Our resident lore-and-all-things-obscure-guru Medievaldragon posted about a new registration by Blizzard on BlizzPlanet.com and WorldofWar.net. It seems kinda WoW-related, so might be nothing, but it’s actually worth reposting here. Read MD’s thoughts on it after the break. Is it the new MMO, the new game, or “just” a WoW expansion? Cataclysm is a name you should remember, regardless!

    This one really trails me off. It has pop into my long-range radar that Blizzard has trademarked Cataclysm. Based on the three trademarks using the same word, the details seem to describe a new game. The first one however is worded strangely like if it was a game platform similar to Battle.net, but it might merely refer to a de facto Game.

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