Blizzard Tidbits and More Socketing and Item Concerns

A few quick hits from DiabloWikiBashiok and DiabloWikiJay Wilson on various game issues, from their Twitters and forums.

Hey Mr.Wilson,just askin,why didn’t you guys give the DiabloWikibosses more/new attacks in the harder difficulties? Would’ve been cool. –@Mortanis1
we’ve found you can only add a set number of abilities to a boss. Too many and not all get used. Feels broken and poorly tuned. –Jay Wilson

Where are the hardcore DiabloWikibanner customizations that have been shown for years?
Are you referring to the bases? –Bashiok
They were cut. We didn’t like the look of them in main menus and couldn’t see them well in the game. –Jay Wilson

Strength 628, Vitality 294, using Frenzy, Cleave, Fevenge, Seismic, Battlerage, Earthquake. Passives: Superstion, Nerves, Tough as nails –CodySarauer
Your Vit is too low. Split with strength. You’re not getting benefits of NoS as well as too low health. you also have three AoE skills and no control or defense skills. Ground stomp, ignore pain, warcry, etc. –Jay Wilson

One issue that’s come up in forums and even in reader emails is that Diablo 3 sometimes defaults you to a different region than you wish. If you load up D3 and suddenly you’ve got no characters, check the server setting to be sure you’re on Asia/US/Europe as you meant to be. It’s ironic that “people accidentally making single player characters” was one of their excuses for removing SP/LAN from D3, and yet there’s no check box or verification of any kind before you join a different realm.

This is a known issue due to how the system tries to spread load out over the many game servers. It’s actually doing a great job of putting less strain on the service, but it can result in games with only 2 players. We have some tweaking to do.

In addition to the “why are the only useful high-level item mods +damage or +attributes?” question Azzure got into this morning, I’ve also seen a lot of fan complaints about the way socketing is handled. Since the Jeweler lost his ability to add a socket shortly before release, the sockets you find on items are all you’re going to get, and this has created two fields of complaint, which sometimes overlap:

1) Any item that spawns without a DiabloWikisocket (or 2 or 3) feels useless, compared to items that do have such bonuses. (Note that sockets in an item are granted by an affix, so there *should* be fewer other useful bonuses, but with the variable number of affixes on rares, that’s not necessarily going to be evident.)

2) The bonuses from high level gems are way too low compared to the massive +attribute bonuses you can get from affixes.

Bashiok touched on both of those issues in a longish thread on the forums. Click through to read it and some more item quality/variety debate.

Thread can be seen here:

Thanks for making DiabloWikigems near useless. You made sockets take up 1 affix and no way to add sockets with DiabloWikiartisans. Then you cleverly added affixes on items that add 100+ of a single stat while gems at their best add half that. Go ahead and call me wrong fanbois. But in 2 months you’ll see that I spoke the truth. Keep reducing the “complexity” of the game, cause that’s OBVIOUSLY what made diablo 2 such a success.
Bashiok: As items can’t roll two of the same stat (although hybrid affixes can overlap) a socket allows you to stack more of a specific stat. So even if you reach the upper limit of a specific stat on an item, with a socket you can overcome that limitation. Want to really stack VIT? Even if you’re hitting an upper limit of just straight affixes rolling on an item, you can add more VIT if the item has sockets.

Oh… and regardless of how many sockets you have, it only counts as a single affix. If an item rolls up 2 or 3 sockets, that still only accounts for a single affix spot on the item. An item rolling up sockets can absolutely be better than affixes.

Forgive me for the question (I’m not familiar very much with the Diablo Series), but how does that work with putting different gems in the sockets, such as 2 Dex and 1 Vit? How does it treat all three sockets as one affix if there are two different gems in it?
Bashiok: You are! 🙂 So items will have an affix limit. Like “a rare of this level can only roll up 4 affixes max”. Gem sockets, regardless of how many, only account for one of those 4 affixes. (in this hypothetical situation in which this particular rare is limited to 4) So this item rolls up +MF, and they’re boots so +movement speed, and +Int and then also rolls two gem sockets. So that’s the 4 affix limit.

I’ve found rings and amulets with no stats, the only “stat” that rolled on it was socketed, so… it’s just a blank socketed ring/ammy. Previously, this would not have been the case, it would have had some stat, and I could have chosen to socket it as well, :(.
Bashiok: Yup. Not every item will be great. Some will be downright awful. Better kill more demons. 🙂

If gets werent in the game, it wouldnt even matter, all they do is add +stats which is directly related to gear, and gear can have like +200 of that stat
Bashiok: I guess I’ll just repeat myself. Gems allow you stack that stat potentially 100-150 higher than would otherwise be possible.

