Blizzard Tease Us For Things To Come.

Blizzard just tweeted and posted a teaser image on their facebook page for something that will be coming soon to What it is we don´t know, but my guess is that it is the Armory.

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    114 thoughts on “Blizzard Tease Us For Things To Come.

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re starting to talk about the first expansion already. There’s nothing better to soothe complaining customers than building up another hype…

      • not a chance. not before the item rehaul and PvP and certainly not 2.5 months after release

        • Yeah, it would be unusual, to say it mildly. But considering the ongoing shitstorm Blizz is getting over D3, it just wouldn’t surprise me.

      • This is way overdue. Unfortunately, so many people are sour on the game itself now that I doubt it’ll stir much interest as it would have several weeks ago.

        Don’t know what happened to Blizzard, but they are not acting like the company we all once looked up to.

        • This is nothing new to Blizzard. They have always done things on their own timeline with a very specific target audience.

          WoW armory came out back when I had a 3GS. What was that, 3 years after the app store came online?

          Only after great amounts of time have passed do they finally target the hardcore player – D2 patch 1.10 (Uber diablo) coming out 2 years after the xpac and 1.11 (pandemonium) in 2005!

      • Yes, “soon” back on May the 11th is around August of the same year in Blizzard’s calendar (TM). 🙂

        Someone must have worked out a formula for this ‘soon’ malarkey?

        But I agree with the others it’s the armory as that’s the Barb’s equipment background.

        • this shows when blizz ‘soon’ is:

          Now ?————– Very Soon ——– Soon —————? End of Time

          • They should always rate things in Diablo II terms to avoid confusion. On a scale of Corpsefire to Baal, this better damn well be a Pindleskin.

            Every time people see “soon”, they should automatically think Radament.

    2. Nice, will give me something to do on work breaks. More importantly, perhaps this means they are close to being done tweaking legendaries.

      • Pretty sure the actual programmers working on the Armory aren’t the same as those working on the game itself. Sure there is some overlap, but as soon as the functions to export the data to XML or SQL Database is done, the main work is to create the Web interface, which is more than likely done by Web programmers, not C++ game developers.

        • Agreed, but not my point. My point is that if I am responsible for getting a weapons-based feature online, I do that when the weapons DB is finalized. I don’t launch the site and then 2 weeks later say “oh wait, come back to the Armory, we just tweaked legendaries”. You tweak legendaries as THE selling point for the new Armory. Nothing to do with team overlap.

          1.04 can’t be far off, so the timing seems right.

      • Except you don’t run and jump. You run around collecting gold to pay someone else to jump for you.

    3. I’m so excited for the Armory. I can’t wait to show you all the terrible legendaries I found!

    4. They should be spending time fixing itemization, getting pvp and the new “end game” system out.

      Armory makes sense in a game like WoW where you can “show-off” your achievements/gear you have attained but in D3, where anyone can literally pay to win, it serves no purpose really.

    5. I ‘love’ how they use the word “exploit” in that blog post… :S

      “If you’re curious about the exploits of your fellow forum posters, it’ll be a simple matter to click over to their profiles and feel envious of their gear or how long they’ve managed to keep their Hardcore characters alive.”

    6. It’s nice that they release the armory- it will be a great feature. But for the life of me, I can’t understand why they do not place priority on some items that are needed to actually improve game play, such as itemization, etc.

      I mean, I like the game. I am not one of the consummate whiners you see on the forum. This just puzzles me, is all…

    7. It’s probably a vault door, closing on the diablo 3 development process and servers being shut down because Bobby Kotick was displeased with the profits coming in from his RMAH brain child.

    8. One other food for thought — the lines are ORANGE. Both armory and announcement about legendary item changes??


    9. So many angry people. There are a ton of people that play that actually enjoy the game as is. I wish the people that don’t wouldn’t play. I am not saying there aren’t issues, but to sit here and dwell on it for this long after launch is just sad. Please go play another game.

      Now, that having been said, armory has got to be the least interesting thing their adding. lol. I am super excited about 1.0.4, so curious on what skill changes will be happening.

      • This website is doomed. Not like end-of-the-world doomed. More like ebaumsworld-comment-wall doomed. I remember Elly telling me on the forums that I should stay calm because the negative posters would eventally leave. Instead, they set up shop for all eternity!

      • I would rather like an additional stat that speeds up the damn slow animations that render some skills useless.

    10. I will laugh SO HARD when all those trolls on the official forums will be exposed by what they REALLY did in the game.

      I farmed Inferno for 6 weeks and I was bored, while showing the dude died 2.376 times in Hell with lvl 63 gear 🙂


      Like that Azzure guy, I am pretty interested how his avatars look in the game. My bet is he didn’t even downed The Butcher in Inferno … 🙂

      • and why exactly should he share his battletag with you ?

        if you 2 were already friends then you could go right now and view his gear and and highest level completed

        what makes you think he’s going to post his battletag ?
        that would only end up with him being bombarded with stupid friend requests and invites

        this feature is not going to let you view anybody’s info that you can’t view already
        its not going to let you know anything you don’t already know

        • As I said above: this will limit forum trolls on the official D3 forums.

