear swap currently and I dont care if other people do. Why should everyone have MF nerfed because a small percentage of people are swapping gear? If they want to go to that much trouble let them, it has no impact on me… but potentially nerfing MF does. I havent even explored loading up on MF yet, i would like to eventually.

  5. I choose 7 and this is my solution :
    Remove the MF from all items and allow players to stack Nephalem valor no matter which level your character is.
    Like this you have to kill elite anyways, and the item swapping isn’t required, because you earn MF by fighting mobs

  6. Just take MF off gear and use NV only!! If you really must keep it make a specified charm slot where you can carry one charm.which holds all your MF (a random amount from fixed quota). The charms can help GF or MF, but nothing else and no other equiptment carries GF or MF. Sorted! 😡

  7. Cap MF, but allow NV to stack to the cap (ex: 15 stacks). That way, gear swap only help before you reach the cap by killing elites.

  8. I prefer setting a MF cap, with NV getting you half way to the cap. That will allow those who want to MF set switch to continue to do so, and get some benefit for it, but it also limits the need to balance MF into every piece of gear. If you find one or two ultimate pieces that are both DPS/Survial with MF, those pieces will get you closer to the cap and reduce the need for MF gear swapping.

    My ideal game-play would be that it only takes two or three fantastic pieces of MF gear to reach the “ideal” MF level for efficient farming. Once you get those “ultimate” pieces, you eliminate the need for ANY gear swapping because you’ve reached the cap with 5 stacks of NV.

  9. Why are they focusing on this? Swapping MF gear is not why people are leaving the game.

    • My impression is ONE of the reasons people are leaving the game is that they’re finding the endgame item hunting / grinding unsatisfying and unsustainable. I believe Blizzard feels that swapping MF gear is a source of SOME of the unsatisfying game play.

      Please note those words in caps. “ONE of the reasons” and “SOME” of the unsatisfying game play. I believe there is a team of people focusing on many aspects of the game. One of those aspects is the current state of MF

    • They can do more than 1 thing at a time. Some things are easier/harder to fix than others, and thus will come sooner/later.

    • Sure a good question !
      I feel that people doing MF gear swapping is a real minority of players. And I still don’t see why this “issue” (which is not one in fact) should be fixed.
      If people want to change their gear well they can do it already and I don’t see no reason why the way to do it should be changed.

      Furthermore I really wonder if “the people quiting” the game have gone so far as farming inferno and swapping gear.

    • Agreed. There are so many other glaring issues. At this point in time, why focus on the fact that a subset of the people playing the game are feeling they have to switch to other gear right before a kill. Isn’t this more of a personal problem really ? I guess they’ll try and tackle this since they somewhat admitted in between the lines that most obvious deep-rooted issues are basically unfixable.

  10. I like the “average MF over the last 5 minutes” as a vague concept, but it’s really confusing as a user experience. So, I’d like to see:

    Hitting a monster imbues the monster with a bit of your current MF.

    So, if I take a champion to 10% health with 100% MF, it gets +90% MF. Then, if I switch to gear with 1000% MF to kill it, that last 10% gives it +100%. It dies with a net 190% MF boost. It’s weighting the player’s MF by their damage to the monster, which they can show in the UI (if they even need to) with a monster particle effect, or something by the health bar. And unlike all the other options, “charging” a monster up actually feels like a game, not an arbitrary limit.

    • edit: didn’t meant to reply to this post.

      I like this variation the best though 🙂

  11. If only Blizzard had the ability to make people stop caring about what other people had/could do instead of having to constantly tinker with reasonable mechanics to level the playing field.

    Right now it’s “fix gear swapping because I don’t want to do it but I feel like I need to.” In early WoW, it was “fix content for casuals because I don’t want to do raids but I can’t have fun at level cap otherwise.” (Note: this is when I quit WoW, because raiding seems about as fun as stabbing myself and pouring salt in the wound to me.)

    It’s a game. If it’s fun to me, I do it. If it’s not, I don’t. Gear swapping never even occurred to me because that seems incredibly tedious (especially considering that awesome gear in this game is not even all that awesome, it has WoW “lol more stats!!1!1!!” disease). The fact that Blizzard is taking this game system change onus upon itself is sad, considering there are other things to address that aren’t prompted by some people feeling sad that they feel compelled to engage in something not fun because somebody else is doing it. People collect cans to hand into recycling centers for a benefit too — it’s tedious and unfun, but I don’t see a mad rush complaining that we fix recycling centers because it’s not fun to collect cans.

  12. Noob: why can’t we do it like D2 but instead of pressing ‘w’ i think to switch between a weapon it’s your whole gear?