This thought did cross my mind. After a while…long while…everyone will have the max level gems they need. They’ll be able to just recycle and swap them with the gear they have. Are there any plans to make “gem sinks” or is the cost to remove Radiant gems greater than I realize?
Bashiok: The cost is great, but … it’s still possible it’ll happen a long enough time from now. We’re not too concerned with coming up with a solution just yet. We want the system out there, see how quickly people are acquiring gems, and then see what (if anything) we need to do to provide some fun solutions.

If it comes to that I guess Blizzard can just add “gem dust” (salvaged from Gems, obviously) to crafting recipes, thus providing a Gem sink.
Bashiok: We actually had that at one point, but higher end gems are so difficult to create it felt pretty punishing to make that decision. “You worked for months making that gem, now destroy it!” But maybe it’ll make more sense later when gems are a bit more common.

How are sockets useful … if you can roll in a single stat affix, more stat than all 3 gems combined ? Great … 3 SOCKETS …. er wait … I could have had +180 to Int instead … crap.
Bashiok:I’m not sure if it is, I’d have to find out the max stats, but again, that’s discounting the point of customizing your stats as well as stacking.

Say you got the +180 Int, if you have sockets you can raise that to 300+ which is not otherwise possible with just affixes.

How are you guys liking Diablo 3’s item system so far? I haven’t had enough play time, especially with just one character, to get into the DiabloWikiEnd Game, but but the early and mid-level progression seems pretty good. There’s almost always a slightly better weapon or armor option coming up, and it’s fun to keep upgrading my char and feeling like I’m being rewarded for picking up blues and checking the Smith’s recipes as I level up.

Like other people, I’m disappointed in D3’s uniques and sets, though. I miss finding those in the early game (my highest level char is 33, others are in the 20s, and I’ve yet to find a single green or orange item). Your character found them regularly in D1 and D2 — maybe half a dozen per act in D2C/D2X even without any Magic Find — and even though most of the low and mid-level sets and uniques weren’t any good, they were at least different and special, often with specialization to some type, and/or with mods that you could not get on a rare or magical item.

I think the excessive scarcity of such items in D3 is part of what has so many fans complaining about the blah stats on legendaries, since when you finally get one, you expect it to be damn special. And most of the time they’re not.

The lack of interesting variety in item stats (and gem socket bonuses) is going to be a growing problem as well, I’m afraid. Kind of what Azzure talked about in his big post this morning, but when the only mods you’re looking for past about level 30+ are +damage and +attributes, that’s boring.

Obviously we don’t know the items that well yet, and obviously the devs left a lot of item complexity out of D3C to make it “accessible” and to give them room to grow in the expansion(s), and obviously D2’s item system wasn’t perfect (and we’re all thinking of D2X after many patches, while D2C was much more simple)… but remember all the Diablo 2 Special Modifiers that added things like absorbs damage, life/mana leech, critical hit, crushing blow, open wounds, etc? There was great variety in their mods, and their scarcity (none could be found on magical or rare items) made them really fun.

Has Diablo 3 failed to include such interesting possibilities? Is that a problem? Most fans seem to think so, with numerous threads like this one popping up.

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60 thoughts on “Blizzard Tidbits and More Socketing and Item Concerns

  1. Items are utterly dull right now. The number of affixes that matter right now is miniscule. DPS and VIT are almost all of your items. The choices are so dull I got to the point where gems just felt like a chore I hard to slog through. Needs MAJOR improvement.

  2. See guys items are not broken to get the best item you need to roll a rare with perfect stats including a socket affix.
    Then you need that socket to roll a 3 if it hits less then 3 sockets then your item is shit, enjoy.

  3. So far it’s been pretty fun finding items, crafting is sort of a crap-shoot so I tend to stack MF and look for items out in the field – they drop more often than you can craft and are often better.

    Sockets are okay but don’t always make the item better.  

