Blizzard Theme Park Contest Deadline Approaching

Blizzard asked us to remind you guys that the deadline to enter their Design a Blizzard Theme Park contest is approaching. The contest has some very nice prizes and there are 4 winners, one for incorporating all the games, and 1 each for focusing on the Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft universes. No Lost Vikings, alas, though you might win some bonus points for working that into the overall theme park concept? If you’ve thought about entering, you’ve still got time; the deadline is a week away, on March 30th. Good luck.

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1 thought on “Blizzard Theme Park Contest Deadline Approaching

  1. Hellgate would have done better if they waited to release it.

    Too many companies put emphasis on the date they release things. They should have brushed up the bugs and worked out more of the shifty mechanics of the gameplay rather then pushing it out on the market for Halloween.

    It would have sold more copies (maybe double) in the long run if they waited and kept plugging away at it.

    I am disappointed with some of the artwork in Diablo 3. But then, that is my opinion over many people who might not enjoy the dark gruesome gory art that was Diablo.

    It’ll still be an awesome game. I’m sure the sure dev team has put countless hours of work into bringing you both an intriguing story as well as feel.

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