Blizzard has added a gallery of ancient photos to their 20th year anniversary thing, and while the majority of the pics are from Irvine, a few clicks of Blizzard North and early Diablo II stuff slipped in as well. Fmulder harvested most of them in a forum thread, and you can see those below.

    Note the Diablo model; that’s an actual wearable costume made of foam rubber. They had a person inside it at some early press events, but the costume started to crack from use, so it was retired, had a female manikin stuffed inside it for stability, and spent the next few years standing (with a slight list to the port) in the lobby at Blizzard North’s old offices in San Mateo, where all visitors (including me, every time I visited the studio) were unable to refrain from posing with it.

    If you want more of these, check out the gallery Elly posted, featuring some shots we took at the Diablo II booth at E3 in 1999. Younger versions of Rush and Flux are visible in various shots. You should also enjoy the Diabloii.net Visit archive page, from the wiki. It’s all about our exclusive pre-beta weekend visit to BlizNorth in 2000, and there are a bunch of photos of the offices and employees on the Office Tour article, including the original D2 Battle.net servers (at the end of a hallway, near the TV/break room), Matt Uelmen‘s tiny sound studio, the (pre-D2) Blizzard North trophy case, and more.

    RIP Blizzard North, gone but not forgotten.

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