          I already gave up hope for this infested nest.

          • If u have lost hope for ‘infested nest’, then how come u continually post here?? Is it because u enjoy fanboiing just as much as the trollers enjoy trolling?? I think so.

    11. Sounds kind of useless.
      Instead they should make the AH accessible through a web browser IMO.

    12. If it’s the armory that they’re teasing about then they have just reached a new level of fail that even I didn’t foresee. Hopefully it’s something related to character progression which currently stinks.

    13. It’s probably not an armory but something equally as important to Blizzard… hear me out for a second… More fan artwork?

    14. Yay, an armory. Now we can look at our identical items since we all need the same mods to get through the gear check that is the end-game.

      Guess what everyone’s wearing: vitality, main stat, resist all, crit chance, crit damage, life on hit, life regen and movement speed and some resource mod if need be. And if their not wearing that, they aren’t doing well.

      Fortunately, we have an armory to let us see all of this rather than some alternate, effective modifiers and/or a fix of the end game to let us enjoy some different itemization.

    15. Look close at the picture, and it looks like the barbarian. So yeah, it might be the armory-thing.

    16. Hello, whiners! I’m angry about a lot of stuff, too. BUT. hopefully, it’ll get fixed, and if you want to whine about it, go to the BNET forums, since that’s apparently what they are for now.

      Let’s take a step back to use brain for a little bit. Remember him, your brain? The thinky parts, not the heavy breathing, cheato inhaling parts.

      So, you know why this is probably up before gameplay fixes? I imagine because this was really light coding for the game, or the code for pulling your account data from the servers was ALREADY IN PLACE, for warden, or just for this, in the future. So no actual game coders had to do anything: just HTML and database guys, who of course, cannot make legendaries better, because they make websites, and databases, like the armory.

      So you know, stfu, use brain, little bit, before ragepost, because this is getting a little too HGL-ey up in here, and I’m suprised people have started screeching FLAGSHIPPED D3 IS FLAGSHIPPED FAILSHIPPED BILL ROPER BLAH BLAH BLAH. Yeah, kotick is a dick, we know.

      • Hey man (, or woman), stop whining about whiners. That’s counterproductive to your cause…

    17. I’m really eager to see 1.4. Haven’t played in a while now but I heard it’s supposed to change a lot of things.

    18. Here is what I posted on Facebook…

      WTF! Blizzard has communicated sh!t all in the past 3 weeks and they have the nerve to post some horsesh!t PR hype stunk like this…. STFU and just release PVP u corporate money hungry scum bags!

    19. I see a massive amount of total lack of understanding of how large dev teams work. They most likely have a 1-3 person team working on API/Armory. All these posts of fix other shit. WTF do you think the other 100 devs are doing?

    20. I’m sure a ton of these teasers will pop up. It’s a sad attempt to keep people interested in their horribly designed game.

      My guess is … this “teaser” is something that’s not going to address any of the games major faults. So don’t expect it to be anything that will make the game better.

      Stop falling for blizzards shit please.

    21. Why do we need an armory? Do we really need another avenue to view all the crappy items?

      FFS… fix the game before adding fluff

    22. omfg, we don’t need an armory or other useless featues.

      Fix the fking game !

      Loot system, content, endgame the important things.

      fu blizzard, can’t wait for torchlight 2/path of exile so I have something to play other this piece of crap we all hoped would be epic, complex “skill points” and so much fun. Real fun indeph games, something you’ve forgot how to make with all your greed.

    23. Are they desperate to hype whatever they can, or are they just clueless?

      I’m still relatively confident the fixes and changes will come for this game. It’s just a matter of “when” and “how good” they are, before people start leaving the game for good, if they haven’t already.

    24. It’s funny how Blizz is being silent on critical game issues and yet, they are hyping what I consider to be one of the most useless features I could think of.

      • Umm, there are many people working on many different things. I’m sure the guys taking care of the “critical issues” as you call them aren’t stopping to work on the armory. To think so is just idiotic.

        Not to mention the whole whinging about critical issues, which less face it, AREN’T even critical.

        A likely reason they are silent, is they wouldn’t get mature responses to anything they proposed. Blizz: “We have a great idea for end game” – Whiners: “OMFG you guys suck, focus on legendarys or (insert other random issue).” etc..

        I will say a bold statement to all the whingers out there, there is nothing wrong with diablo 3 right now, it is fun and addictive. I know it’s fun to some to be on the band wagon, but it’s time to move on people and get over it. Either play or go away. The changes proposed aren’t mandatory but will come over time. I’m looking forward to new legendarys and many other things, but the game isn’t broken either way.

        EDIT: I will add to those who are disappointed or angry. Constructive criticism is certainly welcome, though the vast vast majority of complaints are immature nonsense

        • GharbadtheWeak; have you reached lvl 60 yet? Have you spend more than 50 hours grinding for gear? No? Then get back to playing and don’t tell anyone there aren’t any ‘critical’ issues with the game.

