Blizzard Still Targeting 2011 for Diablo III

DiabloWiki@Diablo did its thing again yesterday and told us what we want to hear.

so when is #d3 going to be available to the public?! I’m getting crazy bored with everyother mmorpg on the market.. –zkep
We’re still shooting to have it out before the end of the year, but as always, we only want to release it when we think it’s ready. —Diablo

We’ve been told the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta probably won’t start until sometime after early August, and we know that most Blizzard betas last 4-6 months. Speaking from Blizzcon in 2010, Jay Wilson estimated the release would come about six months after the beta began. But if the beta doesn’t start until mid-August (at the soonest) late December is only 4.5 months later.

So what do you guys think? Blizzard’s best case scenario seems to be a four month beta that starts in mid-August, with a release around Xmas time. Do you harbor any worries about a rushed beta resulting in a less-polished final product? Or do you not care, since every game puts all their last beta fixes into the first patch anyway. Do you want your damn Diablo III ASAP, even if it means a few more bugs and less than perfect balance in v1.00? (Yes, that’s probably a silly question, after 11 years of waiting.)

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  1. The 6-month beta comment by Jay Wilson was a throw-away comment. And D3, most likely, doesn’t require a beta as long as SC2 or WoW expansions.
    I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a 2011 release.

  2. :p  No flux, we want to wait for every single glitch and bug to be ferreted out, before we get our beloved D3..

    lol sorry, yeah like you said, they can always patch anything they couldnt fix in time, it shouldnt be a real problem.

  3. A christmas release would be ideal for sales.
    But i’ll go with the 6-month beta and a 2012 Q1 release.

  4. Usually, I hate it when game companies rush the game and release it with bugs thinking they could always patch them later, but in the D3 case (or any Blizz title), I would be willing to forgive them since their quality standard for “kind of rushed release” would be way higher than even a “polished game release” for any other game company. Plus, I want to play the damn game so bad !!! And I also think D3 might not need to run a public Beta for more than 4 months. Battle .NET has already been tested with Starcraft 2 so it’s a good thing. There will probably be some new BattleNet features to be tested but still the main frame is already there and working properly. But of course if any major issues are discovered, the release could be delayed but… December is not totally impossible, just not very likely…

    • 11 years they are building it xD you cant call this rush policy !:P Give Diablo 3 Asap !!!!! (at least beta 🙂 )

  5. beta length depends completely on a couple factors.  How many issues have they sussed out during alpha/internal beta.  How many issues will arise once beta does occur.  And what is the severity/complexity of any issues that arise during beta.   Beta could be a train wreck or they may have already sorted out many issues and beta goes quite smoothly.  The 6 month beta statement really is a cover our ass statement in my opinion.  It surely shouldn’t take longer and if all goes well it could be quite short.  The only thing we can truly count on at the moment is the fact that Blizzard doesn’t rush a release.  (which is a very good thing)

  6. Easy question-

    I would gladly pay NOW for even the beta and get the patches as they go. No game is perfect when released so that term is meaningless.

  7. I would pay for just one dungeon and 2 skills and still play the crap out of it. It feels almost surreal that D3 will be in our grasp within 6 months. It’s gonna be the best game for ten years I’m sure! Yippie-yeah!

  8. They need the beta for balancing PVP and testing the new b-net 2.0 features, may be for testing the high level skills in PVE. But for this, 2 months are sufficient. They don’t need the 5 months of beta as SC2 did, because PVE is already 90% internal tested.

    • I didn’t think the beta was going to allow people to get to level 60 or get the best gear
      and without that, how can they truly balance PvP ?

    • Didn’t they say they aren’t going to balance the game around PVP?  I would be content if the bet lasts 2 months as well. Seems Blizzard is pretty confident then again it’s done when it’s done.

  9. If I have waited 11 years, I can wait 2-3 months after Christmas…

  10. Depending on the number of people in the beta maybe they can work on the economy too, more specifically on gold sinks.

  11. If there are no show-stopper bugs/issues, but slight balance tweak required – I am all for 2011 release. We’ve been waiting for so goddamn long!
    But still, if Blizz decides the game is still not in its best INITIAL release state – I will, uff, wait for Q1 2012

  12. I kind of like patches, it is allways a good way to start playing a old game again when a new patch arrives. And I do not think that D3 will have much bugs, and balance requires the whole game to be tested and that will not be the case in the beta (prob not at least). The beta is prob more for testing and testing the game on a lot of different hardware. This could prob be done very short time, perhaps even in just a month.