  4. I made it to level 53 as a wizard in hardcore with the soul intention of clearing inferno so i could rock some tal rasha set pieces. Then i watched a stream on the main page of team no life clearing inferno on softcore only to realize it’s just a giant garbage corpse hop fest. Which instantly ruined the game for me knowing that hardcore end game does not and will not exist with out major patching. At least i still have a 53 wizard alive to play if blizzard ever decides to take the game out of beta phase.
    Diablo 3 in my eyes, as of right now is a huge flop.  Oh one last thing. I wish they would give me a shot to help develop the game first hand. I could walk in and slap my male genitalia on the key board, hit enter and have successfully developed a game better than Diablo 3. 
    Fire Jay Wilson.

    • I feel similarly. I’m at level 56 in HC / Hell and progressing through slowly but steadily.

      I just watched some inferno streams and saw the mob HPs vs. the damage they kick out and, as a baba, know they’re is no chance any HC players are going to get through it any time soon.

      In one of the vids, the barb was literally just there for shouts. When he did go near the mobs, he’d get 1 or 2 shot.


      • Fans ask for insane, brutal difficulty. Fans get insane, brutal difficulty. Fans complain about insane, brutal difficulty.

        • To be honest it’s mostly as a barb that I’m saying that, with other, mainly ranged classes, seemingly having a much easier time of things.

          It’s not simply the ‘difficulty’ – which, remembering this game is essentially a spreadsheet, revolves around gear, not player skill – that is bothering me.

          • Barbarian having a trouble? Well yes if people only look for VIT items or highest DPS. Game is all about items and having right stats at correct level. Granted I’m not Inferno ACT2 where most people are complaining, but in hell (lev 57) I can solo pretty much any elite/champion pack without danger and sometimes done two packs at same time.

        • Brutal difficulty =/= you get two shot regardless of which class you pick. That just makes every strategy except kiting useless and therefore makes all classes that don’t have kiting as their main playstyle useless. I don’t think the fans had a game in mind where melee is not viable regardless of gear.

          • And if a Jailer or another disabler mob turns up well it might as well be a one shot kill.

    • Inferno is not meant for HC really so your endgame is hell. Had to be done for SC to be challenging.

      Also Hell can drop tal rasha. Everything that drops in inferno can drop in hell. 

  5. I think crafting would be better if you had to, or if there was an optional way, to supply the base item for the BS to work on. That’d make people pay an interest to white items. Often I find lots of high-level white items hours before I see a single magical one of the same type, which is annoying.

  6. Crafting needs serious work.  I am dirt poor (from having to pour money down Haedrig’s throat to gain these recipes) and he wants 10K friggin gold just to roll a rare belt?
    Also, item stats need work too.  Once I realized I keep entering the exact same +stat mods in the AH when searching for gear, then I realized that all these stats are crap.  What they probably should have done is WOW’s model:  All items have your vitality and primary stat on it.  The attributes they roll otherwise are the rest, such as attack speed, crit chance, etc.

    • And your point is? Crafting is a gold sink. What’s wrong with paying 10k per reroll? It’s a game of chance.

      When you go into a casino and loose 10k hoping to win…do you go up to the floor manager and complain that you did not win? 

      • The problem for me is that I can hop on the AH and find an item with the exact stats I want for half the price it costs me to even roll randomly. Sure there’s always the chance you could roll something even more amazing if you craft yourself, but how much is that going to cost you?

        I much prefer finding/crafting my own items, but every time I browse the AH it pains me a little knowing that for under 100k I could upgrade every single piece of armor I’m using. And it’s only going to get cheaper as time goes on and the market becomes more and more flooded with items.

  7. They could have made it possible to beat with out dying and still managed to keep it insanely hard. Nice try though. Go play your softcore now little boy.

    • How do you know it’s not possible to beat without dying? Not even one week in and people want the items, knowledge, and skill to beat the hardest difficulty without dying. But it should still be hard, somehow.

      • Everyone I’ve heard from who is doing Inferno for real, e.g. not rushing through and chainrezing bosses like the runner did, finds it very difficult and very challenging. It’s not constant death, but you need at least 2 or 3 defensive skills and you may have to retreat quite a bit from some fights, use clever strategy, etc. No one I’ve talked to seems real unhappy with it, at least.

        • I entered inferno yesterday with my monk. It’s brutal.

          White minions [zombies a1] smack you for 10-15k. if there are more of them or faster you’re toasted unless you got some KB [i use sweeping armada rune on monk]. 

          I play it legit, not corpse running or avoiding packs. Champ packs are BRUTAL.

