Blizzard Taiwan Puts on a Diablo 3 Dance

Blizzard has done some pretty weird promotional stuff with Diablo over the years, I still remember the Diablo 2 Alien Space Opera they put on at ECTS in the late nineties, that was just weird. Anyway, Blizzard were at the TCA Show(Taipei Computer Applications Show in Taiwan and put on this little number. What it has to do with Diablo 3 is anyone’s guess.

Thanks Fmulder

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    37 thoughts on “Blizzard Taiwan Puts on a Diablo 3 Dance

    1. Haha I thought you got a girl per game purchase now… I am still waiting for mine to arrive via UPS 😉

      Seriously though just goes to show the steps they have to go to to sell their game and this is only 3 months after release.

      Its the best kind of cheese there is 😀

      • “and this is only 3 months after release”

        It should be “and this is ALREADY 3 months after release”. Nobody increases their marketing efforts as the game gets older 🙄

    2. Sexily dressed girls dancing to a really old song. That’s Diablo 3 in a nutshell really.

    3. The least they could do is dressed up as the female demon hunter……. or wait you cant dance well in high heels.

    4. I open up twitch and see.
      League of legends- viewers 30k
      SC2- viewers 15k
      Super Mario Bros. 3 – viewers 2k
      Diablo3 – viewers 500

      Suddenly all this kind of advertisement makes sense .
      I will forever hate blizzard for what they have done to this game… 😥

      • Dota 2, 723 viewers omg Dota 2 is dead, Valve killed Dota!!

        Anyway why would anyone watch streams of a non-competitive game months after release. I liked watching it when it was beta and I didn’t have a key, but now? *shrug*

    5. I think what Blizzard is trying to show here is that they started making the game when these girls were born and now they’re old enough to play it, just in time for them finishing the game.
      J/K. 😀

    6. *begin ACT V cut scene*

      Setting: An office covered in shadow. Faint screams can be heard in the distance. A small hunched over man carrying papers cautiously enters the room and approaches a figure standing in the corner staring intently out a window.*

      Sniviling Activision PR Guy: “Sir… um excuse me sir… game sales are in a slump all over the planet and the number of people playing Diablo 3 continues to shrink since release. The forums are filled with player complaints and the CMs have run out of diversions. The developers that we haven’t fired or killed off are telling us it will take months to fix the issues driving players away. After you struck him in the head with a baseball bat a month ago Jay Wilson continues to only be able to say the words “double it” over and over with no signs of improvement in his condition. To make matters worse our database has just been hacked resulting the loss of sensitive customer… ”

      Bobby Kotick: “Send in the Thai Hooker Sqaud.”

      Sniviling Activision PR Guy: “BUT SIR!!! They haven’t been tested by our quality control team yet! We have no idea what effect…”

      Bobby Kotick: “FOOL! Did quality control test Diablo 3 before release? Did that have any effect on it becoming a global blockbuster as planned?”

      Sniviling Activision PR Guy: Well no but…

      Bobby Kotick: “SEND THEM IN!!! The sheep will flock back to Activision once they are subjected to the hypnotic bouncing bussoms of our Thai Hooker Squad! BAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!”

      Sniviling Activision PR Rep: “Of course sir…”

      *fade out*

    7. This is better than the game. Yes, that’s right, I said it. The difference? I can easily replay this over and over and it will never get old, whereas D3, I can barely stand to even think about it right now, let alone play it.

    8. finally i got my Diablo3 endgame content, there is most likely a drop chance for some new kind of items if you play this video often enough.
      Blizzard is genius, i would never have dreamt of such a phantastic story continuation. Everything makes sense now, thank you again Blizzard for i see the light now. I am farming this video right now!

    9. I dont get the confusion here, that is a champ pack of Molten/Vortex/Plagued Taiwan Hookers. Act 3.

    10. oldest trick in the marketing book. If your product sucks and you can’t put out an ad displaying the many good things about it, advertise it by using scantily clad women.

    11. Blizzard is so close-minded they cant even hire a real dance team, my local high school could do better

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