A fan complained about the legendary beam shining from Greater Rift Trial keys, and got a blue reply. Blizzard to remove the Legendary “Beam of Disappointment”

    The “Beam of Disappointment”

    Why is there a legendary beam for the greater rift trial key?

    If you are running T4 or higher you have an 80% chance or better of getting the trial key to drop. It’s getting to the point where I am annoyed by the beam that appears, like false hope for a legendary, but more like, “Oh… wow… another Grift key”

    Why not just have it drop and have the brown text like forgotten souls, vital organs, and hellfire keys instead of a “legendary beam” and a star to indicate it on the map. Just seems a bit pointless especially with the frequency they drop in higher torments.
    Travis Day: Yeah Blizz should totally pull those beams so they stop trolling me. Someone should do something about this!

    *Removes the beam in a future patch*

    Wait… Do these damn trial keys count as a legendary drop taking away USEFUL drops from rift bosses?
    Travis Day: The keys are not part of the legendary drop table, they are entirely separate entries in the table and have no impact of any kind on whether or not you will get legendary items.

    Also I’ll be removing the beam from the keys in a future patch.

    Plans used to beam.

    Plans used to beam.

    If you recall, the beams initially shone from everything orange and green when dropped on the ground. Legendary reagents like the Black Mushroom and Leoric’s Rib that you need for DiabloWikiWhimsyshire. All the other crafting DiabloWikilegendary materials (now removed). All the legendary and set item plans. The special legendary virtual pet objects and dye colors that come with the Collector’s Editions. Etc.

    So Blizzard has been steadily removing beams of disappointment, or at least beams of distraction, for some time now. That light which shines least, shines brightest? (Ironically, the “beam of disappointment” was what my first wife called our bedroom nightlight. And it too was removed.}

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