  13. Gear swapping with NV is a bad, BAD idea. I mean, imagine if you find a new, better item in game, do you want to lose NV just because you put on a better piece of gear. I think that item swapping interacting with NV is the absolute worst idea possible

  14. MF cap.
    Not being in optical killing gear sucks and is not fun. Not having higher chances of getting magic items is incredibly irritating because I choose to kill things. Let us outfit ourselves with MF within reason while choosing our optimal gear. So what if it ‘devalues’ MF as a mod? That hurts you how??

    One guy said he feels most ppl don’t like the cap just cause they wanna GGGG other players when equipping it. I agree.

  15. My quick analysis on the poll options

    1: MF Cap
    Bad. Doesn’t do anything about gear swapping. You’ll have 0MF in your gear in favor of faster killing and change to a set with the magic number. On top of that if you reach the magic number with your regular gear, then further upgrades become less interesting. If the number is reasonably high there might just as well not be a cap at all.

    2: Slowly adjust MF over time
    Good. Assuming you can change gear in town and start playing with the full MF amount this’d be acceptable.

    3: Use your average/lowest MF% of the last few minutes
    Good. Very much like option 2, same comments apply.

    4: Zero-out your MF% for 3 minutes after swapping gear
    Bad. If you have MF on both your old and new items, it makes absolutely no sense to lose it all temporarily.

    5: Gear swapping interacts with NV
    Bad. If you actually find an upgrade, you can’t equip it until starting a new game. This annoys players more than it solves anything. Also some people like to equip a defensive item temporarily when they encounter a reflect-damage pack or something. This should remain to be a viable tactic.

    6: Leave it
    Meh. It’s not the most critical thing to change, but I like something like 2/3 over the default behaviour.

    Bonus: Gear swap button
    Bad. MF is supposed to be a tradeoff. It becomes trivial to max it if you can just collect a set of items with nothing but MF (and some defenses so you don’t get 1-hit after switching). Perfect farming items with great stats and MF would suddenly become unnecessary.

    Apparently the general population doesn’t think the same way since my favourites are some of the least voted options.

  16. I think we should have a second set that we have on at all times that would be ur mf set. If it is set as ur primary with a hit of a button, then you get the full effects of it. If it is set as ur secondary. Then u get 50% of the mf. So in any case you get a benefit from ur mf set. And this also frees up inv space.

  17. just remove MF all together, it will fix everything and the endgame issue as well, it will actually make the game last longer

  18. Those who did not want to run urns whined until urns were nerfed.

    Those who did not want to run chests whined until chests were nerfed.

    Those who did not want to run random events whined until random quests were nerfed.

    Those who did not want to use IAS whined until that was nerfed.

    Those who did not want to change out MF equipment whined until that is getting nerfed.

    If Blizzard had a clue they would tell the whiners to shut up and play the game the way they want to and let other people play the way they want to. Instead they continue to make disastrous decision after disastrous decision.

    I predicted in another front page news thread that MF was going to be all about valor and it is shaping up to be so. Players will continue to be forced to play the game the way Blizzard dictates is fun (getting 5 stacks and killing a boss) rather than the way players want to play. The game will continue to decline as long as Blizzard seeks to control the players.

    Fanbois, whiners seeking to control players, and Blizzard seeking to control players are ruining any chance this game has.

    • Those who did not want to kill monsters whined about urn farming getting nerfed.

      Those who did not want to kill monsters whined about chest farming getting nerfed.

      Those who did not want to level new characters by playing the game whined about quest rewards getting nerfed.

      Those who did not want to get a single item without IAS because it was twice as good for damage than every other attribute whined about IAS getting nerfed.

      Those who did not want to waste attributes on MF on a single item yet still wanted the full benefit of it whined about MF switching getting nerfed.

      Don’t tell me you seriously think none of those changes were good for the multiplayer economy, spirit or overall longevity of the game. In fact… for someone so vocal about playing the game *your way*, you’re raising an awful lot of noise about random game balance tweaking. Those changes… they don’t actually affect you anywhere near as much as you’re saying if you just play normally rather than spend all your time trying to exploit every single game mechanic. It’s not like they removed content or anything.

      • Well to put it short.
        – I don’t mind multiplayer economy.
        – I want the game to be fun.
        – I’m very happy if and when I find a exploit and I can use it (what ever it is)
        – I don’t give a dam with urn breaking or spider farming

        Blizzard let us play the game how it is.
        Stop nerfing.
        Make it fun.

  19. Never mind mf swapping, blizz needs to stop the f*ucking bots ! Economy is already finished due to inflation, and good luck anyone making any money apart from bots.