          Some monsters have in-built stuff. Like Hulking Phaesebeasts got teleport and reduce armor by 50% when they hit you.

          Now make 1 rare hulking phaesebeast with minions and give it: HORDE, Untouchable Minions, Vortex, Arcane Enchanted.

          GG ever killing it. 

  8. It’s that fine line; if you add some weird unique affix (like oskills, auras, curses on hit, crushing blow, etc) that can literally break the game, then that’s bad. Nobody wants Enigma to come back.

    • ^ Agree need to avoid it becoming everyone need Enigma type skill in the game.

    • I’ll take Enigma over the lackluster items that D3 is currently offering any day.

  9. Caco, bad example. Two reasons. You don’t have but a few skill slots. And the cd on teleport with out a rune is incredibly long. Bring enigma back, it’s not going to break anything.

    • Enigma was the worst thing what could happen to D2…. teleport needed balacing .. we know it..yet they decide it will be fun when everyone will have one.. 

      They promised this wont happen again and I hope they will stick to this promise. 

    • D3’s teleport isn’t a method of transportation. The cooldown is fine for its role as a defensive ability.

    • Man I dont know what your smoking but ill take two because i sure AS HELL don’t want to see freaking enigma back… Imagine this teleporting demon hunters what are you guna do now? Oh wait its a teleporting barb BAM demon hunter is dead….. Or say another example oh hey LOOKY THEIR its lets teleport past the normal mobs and all this crap cuz 95% of these guys wont drop me anything to look over lets just right on just teleport to the elite mobs kill them frantically pick up the items that drop and get the hell outa dodge. Or have you forgetten what enigma did to D2?

  10. I do agree about some item complaints so far. I guess we need more interesting modifiers. What happened to 20% chance to cast a frost nova, and such stuff? Haven’t seen anything like that so far.  

    • That be fine as long as it weakens the item a somehow compared to others IE it need to count as 2 affixes or something though to balance it out IMO. Other wise it need to be so weak you might as well not bother.

  11. Let’s face it the game “Hack, slash, loot” has better development than Diablo 3. I’m actually excited about Torchlight 2 after playing D3.

    • Hmm I been playing Torchlight 2 beta and its nothing special, to me its all the stuff everyone complained about in D3 in the early days but with attributes and skill points. Also the items suck just like torchlight 1.

  12. I think its easy to overlook the extra info that we have now though. Like how we are actually told how bleeding like effects work unlike D2 where you where just told ‘open wounds’, like that helped making a decision. Gems will be the only way to really tweak an new character imo, I am convinced that using the highest ruby in a helm early game will be hugely advantageous over pretty much everything else.
    I also feel like I ran into a wall when I reached hell which is exactly the same as hitting hell in D2. I don’t want to even think about inferno. I can also see a clear line running through the center of the D3 community, there will be the players that use auction house and those that dont. The difference will be insane, crazy and unbelievable.
    I am also concerned that blizzard will guide the games changes in terms of patches & expansion based on auction house players only since they got my money now I can just fuck off. 👿 Quite frankly I enjoyed myself playing Dungeon Defenders more that D3 as the loot in that game seemed more progressive. D3 feels like my hand is being guided all the way through the game as well – its overly structured. I think this has something to do with the total removal of Builds.
    The extreme lack of drop per se in the game is DISGUSTING!!!! Running around forever killing 30 monsters for maybe 150 gp an extreme shit suck. I don’t think this game is worth more than $19 tops. This game’s itemization is probably worse than Diablo 1, and I seriously mean that. Its the worst Diablo of all 3. Btw, after a week of playing this game I gave my pro review of this game on metacritic, zero. Thank you Jay you Lying Asshole Fuckface!!! Yes, sack to cock!!!

  13. Fire Jay Wilson. Old people should have no place in developing games. Bring in some new talent, fresh ideas. Idea’s that aren’t corrupted by a staff who created nightelfs and pandas. Or buy runic games which is essentially blizzard north, the original creators of diablo. If they do this, maybe runic games can fix this sloppy cluster eff of a full game beta they released.
    And fire Jay Wilson please.
    And Bashiok, he’s too much of a politician.  Fire him also. Send them packing from anything in the game industry please.
    Fire them. I might have to start up a poll. “Should Jay Wilson resign?”

    • Says to bring in “new talent, fresh ideas.” Suggest hiring old talent of Diablo II. (also suggest firing anyone that tells him anything about the game)

    • Very mature. You have no idea what you are talking about.

