Blizzard to start RMAH Stresstest

As we reported earlier 100k beta invites were sent out to North America two weeks ago and with Balance all set up and done for North America last week, it seems that Blizzard is taking the stresstests to a new level. Starting this week they will put a lot of stress on the DiabloWikiRMAH to see if it holds up under the pressure.

We’ll be placing extra strain on the beta auction house every day this week from 10:00 a.m. PST until approximately 12:00 p.m. PST, to put the system through its paces. During this time there may be interruptions or loss in an ability to use the auction house. We’ll provide updates if there’s any extended downtime experienced or expected.

I would suggest that you don’t use the DiabloWikiRMAH during the stresstest just in case something goes wrong and you lose some of your DiabloWikiBobby Bucks and or items.

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47 thoughts on “Blizzard to start RMAH Stresstest

  1. I would suggest that you don’t use the RMAH during the stresstest just in case something goes wrong and you lose some of your Bobby Bucks and or items.

    Wut? Isn’t doing that exact thing the point of the beta? Someone needs their beta privileges stripped and transferred to someone more Diablo 3 success oriented.

  2. Why would you recommend peeps not to use the ah while its being stressed? Unless you are just being sarcastic 🙂

    If anything I would say everyone should do just the opposite. Regardless of how much we may dislike the idea of RMAH the sooner its operational the sooner we get our bloody game.

    Captcha : Flag Day (I swear at a first glance I was like ‘Fag Day’ !?) 

    PS : FIRTS!!!!!!!!!

    • It would be easier to stress test the AH if there was anything in the beta worth purchasing. I’ve only ever browsed the AH once, realized there was no search bar, then it was back to the game.

      • A search bar for an AH filled almost totally with items with random affixes and names? Derp? 😐

        • They could allow you to search by bonus, something like the ability to search for “lvl60, arcane name, maximum fury, 1.4 APS” would be awesome.

          • TBH they really should have lvl range and a collection of drop down boxes, IE arrange by  Str high to low VIT high to low etc. So you get items with highest STR in the level range first then if more than one item has the same STR value they are arranged by VIT etc.

        • yes, you want to be able to search for +damage or +life or whatever, but there MUST be search options or the AH will be total fail

        • “of the Lion”, “of the Eel”. Legendary and set items have specific names, as do crafting components, gems, and consumables. As it stands, the AH doesn’t function. The interface is the most awful I’ve ever seen in an online auction house.

          • Really, Risingred? Have you even seen SWTOR’s AH feature? It’s awful beyond usefulness. I’m sure D3s is better than that, at least.

          • No, I haven’t seen ToR’s auction house. I did beta test but I don’t think I ever got around to it.
            I don’t see how anything can be worse, in terms of functionality, than D3’s. Because it doesn’t function or do anything you need it to do. Even the manual player-ran auctions in Ultima Online were better.

            I do think the interface art looks very nice. It just doesn’t work beneath the buttons.

    • It seems Blizzard will be stress testing the RMAH with their own systems, and probably flooding the RMAH with requests for searches, purchases, etc. to simulate potential release day traffic. Well, that’s what I gather from the Blue’s post since they didn’t say “Beta testers will be stress testing the RMAH, so please login” or the like.
      At any rate, it seems the RMAH has reached a state nearing completion while the rune and skill system are still up in the air (of course they have been pretty much since day one). My guess is they delayed release for RMAH and BNet Balance development, hence the “since we have more time” message we seem to get from the dev team. They used the extra time a bit loosely, and are now in over their heads. Atleast they’ll be jumping big RMAH hurdle. Sign of release!

      • Yeah, they’re super loose, this dev team. Which is why this game has taken 10 years to make.

        However, skill and rune systems are NOT up in the air. They are probably done and dusted with. Bashiok said that well be getting info on them real soon. By this weekend, if some if his cryptic tweets are to be believed.

        • Wouldn’t it be funny if the next update from J would be like “It’s all good folks, release is in two weeks…we cut the rune system.”

          I would be happy with that. Fuck the runes fuck the AH fuck everything. Let us run the game to Inferno, spend a few months there looking for items, pvp a bit and see if we can kill the last boss naked. 

          Then you can patch in the mystic, the cryptic, and the runes.

          Captcha : Watch  Out 😀 😀 😀 Sign of me getting flamed ? I think so.

        • Pls show where you can read that between the lines about this weekend, sounds more like your own theory. All they said was that they would tells about new systems “within a couple of weeks”

        • Just FYI, this team hasn’t been developing D3 for 10 years, Blizz North was making D3 before they shut down, so it’s more like 5 years that they have been developing the game, it’s not THAT long when you want to make a quality game ( Naughty Dog has been developing their newest title for 5 years before they announced it a few months ago ). Just relax, we’ll get it sooner or later.

          • And why would you want the game sooner anyways? If D3 came out 2 years after D2, D2 wouldn’t become the legend it is now.

  3. How about an Auction House Interface that doesn’t look like it was put together in 30 minutes? The first time I used the AH and I thought to myself “with all the money and time they got, this is what they came up with?”.

    That piece of shit UI looks like it was made by a 10 year old.