  13. Low-level ‘economy’ isn’t going to be even close to representative of what we’ll have in release.

    • Probably not. What I’m saying is that it’s unlikely they could have done any serious work balancing the cost of gold sinks and items only by internal testing. Using math to do it is fine, but the real test is allowing lots of people to play the game. The first time this will be possible is in the open beta, so they will most likely use the opportunity to work on the economy too and not just on bugs.

      I probably didn’t say anything you didn’t already know, but I was just trying to clarify what I meant with my previous comment.

  14. They said Beta takes 6months they didn’t say public beta takes 6months.   So that means for all we know they could have been internally testing the beta build for 2months already.  And the last 4months will be public beta.

  15. If public beta doesn’t hit out on 1st of August, we will not see release this year for sure.

  16. Still targeting 2011 = 2012. I’m sorry but seeing is believing with Blizzard. Since announcing the game in 2088 we have had nothing but vague info from Blizzard. I’m not holding my breath.

  17. An 11 year wait seems like the bigger bug than any bug at this point… fix that and patch the rest.

  18. At least Blizzard is not saying the old tired saying of when someone asks when the game will be out…. \When its done\ anymore. So that’s nice not to get that responseanymore. I’m sure the whole diablo team has been testing the beta for months now and fixed a lot bugs themselves. That same beta the public will get to play, I think will not have a lot of bugs. I think they really want to see how people use the new trading system. How they build their character’s PVE & PVP. Then make changes if they need too. I can see 4 1/2 months being a reasonable amount of time to fix any of those issues.

  19. I have another thought. I’m not sure but does anyone else think that another major game release title could change D3 release? The only one that comes to mind is MW3. That ships November and it will break all kinds of records. I know they are entirely 2 different games but I’m sure like myself many Diablo fans are big fans of COD as well. From a business prospective. Sales or MONEY drives a companies major decisions. I don’t know ? I hopefull D3 comes out this year.

    • MW is a totally different game. I am sure it does not affect Blizz release decisions.

      Besides, Diablo has huuuuge fanbase and supporters. It won’t go unnoticed. It will be a huge blast – MW must beware, not Diablo =)

  20. Release it yesterday.  I’m fine with the release being used for bug testing at this point.  They are stretching this out waaaaaaaay too long for my taste.

  21. I’m glad to hear this news, it’s getting there.

  22. at least 1 person has died while waiting for diablo 3.

  23. Waiting for over 11 years … so I really don’t care if it will be released in next 5-6 or 8-10 months.. I have to’s weird feeling to see Diablo 3 very slowly but still becoming reality. Don’t get me wrong.. I am damn’s still ..weird.

  24. In MW3 what you dont see is Diablo being the enemy in the game, he comes sprouting out of the ground in californa and everyones not at war with each other, there at war vs diablo because they know he`ll be hte best selling game this year XD

  25. Conveniently, I added a wiki article for the Book of Cain last night.

    The release dates vary by the different sellers, from November to Dec 15th. Links on the page. I think they’re all pulling the dates out of their asses, as retailers do with their D3 release dates on pre-orders.

  26. Diablo II was scheduled for a christmas release, and came out in…june? I think?
    I do hope they release it when it’s done, and they don’t push it back to Christmas 2012 for the sales and other titles; but whether is’t Q4 2011 or Q1 2012 doesn’t really impact me – and considering their views on releasing “when finished” and pushing back dates in the past to even out all the big problems, my bet’ll be Q1 2012.

  27. With the release of a few other big titles this year I would be very surprised if Blizzard didn’t release D3 to compete with them. I think in their minds D3 will be a success just from old D1&2 veteran buyers, however in the last decade or so since the last Diablo game came out there has been a new generation of gamers (I mean that literally, people are still making babies last time I checked) that have not played a diablo franchise game and if Blizzard wants to attract the attention of those diablo-virgins who may or may not have the money to buy multiple games come November-December, then Blizzard will have to attempt to get their money first instead of losing it to games like Skyrim, MW3, and a couple others that may be worthwhile or not.

    Just my 2 cents. I give a 75% chance it comes out in November.

  28. i personally think the game will be in stores this year… they have been testing the game for quite a while now and blizzard said at the start of August they are comming up with a suprise, perhaps this?:
    what do you guys think ?

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