          • Right, so because I don’t agree the game is broken, I couldn’t possibly have a level 60 char ?!

            Grinding for gear is what it’s all about.
            It’s fun, and I’ve found load of garbage, most I’ve sold an item for was 1.1mil. The WHOLE point of farming is to find items good and bad. If I only found good stuff, I would be over Diablo 3 already. Farming IS the end game, if we all found awesome stuff then you would be complaining about that now.

            For what it’s worth…
            Level 60 DH – Early Act 2 inf (Many hours farming act 1)
            Level 60 WIZ – Mid Act 4 Hell (new char)
            Level 22 Barb – Norm
            Level 15 Monk – Norm
            Level 8 WD – Norm
            I’ve been doing A LOT of farming with my Demon Hunter so neglected other chars (till Wizard as of a few days ago).

            About 210 hours in total, 8 leggys – no sets.
            Care for any more stats ?

            • “Care for any more stats ?”

              You seem to, so:

              WD – Lvl 60 – 185h
              Wiz – Lvl 60 – 147h
              DH – Lvl 57 – 30h – my new char
              Monk – Lvl 6 – 40 minutes – not my playstyle

              Still playing AND still saying that the game has serious issues by design: Only the gameplay itself is top considering the rest of the arpg-market. But even Sacred 1 had a better character-/itemization-system. And they botched it simply by using MMO-style progression curves rather than arpg ones, while taking too much complexity and decision making out of the game.

        • Oh, I am aware they have different teams working on different aspects of the game.

          I thought it was normal to assume they would not hype a web feature before proposing games changes that would satisfy displeased fans. Call them whiners if you want, some people would love this game to be much better.

    25. I’m seriously wondering what is the interest of an armory ?
      Considering the present turmoil around D3, I thought there were many and more important things to fix in the game prior to add an “armory”

      It looks like Bizzard is following it’s own path… anybody heard about lemmings ?

      • you mean the poor little creatures thrown in the sea by a sadistic documentary maker? What do they have to do with this?

    26. It’s probably a rerelease of the game with the new PVP patch and item fixes applied. Patched rerelease edition $59.99, a new RERELEASED CE Edition, 99.99. Get it while it’s hot… at this point I’m sure the CE would be available and in stock for the remainder of the year following relaunch.

    27. I agree in principle with almost every gripe thats been made about D3, and yet somehow I still like the game and still play it almost daily. Go figure.
      I look forward to whatever new content they have in store, and hopefully its going to improve the game overall.

      • Seeing it the same as you. But the trustbonus is gone. Completely! (edit: No buying a pig in a poke anymore!)

    28. 60 Monk – 200+ hours
      60 DH – 200+ hours (Also farming a LOT of A1 with 320% gold find)
      40 Wiz
      19 WD
      10 Barb

      20 HC Monk (1st one, not died yet *knocks on wood)

      I still find this game enjoyable even though i agree with a lot of the issues.

      -MF Swapping
      -Legendarbage – (Legendary + Garbage)
      -Lack of end game content such as:
      -Endless Dungeon Where you could have throw back boss fights with previous D1 and D2 bosses every 10 floors or so and it just gets harder as you go.
      -Class balance (I feel SOO bad for WD’s)

      So yes, there are issues but i, like some of you have posted about it as well, feel that eventually things will get ironed out.

      If we all had amazing gear and could farm Inferno Act 4 Diablo. We, like all those who have the awesome gear through RMAH and GAH fraud, would be bored because what is there left to do if you can walk through everything no problem?

      Getting more gear to not replace your current gear which kills everything? The game would be boring and it is boring for many who have accomplished this gear check hurdle.

      I think bringing out an Endless dungeon with throw back boss’s and fixing it so \Random Events\ are worth doing and looking for would make this game feel more than just a repeticious farm.

      Idea for random event fix:

      Make it so Event boss’s who DONT grant you a NV stack at the very least, refresh your NV timer back to 30 minutes. That way you don’t feel its a complete waste of time to try a new event.

      Once your 60, add the XP reward as gold so completing the “STORY” is more rewarding than jumping to farm content.

      Kill Bonus fix:
      -When you get a kill streak as 60, you get nothing. Change the XP bonus of kill streaks and xp bonus’s to gold so its easier for those who can’t farm the hard stuff to still play Hell difficulty and make some gold @ level 60.

      Just a few ideas that would make a fun game even greater

    29. Wow the Abyss would be the perfect name should they implement an endless dungeon.

      Not only does the name match, but lore-wise it’s were you could re-kick Baal, mephisto, andy and duriel’s ass all over again.

    30. Does the other Diablo site not exist anymore? Every time I try to go to it takes me to the community site instead.

    31. Yes it seems like the armory. But don’t forget how tricky bliz can be… Remember the revealing teaser page back in 2008…

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