    Always be online they said, it will stop botting and cheating, yeah right

    fu blizzard :mrgreen:

  20. I say don’t change it. I don’t gear swap into MF stuff at the moment, if I want MF I’ll find gear that has it along with whatever else I need. It’s just the way I prefer to play. However, I think players who want to do it should have the option.
    Don’t want to do it? Don’t do it and find some gear with MF along with other stats. Why do some people feel they have to do things they don’t enjoy in order to be more efficient?
    If the extra efficiency compensates you for you not liking it, then go ahead and do it and don’t complain. If it doesn’t then don’t do it and don’t complain, noone but yourself is making you do it.

    That said, out of the other options I would say my favourite is to increase your MF by say 1% every 3-5s until it reaches it’s max whenever you put on gear that increases it. Then it will still be possible to get a slight bonus but maybe people will stop whining if they don’t want to do it since the bonus is so small. And then people who have MF on their gear anyway it won’t really affect other than when they first equip a new piece for a while.

    What I don’t understand (really, I don’t care if they change it or not it’s an issue I don’t care about really since I don’t do it but it doesn’t bother me if others do it. Which to me at least is the only viewpoint that actually makes sense, maybe it’s a lack of competitiveness or something?) is why Blizzard have decided to change something that they don’t philosophically have a problem with. Just seems an odd thing to choose to change in that case.

    Though, I have no idea how many people have been complaining about it so that could well explain it I suppose.

  21. Honestly none of those “solutions” are really solutions; they all either punish the player for something they shouldn’t or only make gear swapping slightly less convenient. The best of the suggested solutions is the gradual change to MF, but I think the time for your MF to fully adjust should be 1-5 minutes.

    The best solution I can think of to add is to record your MF when you swap items and to use the lower value for anything you are currently fighting:

    1. Player attacks monster – record current MF for player(s)
    2. If monster dies (1-shot) – reward items with recorded MF
    3. Player swaps item – update recorded MF to minimum of previous and new value
    4. Monster dies – reward items with recorded MF

    This could either be stored based on an “in combat” state or for engaged monster, those details don’t really matter.

    I don’t really have a problem with people gear swapping anymore than I had a problem with people skillswapping before the cooldown was implemented. If people want to diminish the fun of their gameplay in order to min-max, I say let them. I run around with my MF gear on all the time because they is honestly the smart way to play. People are throwing their MF items on as they kill a boss that is already guaranteed to drop a rare. That’s great for them as it increases the chance that the whites and blues the boss drops are rares, legendaries or sets instead; however, all the regular monsters should be killed with MF as well. The only difference between the effect of MF on regular monsters and bosses is the number of items dropped. Basically, killing a boss is like killing 20-30 normal monsters. If you wear MF all the time, you’re going to get basically double the effect of swapping it in for boss kills. Now of course, it’s more difficult to do inferno with MF on all the time, but if you can manage it’s totally worthwhile.

  22. I think that all of this requests to blizzard to change the game make for a situation very similar to what happened with Mass Effect 3. In case you don´t know what happened, gamers complained so much about the ending that the very ending got changed after the uproar. I know that this is a completely new debate, but I think that this is where the game is going. Change this, change that, etc. Gamers will allways complain, and that is fine, you want your game to be perfect, but what is perfect for someone, it is not for others. I personally believe that some things should be changed, like the items for example, but others should be let as is, like MF. Listening to your customers is fine, but changing 100% your product because of it I think is not.

  23. The fairest solution is to weight mf based on damage done and what mf was equipped while dealing that damage. You do 90% damage at 0 mf, then last 10% at 150 mf. The result is 15% mf composite score. This could apply to co op. The most recent drop mf could also be used to determine mf for urn drops.

    The obvious drawback is that it could be very difficult to code and buggy for death zerging or healing monsters. It also would not be neat and clean in the details pane.

  24. How about a complete overhaul of mf. Give the jeweler the ability to “give” any object a random mf prefix between 1-the items max value. This ability costs 100k gold per reroll, and u can reroll an item as many times as you want

  25. MF swapping is the symptom not the problem. People feel the need to MF swap because the items are boring and nothing drops. They are desperately trying to self medicate fixing the system. Keep the system how it is. MF is just like any other Affix. I have a slowly building MF/DPS set, that is the bloody fun about MF, not swapping it out. If people are skilled enough to do it then fine. This whole debate is just Blizzards method to get everyone talking about a insignificant issue so we don’t talk about the real problem with the game.

  26. The solution is to punch all the people who do this gear swap in the face. These gamers ruin *everything*.

  27. This is just a suggestion, say about it what you will.

    Remove +MF from items, no longer a possible affix.

    Instead, have an item drop from mobs that is basically “Click to permanently add 1% to Magic find”. How rare of a drop that will be, up to Blizz, but it will/should make people continue to kill mobs to find both better items and try to get more MF. No gear swap required, just kill more things.

    Would there need to be a MF cap? Perhaps, but what number is good? 100, 200, 450? Again, up to Blizz.

