Blizzard Tweaking Diablo 3 Audio – Samples

As we all know Blizzard are still tweaking the game and these audio files in the new patch are a good example of how much attention to detail is being paid to every aspect of the game at this stage. Here are some samples of the Skeleton King dialogue and you can hear the differences between the old voice and the new one in patch #8.





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    37 thoughts on “Blizzard Tweaking Diablo 3 Audio – Samples

    1. I personally like the old one better. It has a brighter sound, which I think sounds more aggressive, but both have their good characteristics.

      • Bah, I think the old ones sound cheap — slapped together. I agree they’re brighter, but surely there’s a reason for the new EQ. I can guarantee the mix will be better in game. And they cut that cheap delay at the end.

        EDIT: Oh yeah, the new ones sound… creepy; true to the good ol’ Diablo. Old ones sound like some dude with a fancy voice changing toy.

    2. lol, a bunch of whining kids… everywhere… like my mother, she is very conservative too, doesnt like new things from the beginning and later on she won’t miss them.

      PS: blabla ur opinion blabla ok.

      • Because having an opinion is considered whining now?  I’m pretty sure you have awarded yourself with the most “whining” in any reply thus far.  Good job.

        People like the old one because it has a stronger undead/chaotic tone to it with a higher voice range that (at least in my opinion) is more terrifying.  While the new versions are much cleaner overall, easier to listen to, and fit better with the consistency of the original voices.  There is something to be said about each.

        Blahblabla u come on the internet to complain about opinions blablabla.

    3. Erh, the two new ones sounds like two whole separately monsters. The first one is a mumbling skeleton the other one is a shouting demon. Too much after-effect on the last one :S

    4. Sounds like they significantly trimmed the delay effect and cut the low end a bit. Maybe a different reverb effect on there now too, but the new one sounds “tighter.” I like it.

      • I’m torn. I think the old ones sound much better, however the new ones are slightly more in tune with his voice from Diablo 1, as you said, which would make them a better choice.
        Edit: though I do think the second of the new ones need improvement as it doesn’t quite sound like the same guy as the first of the new ones.

        Slightly offtopic:
        At the end of the clip, the Warrior says: “Rest well Leoric. I’ll find your son”.
        With Blizzard’s retcon now claiming the Warrior was actually Leorics second son, that line no longer makes much sense. Noone would speak like that if it was your own brother. That annoys me. Don’t mess with Diablo 1 and 2’s story like that. 🙁

        • So what if you’re playing a Rogue or Sorc? You kill Diablo with them but they clearly aren’t Aiden, so why should the Warrior you play be?
          From the moment The Wanderer was created it’s been clear that our D1 playing was a representation of the canon events, but not the actual events, for better or worse.

          • Agree with both of you… tragedy though it is, D1 has more or less become like WarCraft 1; unsupported, forgotten except for its thematic influence on future games and skeleton of a story.
            Still better than any other game studio. But we are diehards 😀

          • I agree, why should the Warrior be Aiden? He shouldn’t. But here we are.

            The Sorcerer became the Summoner in Diablo 2 and the Rogue became Blood Raven. Only the Warrior became the Wanderer.
            Yes, there are some inconsistensies there, as there pretty much had to be for Diablo 2 to be able to exist at all (otherwise they would have had to skip in time a bit and start D2 when Diablo had regained full control and just forget about whoever the human host was). But there was no need to retcon the Warrior into beeing Leorics second son. No need at all. They could have easily created a reason for Diablo to return without doing any retcons. The worldstone beeing destroyed to name one (noone knew what implications it would have), demons beeing immortal to name another (“Life, uh, finds a way” to quote Dr. Ian Malcolm).

            • Maybe there’s some significance to them all being the same family (Leoric, Aiden, Albrecht) that we don’t know about.

            • Radeonic:
              Yea I’m sure there is.
              There is a rumor going around that I’m sure is true (don’t wanna spoil for those who don’t wanna know it).
              But if it is true, I really don’t like it. I think it’s cheap.
              Plus, if that particular rumor is true, it would also cause problems for the possibility of other “likable” foes returning some day.
              Cryptic eh? 😉

    5. This is absolutely pointless change. If they are delaying the game for such things like this I am…dissapointed..

      • I think they are delaying the game for other issues, and its nice that they spend the idle time of the audio team going over things like this, as long as the game isnt coming out right now, polish away imo.

        But I think the biggest delay, despite what many think, is still 1. the rune system, and 2. Items are nowhere near as complete and diverse as they should be.  Graphics are dull at times, and stat allocation is just horribly boring and simple, and the +random to every item in the game was a cop-out.  I think they realized how dull and incomplete the lifeline of this game was, and decided for a major overhaul.

    6. Old ones sounded like they were from some cheap cartoon network show. I like the first one of the new ones, but I can’t stand the second one because of the writing. “You will never defeat me!!” I mean, cmon. They talk about polish all the time and still they keep a line like this. Confusing.

      • I heartily agree.  ESPECIALLY Leoric.. the guy has a story!  He went mad in his own kingdom, slaying people left and right to find his son.  There’s sorrow there, anger, insanity.  Huge disappointment with lines like this.

    7. So there is either the skeleton king in a box (new) or skeleton king in his throne room with ambiance… wonder which one I’m going to like lol.

    8. The first new one sounds like an improvement. I think both of the others could still be improved. The echo in them sounds off.

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