      Runic is made of people that did not manage to get on the Blizzard Express and decided to go and do their thing. More power to them.

      Make no mistake son, d3 is a beast and its out. IMO runic would sell their souls to be where Jay’s team is now. Runic can not compete with blizz head to head anymore than a Japanese web browser MMO can compete with WoW.

      D3 set the bar and its way up there. Fine it has problems but who gives a shit. “OMG OMG azurewrath is not as awesome as i thought it would be.” So? No one said it would be.
      “But it’s orange…I WANT ALL ORANGE ITEMS!” So? I want to have a three-way.

      All this bickering is pointless…just enjoy the bloody game.

      In the last decade from the hundreds of games i played there are only 4 that I can honestly say i enjoyed like i used to enjoy playing Dangerous Dave back in the day. HalLife 2, Portal 1/2, SC2 and Diablo 3.

      PS: I know a guy who only plays one game and considers it to be the only fun game ever made. Flight Simulator. Go figure.


  14. Flux, I agree with you for the most part but I still feel like an infant. I have this feeling that blizzard is trying to guide me in some way and I am following but I am not yet sure where I am going…
    What I mean is what you stated – there’s always some new item to look forward to, whether from drops or crafting. Leveling your artisans is fun and working towards that ultimate gem gives it that lifelong goal feeling.

    Yes, there are less modifiers and I do find myself mostly focused on Vit and DPS (lvl ~33 barb). BUT, what I think nobody has really explored is the COMBINATIONS of different stats with skills and the type of play. It seems that with the skill system, Blizzard created a huge amount of combinations. Add to that Item stats and you’ve got even MORE possibilities. I believe it might be premature to simply judge “meh, this is not enough”. Yes, it’s less variety, but that’s not a bad thing if most of it is a USEFUL variety.

    I often find myself thinking “well, this item gives me this, which kinda sucks with my current build, but what if I use these skills…hmmm…then it’s kinda beneficial”. 

    General simple case in point  – if you’re focusing on dmg reduction, do you really care for high vit? Sure, you could, but you can forfeit all this extra life in place of faster killing as you’ll be taking less dmg overall.

    I just get the feeling that Jay was trying to get rid of the fun but not so useful stuff and focus on a core of several elements that really make a difference and at the same time reduce complexity.

    Again, this is of course a point of view and we have many habits back from D2 so it’s hard to adjust. I just feel like not enough has been explored yet.
    At least now I don’t feel bad for socketing low level gems because:
    a) I know I won’t  have the best level of gem for a looooong time
    b) I can re-socket

    Was disappointed by not fiding a Legendary throughout the whole Normal playthrough. In this regard, I think they made a small mistake. Jay seems to often mention the “reward” and “fun” factors a lot. Well, finding a Unique in D2 was really rewarding AND fun. Yes, we know that in terms of practicality a rare could be better than a Legendary item, but it’s about the psychological factor. Given two items with the same stats, most people will feel better if one of them is some named/legendary item rather than just a rare item.

    Choices choices… 


    • Yeah the legendaries are to rare for the games good IMO given that you hardly ever see one and from what I have seen when you do get them you already had a rare that about as good as it is already.

  15. Blizzard is clearly holding back features for the expansion even if they are done and ready.

    Banner system (design aspects), realistic elemental effects on weapons (as shown in first barb gameplay trailer), socketing, enchanting, ingame player to player trading features > aka item exchange between players….the list can continue.

    This is just my opinion…

    • the problem is, to me it doesn’t all seem so clear-cut. Yes, you could argue that they’re just greedy and lazy for holding stuff back. But then some of the stuff was all done and ready (mystic?) – why wouldn’t they just leave it. They bring a lot of good points for removing stuff/not including it. That whole idea of adding sockets – yeah, Jay’s right, whenever you’d find a new item you’d TP to town, add socket and gem – tedious.

      I think they really do some of the stuff to enhance the experience and not just for financial reasons. I don’t believe the only mechanics in the xpack will be the Mystic, item socketing (if even) and, oh I don’t know, what else did they remove?

      • Well…you are right…but it does not feel forced to full potential atm. I enjoy the game alot…and the skill combinations part is amazingly complex in my opinion..but something feels just a bit “out of tune” that’s all 🙂
        On the other hand your point regarding  refining edges, “removing excess to reveal the dimond” theory seems right from some perspective. In fact it is a lot better then adding tons to make it better – more is not better…They kind of risk it taking the hard way…but I think it will pay off eventually.
        So…yeah…I agree:)

        A Recommend from me. 

