Blizzard to Test New Battle.Net Voice Chat Next Week

We’re not sure whether this news is relevant to Diablo 3 yet but it’s worth pointing out to the Diablo community. Next week Blizzard will launch the beta test for their upcoming shooter Overwatch, and as part of that test they’ll be launching the first test version of Battle.Net Voice Chat.

Right now Blizzard are staying tight lipped about the future of the new voice chat system simply saying that “it’s too early to say which Blizzard games will be supported and when”. Based on the level of support the Diablo community currently receives from Blizzard don’t be surprised if Voice Chat does not appear for a long time, if at all.

There are no further details on the new voice chat system but we’ll find out more about how it functions when the Overwatch beta launches on the 27th.

Thanks PC Invasion.

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  1. Why are they devoting their time and resources to things like this. Who is making the calls in this company? I can't even…

    • How is it even remotely a bad use of resources for blizzard? Every game they make could potentially use this.

      • You're right, there's no other free-to-use programs out there that already do this… (not to mention, the ones that do exist will probably do a better job at the bnet version – e.g. did you know that SC2 has a VOIP app? A lot of people don't. Why? Because it's awful. Yes I know it sounds snarky to criticise a feature that they're offering for free, but when you consider that there are dozens of other improvements they could be doing with bnet e.g. how about the simplest of features like Appear Offline that people have been asking for for over 4 YEARS, which they still haven't done this. Yet they put time and money (that is limited) into something that couldn't possibly be an issue for anyone since there already exist MULTIPLE programs that do this.

        • The free voice programs you speak of, they’re actually not free to the people who pay the hosting fees. Blizzard would host the announced VOIP feature as part of their game and as such it would be free to the players to use. Obviously we would have to pay in other ways because nothing is free in this world.

        • No ones offers anything for free nowadays.

  2. Please fix lag and botting….nah   here is voice chat no one asked for….

  3. Voice chat is mandatory in WoW, Heroes, and team SC2. Looks like it'll be mandatory for Overwatch, too. If it actually works this time (unlike the first version of WoW voice chat), that'll be better than juggling Vent and Mumble servers depending on what guild or game you're playing. I bet the top of the 2-4 player GRift ladders use some voice chat.

  4. Vent and TS fo’ life!

  5. Be sure we will not see this in D3 and by the way there are so many problems in D3 they not will spent money even this game was the start of blizzard RIP

  6. 1. Vent/TS aren’t free (for the server owners).
    2. Games can have solid in game voice chat, (Counter-strike comes to mind)
    3. A VoIP in game that works as well as CSGOs would be great, consider you could join a low level WoW raid/instance and immediately have more coordination than just trying to type things out.

    Wouldn’t effect D3 much, as I rarely even type to people unless I know them.

    Just because you’ve never hosted a Vent/TS server, doesn’t mean it’s free, noob. 😛

  7. I use Mumble now for years and it’s quite nice (plus free!).

    I tried using a VOIP a handful of times for diablo3 but it’s pointless – yeah to chat and be casual with friends of course – but not needed for gameplay.

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