    NV should still be unchanged, as there has to be some reward once you get to 60.

    Just a thought.

  28. Its funny really, i dont find this MF issue as a problem, and they are not actually trying to “fix” it but rather “nerf” it because its feels like the players are “cheating the system” in which players have been doing since D2.

    If they want to avoid that,
    Then the system should detect if an additional MF in the players gear, and put a notice on the MF tab about when will the additional MF will apply and/or by restarting the game.

  29. Cross posted from that huge thread in blizzard’s forums:

    I like option 2, but I find it really doesn’t solve the problem, it mitigates it, keeping the idea of gear swapping instead of killing it in favor of making a choice between MF, survivabilty and damage.

    Slowly adjusting could be coupled with the idea of how skills function when changed in town or on the wild to generate a system that effectively makes gear swapping extremely hard and rare.

    Consider the following idea:

    – Swapping gear in town leads to the magic find rate slowly adjusting itself until it reaches the amount you have at the moment.

    – Swaping gear on the wild generates a no adjustment 3 minutes cooldown, the 3 minutes thing is great because it would encompass the enrage timer of bosses and champion / elite packs. after 3 minutes have gone by it slowly adjusts itself.

    In this system equipping an item that has less magic find than your current one would immediately lower the amount for you, no delay.

    This would allow those who want to change gear to do so, if they are on the hunt then they won’t get anything new for a while, but don’t need to stop and visit town if they don’t want to, but also it won’t allow them to quickly change gear and get better results.

    Furthermore this would make gear swapping for more MF impossible in a boss fight. Compared to the presented systems you get:

    – Unike system 1 you decide what your own cap for magic find based on how easy it is for you to change other stats for magic find.

    – Unlike system 2 alone this system makes midfight changes useless unless you can get a break to port to town, but even then you will get lowered results, as system 2 would.

    – Unlike system 3 you on’t get averages you get what you had and it goes to what you have now slowly. Furhtermore there is no snapshot of the past X minutes, you don’t enter or end a fight with a suboptimal gear. You play with it the entire encounter or you stick with a mixed gear set.

    – Unlike option 4 you don’t go worse than you are now, thus you don’t feel compelled to go to town or afk for a few minutes to start hunting again, you keep the pressure, the downtime is not imposed but decided by you.

    – Unlike system 5 you don’t get penalized heavily for finding an upgrade, you don’t need to ask people to farm more packs because you got lucky, you keep the pressure.

    The only way to make gear swapping effective in this system would be teleport to town before gear swapping and during a fight with an elite / champion (as boss fights don’t let you teleport to town).

    So in short:

    ** 3 Minute cooldown on the wild + slowly increase when no cooldown is present (it expires or you do the change in town). **

    – Pros: This system unites many of the advantages of the options presented: You can change gear whenever you want, the system doesn’t allow you to start or end a fight with a huge mf bonus to get an average or an immediate larger number of magic find. You don’t need to stop hunting or ask others to do what they might not want. You have a gearing game around fitting as much magic find as you can in your gear while the cap is defined by each character and player.

    – Cons: This system is not as easy to communicate in the character sheet as adjusting slowly alone would be , but is not anywhere close to how hard it can be for the other systems.

    I would suggest making the magic find value show a Cooldown and a timer, the tooltip would then state (your magic find value is currently X, it will slowly adjust in Y minutes (or seconds). To avoid this cooldown swap magic find gear in town). This would make the magic find value display: (1) a cooldown with a tooltip saying how much you have and how to avoid the cd; (2) a moving value witha tooltip explaining where your value will stop and that magic find changes do not take effect immediatelly; and (3) a fixed value with a tooltip saying swapping magic find gear will generate a CD or slowly adjust to a higher value, changing in town can avoid the cd.

    Just an idea, I hope you guys can make a better system, because none of the ones presented seem to give the issue a complete and simple enough take.

  30. I think a cap would be best. That way people can bring MF gea an use NV as they do now, but depending on how much gear youre stacking you may or may not need all 5 NV stacks.

  31. I’m am in no way a fan of adding a hard cap. There is already a cap in place due to the amount of gear you can equip and the amount of MF each piece of gear can have. Honestly, I don’t think this is even an issue other then when in a group you get stuck with your tanks swapping, and no longer being able to keep the mobs off of you. I rarely play with others because the quality of other players is VERY LOW, with misunderstanding of stats and whats worth stacking, and the levels of the items based on the character levels matches up horribly after 40. MAAAAAANNNNYYYY problems that are more worthy of being looked into than this one, so saying that they can focus on multiple things when they couldn’t even fully develop a game for launch doesn’t ring true with me.

  32. Solution remove all items from the game. Hence there will be no gear swapping Problem solved

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