  16. So far having really fun times with baba, level 58 and act3 hell.

    This socketing taking only 1 affix is good info, but needs 3 socket roll and cost of gems is high. In helmets 1 socket is required or almost any without it is complete waste (no % life from gem for eg).

    Magic item affix for dmg is too good and too common. Someone compare it to D2 cruel weapon with 40 ias, but those were really rare. Seeing that inferno is really hard when moster level increases from act2, I would increase all legendaries stats. With this rarety quite much actually.

    Boss loot drops could use some tuning before level 60 and 5 stacked buff. Giving first time drop bonus also nm and hell would be a good thing.

    Regarding crafting they should add more plans and makes no sense if all good plans drop only inferno when you would need those items to be able farm inferno. Add chance Hell drop all or most plans.

    Overall rare items and elite/champion moster fights are really good and fun. Some item tuning and maybe adding new legendaries and game is near perfect.

  17. So,I have played the game for 5 days only, but I have to say,I’m not impressed of items design at all.All I see useful in the game now is Vit+ main stat(depends of the hero you play).Quivers suck completely+ rings and necks.I have 5 chars(1 of each class),and I haven’t found single legendary yet.All of my characters are above lvl 20.In Diablo 2 it was completely impossible to happen.But it seems I don’t need any legendary,because they are absolute garbage for now.
    I have only 1 question to Blizz designers:What happen with your plans to make Diablo3 great game for next decade?I mean,it is impossible with such poor item system.Before release you explained to the fans,that we need months to collect great items before we can finish end game difficulty lvls.But I just don’t get it.I really don’t understand your logic after we can just find stupid blue items which are billions everywhere,and it seems they are good enough(and much better than very/ultra rare legendaries).So we can do that for 3/4 days max, and what will happen after that??? It seems we dont need legendary items in our equipment,so what is your suggestion?
     Farm for 3/4 days with every class on Hell/Inferno,collect some Godlike Blue items,finish the game and quit after 20/30 days and looking for other game to play?? So,all these years of waiting,to see such crap game design???
    I am very disappointed!!! 

  18. Most of you arent impressed probably cause you think you need 2 stats with 100+  on an item, or because there is 1 defensive and 1 offensive “best” affixes – wrong. Vitality is not always the best defensive stat, and nor is str/dex/int the best offensive one.

    Inferno items have up to 6 affixes (apart from crafted armor with 4). I still find affixes i havent seen drop before, so the search for items is actually quite fun for me. 

    Only thing that sucks is that set/legendaries will be worthless in the end.

  19. I do miss finding sets/uniques in Normal. It’s a bit of slog through normal, I have done it with 4 of the classes so far and found one Legendary. On my very first playthrough of HC D2 classic my Sorc kicked a barrel in one of the crypts around Bloodraven there and found Arctic Furs. It was a huge upgrade for me at the time and I still remember it. By the time I found this Legendary, my rare or magic rings were already surpassing it, but that was the case with a lot of the uniques in D2 once LoD hit anyway.

  20. Items are fine. Good stats and bad stats make for good and bad items. The problem is item stats boil down to math as to what’s better, so there’s no need to make it overly complex. Get an item with VIT + your primary stat. Add + DMG, attack speed, critical damage, crit chance, +%life, or resists to it and it becomes good. I don’t see what the problem is.

    As for legendaries. I have a 56, a 15 and a 25 and still haven’t seen one drop. I’ve done way too much salvaging of normal and nightmare items and have an excess of materials that I don’t see myself ever using (and don’t sell well in the current economy), and I’m very hurt for gold.

    Also, Hell is hard. I’m enjoying it and looking forward to Inferno, it’s a lot of fun, but it’s hard 🙂 

  21. I have 50 hrs into the game with 1 character, and found 1 legendary sword. I am not going to say where I am in the game, because I am sure most would be further along than me. I have explored every area of every map, and took the time to check out some off the scenery. But, I thought at this point I would have a few legendary items. I kinda thought the same thing about the stats on the legendary items being lackluster. Hopefully an expansion will bring something better. I looked at the stats for Tal Rasha’s set and they looked pretty good, but will probably take forever to find.

