A few Blue post nuggets, including a follow-up to the Tooltip thread that was created a few days ago.

    To follow up on a couple of things that I said I would in this thread:

    We’re looking into adding a toggle option for Advanced/Simplified tooltips. We don’t know when or if this feature will make into the beta, but it is an option we want to include.

    We like Simplified tooltips being enabled by default, but agree that finding out how to view Advanced tooltips currently isn’t very clear. We don’t think it’s a bad idea to provide instructions through some sort of hint or loading screen tip and are considering adding something to that effect in the future.

    Simplified tooltips have been adopted in the Game Guide. For each class, Simplified tooltips will display on in the Active Skills page. Individual skill pages, though (ex: Bash), will display the Advanced tooltip.

    For those of you who love the sound of the original TP then this may please you, I too would love to hear the classic TP sound back.

    Can we have the original TP sound effect ?

    This is actually something we’re looking into. 🙂

    Finally a note for all Exocet font lovers. The Exocet font was the classic Diablo font and I have to agree with Blizzard on this, the font is quite spidery and it’s not easy to make stand out.

    Bring back Exocet font for Diablo 3!

    This font, while awesome, can be pretty difficult to read, especially against certain textures and colors. We’ve preserved its legacy in key places throughout the game, but ultimately we prefer a cleaner-looking font face for item names

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