  4. “I would suggest that you don’t use the RMAH during the stress test”

    doesn’t that kinda defeat the whole purpose of a stress test ?
    what’s the point of being in the beta if you’re not going to TEST the beta ?

    I really don’t understand Kaydee’s advice
    its not like anything you have in the beta matters anyway
    its all going to be wiped with the next patch
    so don’t listen to Kaydee !
    go ahead, STRESS the RMAH, give them good results so they can balance all the servers and fix all the bugs and get this game RELEASED !

  5. Everybody! Don’t beta test the AH during the stress test! – incgamers.

    Dumbest thing I ever heard… 

    • No… your post is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  Blizzard is warning of an INTERNAL stress test – a simulation that will slam the AH blades with thousands of auctions, bids, and sales per minute.  The RISK is that John Q. Betatester posts items at the same time and, as Kaydee warns, loses their Bobby bucks in a faulty transaction.  The AH stress test that Blizz is warning about will occur even if zero beta testers post an item.

      • Take a chill pill kid.

        Nowhere do they say it clearly, but it’s probably what they mean. You don’t have much to say about crap posts though, as you’re the author of many.

  6. “I would suggest that you don’t use the RMAHduring the stresstest just in case something goes wrong and you lose some of your Bobby Bucksand or items.”

    That is a sarcastic joke, right? Else you need to understand the meaning of beta and the responsibility of beta testers.

  7. It’s OK guys. Kaydee is new at front-page posting I guess. These things happen, no need to start flaming at incgamers…

    • I would refrain from using the words “soon” and “release” in any sentences relating to Blizzard and or its products.

  8. Give Europe the invites they deserve so we can stress it even more… Stresstest this, test that, patching there, rebalancing here.. and most of us Europeans haven’t even gotten the chance to log in.,

  9. wouldn’t this also mean that there won’t be patch 13 this week..? ;(
    maybe the skills & runes announcement then…

  10. I’m not sure how they went from the WoW auction house to this.  The WoW auction house has been battle tested for (I think) 7 years and has served as platform to move billions of sets of gear, pets, mounts, crafting items, etc…  Honestly, every time I go in the D3 AH I really just want to click the back button… it makes me want to run away IMMEDIATELY.
    My capcha was “murphy’s law”… could it have known I was talking about the AH?

    Seeing the latest entries in the above RMAH-beta bug reporting thread, I think the mass stress-test will give Blizz a lot of headaches in the coming weeks. Just look at them. Huge flaws still in the entire process.

    The more I dig & read into RMAH-issues, it feels like this function of D3 was one of the latest parts they started working on & totally miss judged the time it would take to develop it & make it work flawlessly. (Hence the continuous delays of release which give them at the same time more time to work on the skill & rune system)

    Blizzard sure got in over their heads with this one.
    Just to make a small comparison: Mass Effect 1 came out in 2008. Next month ME3 is coming out.
    ME games are a lot more complex and bigger then D3.

    Blizz announced D3 in 2008, almost 4 years later, still no release date and tons of bugs in the first part of act one.

    Just lol.

    • “ME games are a lot more complex and bigger then D3.”

      Which drugs have you been using??? Can I have some?

    • ME? Really. Why don’t you praise Fallout 3 while you are at it. 

      Captcha : generation X … just lol 🙂

    • So they should have just cut it out, due to performance concerns of actual models, right? I played through that demo about eight times yesterday and didn’t notice it.

      You have to have a healthy dose of fanboyism going to claim that Diablo III is “complex”.

      • You have to have a healthy dose of stupidity to claim that Diablo III is NOT complex. (compared to ME3)

        So balancing 5 classes, virtually hunderds of skill combinations, thousands of items, dificulty levels and drop rates isnt complicated NOOOO it takes virtually no effort at all….

        How the hell can you even compare a story driven single player game with a multiplayer hack & slash game??

        Im hardly a Blizz fanboy, and have been a vocal critic of the development of Diablo3 but D3 is infinitely more complex than ME3 and to claim otherwise is plain stupidity. Or intoxication. Or both.

      • Hah, oh the young, the naive, who think that D3 will have anything resembling balance at all upon release.

        What’s going on here, since I purposely did not mention D3’s complexity as a comparison to that of ME3, is people who simply want an outlet to attack a popular game they don’t like. I appreciate you taking the bait and proving my point. My point is that your only point is “LOL I DUN LIEK DAT GAEM” which is, like, 90% of all of the worthless posts on gaming sites and boards across the entire world.

        • You sir are a plain Troll. Where did I state that I dont like ME games or ME3?? I played and finished ME2 and quite liked it. That wont stop me from pointing out stupidity on these here forums. The only thing you have proven is that you have no judgement and common sense when it comes to this hobby.

  12. Hopefully this test will allow them to fix the “item & bucks gone” bug. Since it feels like a communication issue between rmah and client. And this serious bug has been there for much too long.

  13. I’d be interested in knowing just how many “Diablo only” folks are in the beta, compared to those who threw money at WoW or SC2.  I know it doesn’t do me much good to bitch, but I am disappointed to not be in this beta yet. 

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