    I have read alot of posts about things people don’t like.  I am pretty happy about everything this far, it’s not perfect, but I can live with it. I do think Act 4 was really short. I know it was short in D2, but it wasn’t that short. I guess that battle with Diablo’s shadow makes up for it.

  22. I hate D3’s item system.  One, it reminds me of Hellgate London where there were only two affixes that mattered, +all attributes and +armor.  Here it’s just +damage and +attributes.  Two, Act Boss drops are terrible, and I’m not talking about repeated runs, I’m talking about 1st boss kills to move to the next Act.  Even if you are lucky and get 2 or 3 rares in the drop, the items are always below your level and useless.  In other words, what I’m wearing is always better than what the Act bosses drop.  Three, I don’t particularly care for all the set items being end-game; most of the legendaries being end-game.  On the ride to level 60, 99% of the drops are gray (damaged), white, and blue.  Where is the fun in that, especially when the gray and white items have no use and when you do manage to hit the lottery and find a legendary, the legendary sucks?

  23. Items are better than I feared (like wow) but worse than I hoped (like D2). The new stats system and item affixes means that ideal gear for everyone is something that has a primary stat + vita + w.e else after that. That’s all everyone is stacking it seems… Also the fact that now everyone can use every piece of gear (in D2 everything had str/dex requirements you could try to reach or not) is really dull too.

  24. Reading this is depressing me because I find I mostly agree with the criticisms. The item affixes are less fun and interesting, with less variety than LoD. I’ve played D3 for upwards of 40-50 hours, completed Normal and through the SK in Nightmare, and not seen a single legendary or set item. The SK’s first-kill drop on Nightmare was terrible (2 low level blues and several whites). A lot of the cool stuff like legendaries seems reserved for late-endgame content, which is too hard for most players and too hard for you to really enjoy the sweet gear because it only allows you to \survive\ rather than kick butt. I may not even bother with Inferno, based on what I’ve heard. When playing D2, it wasn’t uncommon for me to find a unique sword or something and then use it for an entire act of the game because I liked it so much, the uniques had character and fun affixes. That was in Normal difficulty. The items in D3 in general don’t have much character or personality, at least in the low difficulties. That’s depressing.

  25. I agree items are pretty dull right now.  In fact I thought it was because the community thought they were dull is why they pulled the legendary stats from their main page for awhile…then they went back up with basically the same boring stuff.  There’s a twofold problem here.

    1.  The flashy/unique affixes like +crit, +crit damage, bleed over time, stuns, etc have such ridiculously low ceilings compared to boring bread and butter stats.  I’m in Act 3 nightmare right now and I’ll see items drop that do +20-40 elemental damage.  It’s also when I first started seeing bleed on items…which was set at 5-10 damage.  …not only that, it was a 15% chance for 5-10 damage.  Why would I ever want that over the guaranteed elemental damage which is far higher?  Blizzard needs to roll the dice and let their unique and flashy affixes reach *WAY* higher ceilings even outta the gate.  If the bleed was suddenly 200-300 damage over 5 seconds?  It gets a lot sexier.  If those 1% chance to crit became something more like 5 or 10%?  They get competitive with boring stats…and more exciting.

    2. New affixes players haven’t seen.  There’s been a lot of good ARPG’s since D2 and a chance to stun just isn’t something new anymore.  Between games like Titan Quest, Torchlight and even Borderlands we’ve seen a lot of that and even more.  Blizzard played it way too safe on the affixes and their unique items have no unique affixes to make them stand out.  Hell Titan Quest had items that would grant you completely unique abilities.  These stood out in a major way.  

    If you wanna make loot exciting, you need to make exciting affixes beyond bread and butter stats, and you need to be willing to make these affixes so powerful that they exceed the desire for the boring, but most effective stats in the game.  The glory of the game being mostly PvE and not PvP centric is you can upset the balance a bit in favor of fun.  You don’t wanna trivialize the game, but adding stuff in there that really makes someone feel badass is part of the fun of a game like this.  

  26. Items need a lot of work.
    -1 Hand blues are far better than legendaries. Rares being better with multiple perfect stats is ok but blues being the best just because it got ONE great damage modiier, is a huge issue.
    -They need to increase the strength of other affixes. Things like life on hit and life steal. Damn I have 45K health, ennemies in A2 inferno hit me at 20K and life on hit items give 150 or 3% life steal is roughly equal to 600 health. That is a lot of hits required to make up for an ennemy hit -.-

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