Blizzard Trademarks “The Dark Below” … for WoW?

News today that Blizzard has just filed a copyright for the title, “The Dark Below” for a computer game. There’s some “maybe it’s D3 Expansion!!?1!” theorizing, but the term seems clearly tied to the Warcraft world.

The Dark Below is a place inhabited by demons, devils and infernal creatures, from where some sorcerers take their power directly and sometimes have a patron beast to foster their magic.

I’m not a WoW player, and it would be an odd Blizzard expansion title as it’s not 3-4 words with an “of” in the middle, but the lore info seems promising. I’d rather head to hell than to Pandaland any day.

Since new trademarks and copyrights have to be publicly listed (that’s the whole point) fans have caught advance word of upcoming Blizzard titles in the past. Cataclysm, for instance. The filings can be obscured a bit by being filed through different company names, and that might be what Blizzard has done with whatever they’re going to call D3X, since we’ve not seen any likely leaks of likely titles for that, yet.

Note that DiabloWikiDiablo Salvation is a dead filing that Blizzard never publicly commented on, from back in 2002.

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22 thoughts on “Blizzard Trademarks “The Dark Below” … for WoW?

  1. Target audiences unable to cope with weapon slot swapping and attribute point allocation should not be unnecessarily confused by fancy titles.

    Diablo III: Add-On.

  2. Well, both The Burning Crusade and Cataclysm buck your \3-4 words with ‘of’ in the middle\ theory. In fact, of the 4, only every other one is an xxx of xxx title, and they alternated with different ones. With that in mind, we’re actually due for a non \xxx of xxx\ title.

    Not that I will play it. Actually stopping wow after patch 4.2 has made me happier. I had an almost constant sub since release, but once I stopped this time, I’m out.

    For Diablo 3, I’d opt for a “Diablo 3: Money Grab”. It fits the point well.

  3. Yup based on that being a term found in WoW lore It is probably a WoW expansion. It’s interesting though because if they announce a Diablo3 expansion in a week then don’t they need to trademark the name before they release the name of it

  4. I’d say it’s 90% WOWX5. “The Dark Below” just doesn’t fit the Diablo universe very well imo.

  5. Nah, they will use salvation for d3 expo, which will involve finding and rescuing leah. Assemble a nephalem artifact that cleanses the version of leah that is found. Also, leah now has dreadlocks.

  6. A sufficiently crappy title. The dark below? Sounds like what a 12 year old would name his epikkk fantasy game.

    So I could believe ACTIVISION Blizzard is using it for the expansion.
    D3:TDB, God so stupid…

  7. QUOTE

    I'd say it's 90% WOWX5. "The Dark Below" just doesn't fit the Diablo universe very well imo.

    Most of the people on the WoW sites I frequent says the same thing about this beeing a Diablo expansion because it doesn’t fit WoW.

    I hope this is a WoW expansion.

  8. I dunno which game this is for, but its interesting to look at the discussion it generated.

    On a major WoW website, news of this trademark has generated 27 pages and about 600 posts worth of discussion.

    On that websites diablo 3 sister fansite, it has generated 2 pages and 22 posts.

    Here, it has generated 11 posts.

    Diablo 3 discussion is pretty much DEAD.

    Is the D3 playerbase really that small to get get NO RESPONSE to this…anywhere on any d3 fansite??

  9. Here’s a fun but meaningless back-of-the-envelope calculation.

    1. WoW subs are at 7.5 million. 600 posts were generated about this trademark on that fansite.
    2. 7.5 million / 600 = 12,500. So every post is worth 12,500 active accounts let’s say (for the hell of it).
    3. The sister D3 fansite to the above mentioned fansite generated 22 posts about it. 22 x 12,500 = 275,000 currently active D3 players.

    Can’t possibly be right, but it is a bit scary, huh?

    • Horray!

      d3x_teaser-en-us.jpg is the name of the picture.

      Gamespot poster shared this:
      And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost
      as Justice falls upon the world of men.
      Valor shall turn to Wrath-
      and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
      Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all-
      as Fate lies shattered forever.

      The text on the teaser is from that, the Prophecy of the End Days, which is found in the Book of Cain. Each line refers to an Archangel’s aspect, except for Death. Malthael, former Archangel of Wisdom, who wandered off centuries ago and is ‘forever seeking answers to the unknowable mysteries of life and deathh’ is likely to return as Archangel of Death and be our Reaper of Souls

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